Confederate States

A lot of people are getting excited about this Secession Movement that has become popular.  There are Petitions for State Secession from every state now… with Texas of course leading the charge.
To withdraw a State from the Union has never happened before – successfully.  You guys may remember the Civil War.  It didn’t end well for The South.
While a new Civil War may be likely… or at least more likely than ever before.  This is not a good thing to hope for.  This is not a thing that we want to happen.  Bloodshed on an industrial scale is something that should be avoided at all costs.
But what about the fun little thing of just “Sending a Message” to Washington DC?
Ever heard of the No Fly List?
Now take a look at the ATF Form 4473.  One of the questions is regarding Renouncing of Citizenship.  It would be very easy for the ATF to get these Petitions and use them to create a NO BUY List.  Use sign that Petition and all the sudden you find one day that you are on a NO BUY List.  You can’t get your name off that list, you can’t even check if you are on it to begin with… no one can see that list.  But your State’s BCI will have it and when you run a Gun Check… Bang.  There it is.  You can’t buy a gun because you are on The List.  Sorry, nothing you can do about it.  Just like when you try to Fly… Sorry, I know you already purchased that ticket and it’s not refundable… but you can’t get on the plane.  Sorry, Policy.   And at that point, there is nothing you can say or do that will get you on that plane.   Or in the case of trying to buy that gun, nothing you say or do will allow the Dealer to be able to sell you that gun if BCI says no.
You know why this is Possible?  Because I’d do it if I was an asshole like everyone in the Obama Administration.
If I wanted to effect Gun Control on those people who want FREEDOM and disrupt the Gun Industry as much as possible… I’d make that No Buy List.  And those people have all already Signed Up for it.

Look at what it would do to the Industry.  If you are not legal to buy a gun, you can’t work in the gun industry… Not where there are firearms around.  We’ve had to let an Employee go because he was not legal to buy a gun.  According to the ATF, he couldn’t work with us anymore.  Not even in shipping and receiving.  Certainly not in Sales.  Not even stocking ammo.  A No Buy List would gut many gun companies… Especially if you were in a State that, such as Texas, made enough noise to really irritate DC and they wanted some Pay Back.
Now say the State does leave the Union.  Now you will have to have a Passport to go visit to or from.  You want a Springfield and you live in Texas, now you have to Import it.  Everything become more expensive and complicated.   And what about just Ammo?
It sounds all good, but when you think about it… it’s really NOT a good thing.  Not unless multiple states in a large district are all able to withdraw peacefully – which is not likely at all.
But let’s just say that Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana all withdraw.  Say we have that chunk of a new Confederate State of America.
It would be very tempting to move there.  Even though I swore my Oath to the United State of America… and that Oath never Expires until I do… It would be a painful, hard choice.  But still tempting.   Because I could see myself going to Arizona.  I’ve lived in Texas before as well.  It would be tempting.
But I am not ever signing any such petition.  Ever.  Not with this Administration.    Not when Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obama have access to such a list.   There is just too much room for Evil to be had there.

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  1. The idea that you must petition for permission to be free from control is childish.

    I don’t mean this as hyperbole, I mean it’s the same as children being forced to raise their hand for permission to go to the bathroom.

    It’s the idea that you are only as free as those in control will allow.

    I say, just get up and go piss.

  2. I agree that this administration is a giant cockroach colony, I don’t see why these petitions would be a basis for a no-buy list. If that’s what is to be feared, then why not worry about the administration placing people who pull Republican or Libertarian ballots in primaries on a no-buy list?

    We’re all on lists, why should this be any different?

    I’m still not sure how I feel about secession yet. Someday, this could get..,interesting.

      1. You’re dead on George. The Obamites hubris may very well set it in motion. iN any event, whoever signed a petition has skylined themselves even more than just being a Republican, a gun owner, etc. There’s a time and a place to make a stand on principle but signing a damning petition that won’t amount to anything and that they don’t have to address is not the way to do it.

    1. It isn’t hard to construe that those signing these petitions desire to no longer be citizens of the United States of America. And possibly are willing or desirous to be members of anti-government paramilitary activity. Ergo boom no buy list, no fly list etc.

      The Ogre speaks wisdom.

  3. New Mexico is more aligned with California and Arizona is slowly transforming with each wave of immigration from Chicago, New York, California and (ahem) Mexico. Ten years from now folks will scratch their heads in astonishment that Arizona is a blue state.

    I wish immigrants leaving their (CA, NY or Mexican) homes for a “better place”, like Arizona, would leave their failed idiotic policies with them……

  4. Mike, the problem is that they never connect the problems of the failed state they left behind with the policies they voted for. Instead, it was “bad luck” or “unexpected problems.”

    I live in San Jose, CA. They just voted to raise the minimum wage here $2/hr above the California ($8/hr) minimum wage. I’m expecting a long series of articles in the local paper 3 to 6 months from now covering the sky-high youth and entry-level employment rate, and the way that small businesses have started to move to the surrounding cities – either ignoring or dismissing the effects of raising the cost per employee for the lowest-value jobs by 25%.

    In many ways I love the Bay Area, and the part of it I live in. And I have family obligations, both financial and personal. But if I didn’t have responsibility for anyone but myself I’d have moved out years ago.

  5. My mom taught me that everything can be used for good or evil. I have got to wonder whether some high profile D.C. figures have received this lesson or subscribe to their own religion of arrogance. The disturbing divisive political maneuverings of late, may only be the very tip of the iceberg for 4 anxious years (maybe 2 with senate elections).

  6. The main value of the Petition to Secede movement is to ridicule and mock the Administration on its own website. The number of signatures from all states has grown so large that any actual reprisals the administration tried to undertake would either exceed their manpower to enforce, cause grievous economic damage, and/or hold them up to even more ridicule and damage them politically for the 2014 off year elections. Their best reply for the move out of the Alinsky play book would have been to totally ignore it, but they’ve started grinding their teeth so hard they have cracked fillings and have started to beclown themselves with counter petitions, newspaper, and Internet posts. Which has led to counter-counter replies, and examinations of questions that the administration would like to forget. For example their is the suggestion that the administration would put people on no-fly lists for signing. This leads to a look at the health of the airline industry. It is bad and getting worse because the FAA has said it is going to raise the experience requirement to about 6 times what it is now. There isn’t a big group of military pilots to take up the slack. With the fuel cost crunch taking even a small percentage of passengers away would kill off several of the majors and most of the local small instate airlines.

  7. As men, we are measured by who our enemies are. I am OK with this administration being at the top of my list.

  8. I’d think that the fellows that are ready and willing to secede by any means necessary would stay far, far away from any of these lists.

  9. you know… what does it say, when American’s talk succession? American’s are some of the most patriotic people on the friggin’ planet. What must these people being feeling to even think about taking this step? Or more importantly, what does this say about what these patriots think about their leadership?

  10. Thomas Jefferson had it right and I quote “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.” So be it…

  11. I was just wondering how many people really know what freedom means and its relationship to chaos… Take into consideration the amount of wasted time money exc. this administration has put into controlling everything, and you mite just get the idea on why some people (more and more each day) are getting fed up with this government. JT

  12. I usually do not sign such things to remain silent so to speak, then while listening to Armed American Radio, David Codrea said that we need to stand up and not remain on the sidelines. And let are voices be heard, so I really became a promiant voice against Unconstitutional laws and scandels like F&F. Now it seems we are being told to shut because you maybe put on a no buy list I say F***em. I think maybe a diffrent petition should be made instead of us seceeding from the Union, why should we leave! Get a petition stating if they don’t like are Bill of Rights and uphold the Constitution the supreme law of the land they can get the F*** out instead of us, thats the way it should work.

    1. The problem with these petitions are that they are started by individuals an not by the STATES. The State’s Legislatures need to do this, not angry citizens. There is a problem here of the Process and it very well could put the Patriot at risk for NOTHING.

      1. BINGO. The country is already divided but formalizing it would be a task for the governors and legislatures. Individuals drawing attention to themselves as “dissenters” are effectively asking to be punished.

  13. Actually, there is a process to renounce your citizenship. It also comes with a fee of $450. Signing a petition to the white house has nothing to do with the actual process of secession or renouncing you citizenship. It has everything to do with the 1st amendment.
    Signing a petition (any petition) can be construed any way the receiver wants. It is what it is.
    As a gun owner it would be complete naivety for me to think that I am not on a number lists anyway. They have already declared that veterans and gun owners are traitors.
    If you are afraid because your name ends up on a tyrants list then may your chains rest lightly upon you.

    1. Do you have to go through a process and pay a fee to get your ass put on a No Fly list? Or does someone just have to suspect you of being sketchy and report you? Or is it even more random like some .Gov dude doesn’t like your Facebook post and adds your name to the list? This isn’t about actually Renouncing, it’s about the Appearance enough and giving the .Gov any excuse to target a Democraphic that they don’t like – and really screw them, damaging the very industry that they current powers that be have been trying to take down for years.
      Why bother passing an Assault Weapons Ban that would be unpopular and get Dems voted out – when you can effect the same result and ban the individuals who would buy such weapons from buying any gun – and possibly putting a crimp on the people that work for such companies all at the same time.

  14. I think if secession is a way to hit the reset button without resorting to bloodshed you could color me interested. Clearly the situation in this country has gotten out of hand with regard to political gridlock, spending money we don’t have and printing billions more every day. Regardless of your political persuasion the idea of starting over has some appeal so it might be time to think outside the box.

    If the 50 states agree to secede and reform afterwards in a new political alignment it would have the effect of ending the current federal government and all its bureaucracies, nullifying all current treaties, ending our involvement in the U.N. and completely fragging the entitre world economy. Risky? Yup. Worth it? Maybe. More acceptable than our current long slide into oblivion? Probably.

  15. The entire petition idea is call attention to the plight of states rights being stripped away, the idea that any state can or can not secede is not really a question, nowhere in the US Constitution does it allow or invalidate the people right to seek relief from tyranny. However a closer look at grievances listed on at least the Texas petition do in fact state several very interesting causes for alarm, notably the line NDAA a little research finds things not the same as usual has been added to the language.
    As far as worries about the government knowing what the individual citizen activities you need to look no farther than General P. and the email mining done in the name of national defense.
    For the administration to act upon the petitions would require acknowledgement of grievances, and the realization that for every one signature, ten or more would support the idea.
    I am not sure the outcome, but I rather doubt the US would end up in a Civil War, as soldiers have an oath to protect and preserve the Constitution. However I rather doubt that this government would allow such a trivial thing as the Constitution to stand in the way.
    I do not claim to be a Constitutional scholar, perhaps some other readers are far more learned than I ( in fact I am sure of it).

  16. The oath is not to the United States. That oath is to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States”. There’s a difference there and it’s worth remembering.

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