Mexico wants the ATF

For those following the SNAFU called Operation Fast and Furious, aka Project Gunwalker by the guys that busted this case wide open… The situation has taken an interesting twist.

Mexico wants to put the officials on trial in Mexico.   Considering the violence and damage this has done to Mexico, I am willing to let them have them.    The ATF willingly armed violent criminals in Mexico.  While normally I don’t like the idea of another country extriditing Americans to be tried in a foreign country… this was clearly an offense against Mexico and I think they have every right to do this.

Operation Fast and Furious is a clear violation of the laws they themselves were tasked to enforce.   The ATF has invalidated their charter… the reason for their existence was to prevent this very thing, and here they are the ones doing it.   Do we need a new agency to keep guns out of the hands of the ATF?

So here is the real question.  Who is more irrelevant, useless, dangerous, and needs to be done away with ASAP:  The ATF or the UN?

5 thoughts on “Mexico wants the ATF”

  1. This keeps getting bigger and bigger. This latest development indicates this goes much higher than the field office level, and higher than just the director of a single agency. Looks like, not a SNAFU, but a well-coordinated gov policy. Probably many more in the current administration who should be sent to Mexico.


  2. The U.N. needs to not just disband,but get the heck out of NYC!! Why we would allow such a powerful foreign organization occupy American soil is beyond me. The U.N. has a (negative) global effect and has th potential to neuter the whole planet and be under control by a very select group of men with more power than anyone should be allowed to have…and they aren’t even elected. The ATF on the other hand is olely an American problem but it looks like they may have to answer to their bosses…the American people, and we may be able to correct our own problem. At least our leaders can be elected out while the U.N. jus does pretty much whatever they want. The ATF locked up in a Mexican jail? Now that’s a reality show that I would watch over some idiotic gun shop “show”.

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