4 thoughts on “I hate Dragons.”

  1. Knew a guy in high school who was really into dragons. He was FAR more annoying than the people I know who are into Dr. Who.

    That said, ever watch Dragonslayer? THAT is an awesome dragon.

  2. I’m looking forward to see how the Hobbit movie will play out…hopefully will be nice & convincing. I never got Dr. Who and I must be fortunate to not have run into anyone who was a Who fan for that matter as well.

  3. The sparkly metro-sexual vampire. Where’s Vlad the Impaler when you need him or at least Gary Oldman.
    Some of the were-dragon stories were interesting back in the day. There was a mystery/romance that I read when I was desperate that if I remember correctly was called “Tea with the Black Dragon.” It seems that black dragons are into tea and books as opposed to gold and stuff so they will sometimes assume a human form to indulge their passion. Now I’m seeing zombie romance and comedy…..erk! “Kill it, Kill it with fire!””
    When I want funny monsters I read the online comic strips “SkullKIckers” or “Looking for Group.”

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