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Is DC now a Constitution Carry district?

The DC Police Chief sent out instructions to all DC police officers that they will not make arrests for carrying a gun.  Concealed or Open, no distinction was made.  If you are legal to own the gun, you are legal to carry it.  This is also called Vermont Carry by some.

Let this sink in again… if you are legal to own a gun, you can now carry it in Washington D.C.

This is historic stuff.   When was the last time you could do that?  The 60’s?  The 40’s?  I don’t know.  Not within my lifetime I’m sure.    But let’s not organize Open Carry Parties and head to Chipoltes and Starbucks… because I am sure any inch you give them will be leverage they can use to throw you to ground for “Disorderly” or “Trespass”.  The Legal Fight is not even close to being over on this one.  DC will appeal, and the legal status of Reciprocity will be created which could change this status for your State.   Legal Teams are freaking out.  And Washington DC Police are different from the Capitol Police, who patrol places like the Smithsonian and around the White House and Capitol Building and all the Monuments in conjunction with NPS.   So tread lightly people.  Tread very lightly right now.  Because this smells of bear bait.

The most Dangerous Things in the USA


The most Dangerous things in the USA, are not guns.  They are not extreme sports or motorcycles.

The most Dangerous Things in USA are unchecked Liberal, Progressive, or Democratic Ideals.    They Kill or Destroy more people, communities, and whole cities, than anything else.

Thanks to the whole “Progressive” movement, we have Common Core Education – which is going to destroy a whole generation of students and eventually this entire country.   We have a City that was once the wealthiest and fastest growing city in the world, taken over by Democrats… and now it’s the Nation’s Ghetto where you could buy HOUSES for a Dollar and 1 in 3 Babies are aborted every year.

We have have states that had higher GDP’s than most Nations – on the verge of Bankruptcy.  We’ve got our very NATION that was once the crown jewel of the World… now is being threatened by gangs of drug dealers, with 3rd world nations killing our Ambassadors without answer,  and a Democrat Administration that is doing EVERYTHING it can to further weaken us and put us at ever greater risk every day they have power.

Fuel, Energy, Food costs are rising.  The cost of being American is rising.  Yet at the same time, our borders are being opened to more illegal aliens who are given everything, Food, Shelter,  Healthcare and Education – when Americans who are trying work for it can’t afford it.

Our NSA, CIA, and FBI are spying on American Citizens.  The Mechanisms of Government… the EPA, IRS, FDA, are used as Attack Dogs.  Agents who used to be Honorable have become Thugs, Lackies, and Jackboots… They no longer regulate – they crush Americans… Steal their land… destroy lives… All to feed a Government that has become a Monster.


Little Shop Of Horrors” has become the Metaphor of the United States of America.  Started out small and weak, but it was fed with the blood of patriots that was once freely offered.  Now demanded by force or it will devour you completely.   No, I no longer trust the Government.  I’ve seen what it can do to good people.  And I’ve seen what it allows bad people to do.   Our nation is upside down.  What used to be right is now wrong and what was once wrong is now encouraged and promoted and sponsored.

To say the least – I am worried about our Country and I do not see any easy fix to our situation.   Good People need to work together… Community needs to become important.  We are going to need each other.

Join, or die


Jeremy Clarkson is right.

Some years ago Jeremy Clarkson said upon returning home to the UK from a trip to the US, that he was glad to be back in a free country.
This statement of course, pissed me slam off.  How dare that pompous imperial claim that the ultimate nanny state of the UK, was a country with more freedom and liberty than the great US of A.  That arrogant unmitigated asshat.  That jowly overstuffed, jean wearing, Corvette Driving, cowboy boot strutting, clown of a man… would be proved right by our own Government.

Here we are, years later.  Our Government has attempted a take over of the Auto Industry.  Has taken over 1/6th of our Nations Economy and has told us to buy their Insurance or Else.  Our phones and emails and all other forms of communications are recorded for use against us.  Drones are in the skies above us.  Our Police Officers are pointing guns at us.  Our Military is told that we are the bad guys, those of us who go to church on Sunday and might read the Drudge Report.  We are the problem, and more Government is the solution.

And Jeremy Clarkson is right.
Damn that man.

I was comfortable being smug knowing that he was wrong and that he had to cope with security cameras at every corner and “Health and Safety” was always looking out for him.   But he’s only Monitored when he steps out of his front door, or gets behind the wheel of some car with more than 10 cylinders.   In the UK, the Ministries really don’t care what he does unless he breaks a law.  And now I sit back and wait for the CIA and the NSA to message me that I made a typo here and that they agree with me.   Because I know now that here in the USA, freedom is only an expensive illusion.  We are the problem, more Government is the solution.  (Homeland Security just let me know I dropped a letter “Y” on “they”)

I however believe that the Government is the problem and that we are the solution.  Unfortunately no one is going to throw the switch.

Revolution or Civil War?

There is a difference between a Revolution and a Civil War in America. And I’ve heard a lot of Civil War talk being thrown out. Civil War is something that we absolutely do not want. It’s the ugliest of conflicts on ever level. However a Revolution is something that can actually have a positive outcome if done correctly.

Let’s look at a couple Revolutions that were deemed a success… The American Revolution and the French Revolution.

The French Revolution, was successful in it’s goal, was an absolute disaster for the country. The public beheadings was a horror show that should never be repeated in a civilized nation. They decapitated those that knew how to take care of institutions and infrastructure that basically set France back when they should have been stepping forward.

The American Revolution, is a good example of how to conduct as clean and efficient of a revolution as possible. When the political ties were broken, the replacements were already in place or planned. And time was taken to properly establish the new Government. This was not without resistance, and conflict quickly arose. In fact, the conflict had already started before a Revolution was declared. The famous “Shot heard round the World” was the unofficial start of it, and after that, it was debated weather or not it was a revolution or “An Isolated Incident”.

Right now, millions of people are waiting for another Shot heard round the World. The tension is in the air. The lines are drawn. However some people have not picked which side of those lines they are on.

To all members of the Military and Federal Law Enforcement.

Consider his is an Open Letter to all members of the Military and Federal Law Enforcement at every level.

What we are seeing is blatant tyranny by the Federal Government over The People. One National Park Service Officer said that he found the orders to be “Disgusting”. I agree. But I also found it to be even more disgusting that while this man knew what he was doing was wrong, that his orders were wrong, that he carried them out regardless. That is disgusting. Shameful.

You are serving as the tools of Tyranny. Never before has our nations very symbols of freedom been closed to the public. Never before has the government sought to hurt the American People so directly. The Lincoln Memorial is but a symbol. So is our Nation’s Flag. The Flag sewn to the shoulders of your uniforms, the flag that you salute, and the flat that you pledged your allegiance to… What does it mean to you? Anything at all anymore? Or is it just a source of your Pay Check while you say to yourself, “better them than I”?
Throw down the Barricades at the National Monuments. Refuse to follow these outrageous orders. Let The People enter the Capitol and let their grievances be heard.

Remember your Oaths.

Open the Barricades.


I find it most amusing that extreme Liberals would threat us with physical violence.  They are joking about shooting conservatives all over the Democrat Underground and it’s poured out into the main stream.  On CNN they were talking about shooting Alex Jones, and the Chicago Police Chief was actually threatening his Coppers would shoot Licensed Carry Permit Holders.  On “Accident”.


These idiots don’t even know what guns are, let alone how to use them.  They do not use them frequently or train with them as we do.  We are the ones with the Military and Police Training and we Train those of us who didn’t go the LEO/MIL route, to the point they shoot better than the Police in most cases.  Because it’s what we do.   Most of us have a gun either on us, or within close proximity… If it’s on us, it’s a pistol, and if it’s close by, it’s a Semi-Auto Sporting rifle such as an AR-15 or Civilian AK-47 type, or a Shotgun.  As a whole, we are not Soft Targets that they themselves are.  They don’t think the way we do.   All this while at the same time they would take our guns away from us.

At the same time, we do not need to threaten.  It is unnecessary. Let them puff out their chest like angry sparrows.  They are without teeth.  Maybe a few of them own a gun of some sort.  Let’s seem them do an immediate action drill.  Let’s hear them tell us what that even is.   They are no threat as a whole… We are Lions and they are Lambs and thus we are not bothered by their opinions.   And as such, we have no need to make a threat.
Like what James Yeager did on YouTube.  He was very angry and not thinking right, and made a threat.  This is the internet and one can not do that without it “getting out”.  Before Yeager could take that video down and edit it, it was too late.  The cat was already out of the bag.
Now, I can understand Yeager’s frustration… I share that too.  And I give kudos to him for his patriotism and love of his country and his willingness to defend the US Constitution.  But he made a grave mistake in making that threat.  None of us need to make such a mistake.  All we have to say is Two Words.  Two little words convey the entire message we want to say.  It’s not a threat.  But it is a promise.
All we have to say is ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!  Molon Labe pronounced Molone LaVeigh… it means “Come and get them.”  Nothing else needs to be said.


What you’ll see in the rebellion

Bob Owens wrote a chilling article about a very possible future in this nation.   It’s something everyone should read.  
Note, Bob is not calling for violence.  He is explaining a dark vision of what could happen within even just one year.    It’s clear to me that Bob is a Patriot that loves his nation and he’s a solid blogger.  He’s added to the Blog Roll and worth bookmarking.  This piece is a tip of the iceberg of good stuff you need to read.

Here’s the meat of the article I want to point out.

Here, the President will doubtlessly order the activation of National Guard units and the regular military to impose martial law, setting the largest and most powerful military in the world against its own people. Unfortunately, the tighter the President clinches his tyrannical fist, the more rebels he makes.

Military commands and federal agencies will be whittled down as servicemen and agents will desert or defect. Some may leave as individuals, others may join the Rebellion in squad and larger-sized units with all their weapons, tactics, skills, and insider intelligence. The regime will be unable to trust its own people, and because they cannot trust them, they will lose more in a vicious cycle of collapse.

I’ve had quiet discussions with NCO’s and Officers at all levels in every branch.  What has been said can not be shared, but what I can say is that Bob’s vision of what could be is chillingly accurate.  Because these men swore an Oath.  To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies.  Foreign and Domestic.

Bob Costas is an idiot

I wasn’t going to talk about that Sportscaster idiot, Bob Costas.  But he said something else that just about lit me on fire.
Young men can’t own guns without something bad happening.
Bob, you are a dunderhead and you can shut your manpleaser now.  Around here, all the young men own guns.  No, I don’t mean some… I mean damn near all the young men around here own guns.  Plural… more than one gun.  Lots of guns.  They buy guns all the time.  I live in an area with what is probably the highest concentration of privately owned guns in the entire world.  There is little else to do out here in Vernalstan.  Your options are Shooting, Off Roading, Drinking, and Fooling around with girls.  Or there is usually a combination of those options to some extent, but being a good community with good kids out here, the drinking is very much minimized compared to other places. So that leaves a lot of Guns, Trucks, and Girls.   Not a bad mix, in my opinion.
The kids around here are smart, they do things, they make things happen.  They work.  And they play.  I like that a 17 year old kid can come in and talk about Exterior and Terminal Ballistics of a .270 WSM and compare it to a 7mm Remington Magnum and pontificated which is more ideal on Elk verses Mule Deer.  And he will have the photos to prove he knows what he’s talking about here.  This is their culture.  This is our culture.  This is who we are here.  We have offroad capable vehicles and we have guns.  Some are more city oriented with their flat brimmed caps that I don’t understand, but they grew up hunting.  Others are cowboys right off the ranch.  Even the Video Game Playing Nerds around here have a nice AR-15 and a 9mm Semi Automatic of some sort and love to pop Tannerite when their new game mod is downloading.

Bad things, according to that slackbrained Sportscaster, should be happening all the time.  But they don’t.  Not around here.  The big difference here verses, oh, say, any city with a Democratic Governance, is EDUCATION.  Our kids around here know guns.  So they are not dangerous with guns.  In other places, guns remain a fascination and mystery because they are not taught.  Rifle Marksmanship used to be taught in Schools.  This is no longer the case.  Since Firearms are no longer taught in schools, bad things have happened.  The solution is more education, more access to firearms, more training, and more range time for all the kids.

Bob… Go back to talking about guys playing with their balls.  Leave our Guns and our Freedom alone.


Confederate States

A lot of people are getting excited about this Secession Movement that has become popular.  There are Petitions for State Secession from every state now… with Texas of course leading the charge.
To withdraw a State from the Union has never happened before – successfully.  You guys may remember the Civil War.  It didn’t end well for The South.
While a new Civil War may be likely… or at least more likely than ever before.  This is not a good thing to hope for.  This is not a thing that we want to happen.  Bloodshed on an industrial scale is something that should be avoided at all costs.
But what about the fun little thing of just “Sending a Message” to Washington DC?
Ever heard of the No Fly List?
Now take a look at the ATF Form 4473.  One of the questions is regarding Renouncing of Citizenship.  It would be very easy for the ATF to get these Petitions and use them to create a NO BUY List.  Use sign that Petition and all the sudden you find one day that you are on a NO BUY List.  You can’t get your name off that list, you can’t even check if you are on it to begin with… no one can see that list.  But your State’s BCI will have it and when you run a Gun Check… Bang.  There it is.  You can’t buy a gun because you are on The List.  Sorry, nothing you can do about it.  Just like when you try to Fly… Sorry, I know you already purchased that ticket and it’s not refundable… but you can’t get on the plane.  Sorry, Policy.   And at that point, there is nothing you can say or do that will get you on that plane.   Or in the case of trying to buy that gun, nothing you say or do will allow the Dealer to be able to sell you that gun if BCI says no.
You know why this is Possible?  Because I’d do it if I was an asshole like everyone in the Obama Administration.
If I wanted to effect Gun Control on those people who want FREEDOM and disrupt the Gun Industry as much as possible… I’d make that No Buy List.  And those people have all already Signed Up for it.

Look at what it would do to the Industry.  If you are not legal to buy a gun, you can’t work in the gun industry… Not where there are firearms around.  We’ve had to let an Employee go because he was not legal to buy a gun.  According to the ATF, he couldn’t work with us anymore.  Not even in shipping and receiving.  Certainly not in Sales.  Not even stocking ammo.  A No Buy List would gut many gun companies… Especially if you were in a State that, such as Texas, made enough noise to really irritate DC and they wanted some Pay Back.
Now say the State does leave the Union.  Now you will have to have a Passport to go visit to or from.  You want a Springfield and you live in Texas, now you have to Import it.  Everything become more expensive and complicated.   And what about just Ammo?
It sounds all good, but when you think about it… it’s really NOT a good thing.  Not unless multiple states in a large district are all able to withdraw peacefully – which is not likely at all.
But let’s just say that Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana all withdraw.  Say we have that chunk of a new Confederate State of America.
It would be very tempting to move there.  Even though I swore my Oath to the United State of America… and that Oath never Expires until I do… It would be a painful, hard choice.  But still tempting.   Because I could see myself going to Arizona.  I’ve lived in Texas before as well.  It would be tempting.
But I am not ever signing any such petition.  Ever.  Not with this Administration.    Not when Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obama have access to such a list.   There is just too much room for Evil to be had there.

War in America

The talk of potential civil unrest in America has been becoming more and more common even in quiet parts of town. I know it’s not a happy conversation that I have listened to more than once.

This article brings it to the forefront.  Go, read it, think about it, then come back.  I’ll wait.

I’m talking to the Members of the Military here… Now, here’s the problem.  The Tea Party is a non-partisan lose group of people who believe in the US Constitution.  The same Constitution the US Military has sworn oaths to uphold and defend.    If you disagree with them – if you take issue with them – then you hold your Oaths with treasonous hands.

This asshole’s scenario, of a Tea Party Insurrection – if these people are pissed enough to take some sort of action – there is probably a damn good reason and it’s probably one that you should be in support of.  Because this has indeed happened before in the United State.  Here’s a little piece of American History for you.  After WWII, the Veterans came home to find some problems that peaceful means of resolution failed to correct.


Now, this is the very scenario that this Ahole is saying that the US Military needs to stop. Look at who these people are you are going to be fighting here… Your Brothers. Your fathers. Guys just like you after you “Get out”. Guys just like you, who have sworn the same Oaths. And these Oaths do not have an expiration date. The Oaths are never voided.
You guys in Uniform – You need to pick your sides. Do you hold your Oaths or are you an Oath Breaker and a Traitor to your Nation?