Time for a New Deck for your Race Cards

Congratulations to the Latino Community.  The State of Utah has elevated Latinos from a Minority to “White”.  Yes, all of you Latinos might be “Beaners” in other States… but in Utah, you are White just like every other Cracker here. At least when it comes to buying firearms.

On the ATF Form 4473, there are the required Race Boxes.  Everyone must be shoehorned into a different category to fit in a check box.  Now, Utah dealers would then take that form and go to the computer and log into the BCI’s secure Web Check.  There are other races to select save for Latino… Asian, Pacific Islander, Alaskan Native… yada yada yada but not Latino.  There was a box for “Unknown”.  Most dealers would just select that.   Well, know it’s established that Latinos are still Latino on the 4473, according to the Feds, but they are White according to the state of Utah.

I am of the opinion that this system needs to be revamped.  We should have more selections… for example, I’m Celtic… a mix of Scot and Irish.  There is no Celtic check box.  What about the different white folks from Eastern Europe that are not Celtic? Better yet, let’s just have a Color Spectrum and you just drag the indicator to the color that matches the gun buyer.  Either that  or we get rid of the RACE selections altogether… because its pretty stupid to continue any institutionalized racism.  You are either an American Citizen, or you are not.  Simple as that.  And there is already a check box for that.

13 thoughts on “Time for a New Deck for your Race Cards”

  1. The feds have been doing some goofy stuff with that lately. Basically they’re dropping Hispanic/Latino from the race category and making it an ethnicity.

    So now you get combinations like:
    White / Hispanic
    White / Non-Hispanic
    African / Hispanic
    African / Non-Hispanic

    etc. Why? I have no idea. That’s just government for you.

  2. When I was in my twenties I worked on the 1980 Census and as part of the training we were shown questions and Race Catagories from the 1880 Census. The races that stuck in my mind were Irish, Italian and Jewish.

  3. What’s all this racial identity crap? I thought the government (the ones who created the forms) told us 40-50 years ago we were supposed to be COLORBLIND !

  4. It’s quite simple. Hispanic/Latino is an ethnic classification. Hispanics can be blond and blue eyed (like my daughter) or dark to the point of being black and all points in between. We (yes I am one of them Oh no!) So, you can’t just lump Hispanics together as a race.

    1. I remember, years ago, going to the Replacement Detachment to retrieve a SP4 Rodriguez.

      Looked around, didn’t see him. Then I did. Tall, thin blond kid. Of SPANISH descent.

  5. The very idea of a government agency, that has/is committing felony crimes in violation of its own mandate & mission statement, against its own citizens and those of a neighboring country,
    then asks racial questions as to whether an applicant can legally purchase a firearm makes
    perfect sense to me.

    It is an example of a government gone mad. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    I hope all of it makes you mad enough to get out and VOTE.

  6. we need to get of the race selections on All government forms, it could be good step in instilling an American identity. The more people start to think that they are part of this country instead of just living in it, then we can start to rebuild this country. It’s not about what you look like, it’s about what you believe.

  7. In VA, we have an additional form to fill out for the VA State Police that do the background checks (and for which we collect $2 for a service that’s already paid for by Federal Taxes and done by the FBI). The electronic submission form that dealers use also doesn’t have “Hispanic”. The VA State Police tell us to use “unknown”. That’s also the generic category when two or more boxes are checked.

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