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The passing of a Villain

safe_image So Sarah Brady has finally kicked the bucket.  I can’t really say that I care one way or another.  She was a Villain of the Constitution.  She took a tragedy in her life, and twisted it into a weapon to use against millions of others to hurt them and hinder them.  She’s been a pain in our collective asses for decades now.  But let’s not start singing Ding Dong The Witch is Dead…

madame-medusa-rescuersShe even looks the part of a villain. Right out of a Disney movie.  I don’t feel enough one way or another about her passing to get worked up.   I feel indifferent.  Completely indifferent.  Some are cheering.  Some are passing around high fives.    I just don’t care.  Here’s my prediction though.  Come Monday, there’s going to be flags flown at half staff and Sarah Brady will be granted Sainthood by the Liberal Left.  There will be long speeches about what a fantastic person she was.  Much like Chi.  I also predict Gabby Giffords will be crowned the Heir to this Legacy.   Buckle up for a new Gun Control surge – in her memory.

Which one are you going to believe?

A Sheriff that’s trained, experienced, and knows his job inside and out. He says you should buy a gun. Buy a gun and get some good training on how to use it. Sounds like common sense to me.

We are living in dangerous times.  There are dangerous people out there that want what you have.  Listen to the Sheriff.  Buy a Gun.  Get Training.  Protect Yourself and your Family.

The Democrats would have you believe otherwise for some reason.  They want to take your guns.  All of them.  They have pretty much admitted to that several times, which is interesting.   Threaten to take all, then there is less resistance when they only take some.  Bite by bite, that’s how you eat an Elephant.  And that’s how you wear away our Constitution.

What’s interesting is who’s coming out that is on our side.  Phillip DeFranco shocked me.


I love how he turned “Sheriff Joe Biden” into a babbling idiot.
Of course, that’s like asking a fat kid if he wants cake and icecream.

Ban Liberalism

I just read that Stephen King says that the NRA should “clean up the blood and brains after the next the next massacre.” 

These people are shockingly ignorant of reality.  Even more so, they are dangerous to the health and safety of our nation.  All of these mass shootings have been happening in “Gun Free Zones”.  An idea set forth by Liberals.  Most all of these maniacs that caused these grievous incidents have all been Democrats, or have been known to support Liberal ideology.   Now, let’s take a look at an interesting map.


The most “Gun Violence” is happening in areas of high gun control, in areas where the Democrats have been running everything.  Not only have Democrat Policy have been failing America, but they are failing themselves.  Now they point at the NRA as the ones to blame?

The solution is very clear.  We don’t need to Ban Guns.  We need to Ban Democrats from Owning Guns and from Public Office and Administration.

Update:  It was brought to my attention that the crime map is fake.  Okay.  So let’s put up a real one.


This one shows us that pretty much – Pack a Gun to keep you safe no matter where you are.  And Democrat States remain the most dangerous.

Here’s a new one by one of our Readers…


Show Me

To all you idiots that want to ban guns…

Show me where Banning anything has gotten rid of the problem.
Because what happens, according to history, is the problem only gets a Hell of a lot worse.

Banning drugs.  Congratulations, now the Drug Cartels have pretty much taken over Mexico.
Alcohol Prohibition.  Created the Mob’s foothold in America.

So, for you Liberal Geniuses, what do you think will really happen if we ban guns?  Criminals will just be nice, plant flowers, sing songs, and drive Priusi?

Wake up.

Defense against the Dark Arts

So many people out there wringing their hands about gun control again.  These poor frightened, misguided idiots.  I’d like to slap the shit out of all of them… because it’s people like them that have lead us to where we are now as a nation now that has incidents like these.  I blame the Shooter for doing the evil deed, but I blame Liberals for creating the environments where these things can happen.

This Theater that the Colorado incident happened, was a Gun Free Zone.  Trolley Square, was at the time of the shooting spree there, a Gun Free Zone.  Columbine High School, a Gun Free Zone.  Every place these Shootings happen – they are in Gun Free Zones or in Cities where the Police actively harass Legal Gun Owners who are Legally Carrying their Guns.  Places where Guns are accepted – These things don’t happen.  You Create a Gun Free Zone, you INVITE this sort of thing to happen there.  Because these Psychos are not going to do this at a GUN SHOW – where I am sorry but the “No Loaded Gun Signs” are disregarded by damn near everyone with a CCW Permit.

Just one guy could have offered some resistance and could have stopped this event from going on like it did… One guy could have cut this spree short like the incident a few years ago at Trolley Square in SLC. The argument against an Armed Citizen Response is that the CCW Holder could have hit someone else.  Well, yeah, that’s true… by Accident.  Because the Evil Psycho Shooter sure as hell wasn’t hitting anyone by accident.   This becomes a War of Good vs Evil here… collateral damage does have it’s risks.  But evil isn’t stopped by running away from it.  Evil is stopped when Good Men (or women) stand up against it.

The incident in Florida where one 71 year old guy stopped two thugs who had evil purposes… He fought back and no innocent people were injured.  None.  This old guy is a Hero.  He was armed.  He was not afraid.  He took action.  Right or Wrong – Taking Action is the right thing to do.  Rolling over and taking one in the back of the head does no one any good but the Evil Doer.  It serves his purposes…. that’s why he was there.

The Cops responded as fast as they could.  We can not shake a finger at them.  They are always behind the 8-Ball in things like this because they have to respond to the call.  See, Bad Guys generally don’t do Bad Things right in front of Cops who could put a stop to them.  Sometimes they are stupid enough to do this… but generally they try to avoid cops.  So Police have to go to where the action is and then try to stop it.  Usually they get there after the fact…. after innocent people have been killed.  Also, the US Supreme Court has ruled that the police have no obligation to protect you.  This means you are responsible for your own safety and the safety of your loved ones.  You are the one that must make that stand in the face of Evil.  No one else is going to do that for you.

Taking away guns from Good People only serves the purposes of Evil People.  Even if the Evil People had no Guns… they would have used other means.  IED’s are very popular in many places in this world now.  Knives.  Hammers.  Clubs.  If an Evil Person wants to kill – he will.  He could have just got a big heavy truck and rammed into the line of people waiting to get into the movie.  But because he used firearms – Liberal Idiots are making this to be a Gun issue.  It’s not a Gun Issue – it’s an EVIL issue.  We already have laws against Evil Acts… fat lot of good they are doing, eh?  Killing innocent people is already against the law, is it not?

The fact of the matter is that Guns Save Lives.  Dr. John Lott’s book “More Guns, Less Crime” should be required reading in every school as soon as the children are old enough to read.