An Open Letter to all Democrat Mormons.

Your hypocrisy disgusts me to the core. You are Mormon and yet you follow the wicked persuasions of Democratic Party and “Liberal” (though they polluted the meaning of the word) Ideology. As a Mormon your Faith requires you to avoid even the appearance of Sin… Yet you support the Party that delights in it. It promotes sexual promiscuity, and removes the responsibility of it. It excuses it as “there is nothing wrong with that” and dismisses the repercussions to the soul.
It’s the party that fosters it and forces it to children through public education where the curriculum teaches oral and anal sex as alternatives to intercourse to avoid pregnancy. And should that unfortunate “condition” occur… The child is able to ask for and be granted abortions, without parental consent or notification. The allowance and excuses for the murdering of infants… killing life so precious they are spotless before God. Your Party supports all of that and you support that Party.
All of this against the tenents of your Faith… You, Democrats make very poor Mormons and I am ashamed that you are members if my same Church… To think I would have to sit in a Sacrament Meeting with you and watch you take the bread and water and make a Mockery of those covenants. Blood and Sin are the hallmarks of that you support. You need to repent to the God of Heaven and beg his forgiveness. How any Democrat is allowed in His Church I’ve no idea… but they should be driven from his Houses like Jesus drove out the money changers from the Temple.

Or am I wrong on this? I know that Church is for Sinners and all that… but if I don’t pay a full tithing, I can’t go to the temple. But if I believe Democrats are awesome and Reid and Pelosi are heroes for keeping the USA Pro-Choice… supporting hundreds of thousands of abortions. I can just slide on through into the temple. Is it a money thing? You can buy your way in? Because that’s what it seems like. Harry Reid is a Mormon, and it is rumored that he goes to the temple.
What did Jesus say about rich men entering the kingdom of heaven? Eye of needle, what?
To get your temple recommend, your pass to go into the temple… you have to answer some questions. One of them is “do you support any organization that is counter to the beliefs of the church”. The Democrat Party is 180 Degrees opposed to Mormon belief.

Maybe I’m wrong here. If I am, tell me why… not with political reasons… doctrine reasons. Show me where in the Scriptures or Articles of Faith or Gospel Principles or Conference Talks that I’m wrong.
Show me.

16 thoughts on “An Open Letter to all Democrat Mormons.”

  1. So true ogre. But I am very Roman Catholic and I have to watch “Catholics” like Biden , pelosi, Kerry ,Kennedy’s
    And on and on who are pro abortionists and yet call themselves catholic. They are not! They are catholic in name only. We call them cafeteria Catholics as they pick and choose not what their church teaches but what is politically expedient. But we will all be judged some day. And I will have to answer for a lot but abortion is not one of those things. I wish I could make these people watch a utube video of an abortion.
    Well said ogre, we’ll said

  2. Ditto – I’ve been thinking the same thing for the last 5 years. It all got started when I saw a couple bumper stickers in the church parking lot supporting the Obamination.

  3. Hardly just a Mormon problem, name me one “organized” religion that does not bend knee to the progressive Marxists democratic agenda now days. The term “organized” is for a reason, power and control. Just as if the Federal government was force to govern by Constitutional principles 90% of it would disappear overnight, organized religion would if forced to adhere to its basic tenant’s (or tenent if you prefer…) most of the trappings and power would dissipate in short order. This unfortunately is the evolution of institutions and unavoidable in the long run. The US is the world’s oldest functioning democracy but all things, governments and countries as well have life spans. I wish ours looked longer but most days I despair. “I know not if truth comes from the mouths of men, but I know God exists”.

  4. Thank you, George, for putting this into words. I try to remember that none of us is sinless, glass houses and all, but that puts it right out there perfectly. Thanks.

  5. There are really two different “axes” to look at.

    One axis goes from “pro-life” to “pro-abortion.”

    The other goes from “pro-choice” to “anti-choice.”

    The first is moral, and the second is political.

    Morally, I’m pro-life. Politically, I’m pro-choice. Because, no matter how much I personally oppose abortion, I can’t see government involvement as doing anything other than making the situation worse. Much as the case with drug abuse – I don’t want anyone to abuse drugs, but the “drug war” doesn’t stop that, and just creates more damage.

    Folks like Reid, though, are actually pro-abortion. They don’t consider it a regrettable thing that abortions happen… they consider it a great boon to humanity. They want the government to be directly involved, prohibiting parental notification (which, otherwise, would be necessary – performing medical procedures on someone’s child without permission is in the same general class as statutory rape), financing “free” abortions so that folks seek them out who otherwise might have made a different choice. While I’m not a Mormon, I agree that there does not seem to be any way to reconcile that sort of position with the teachings of your church. If folks like Reid had any integrity, they would make a solid choice and stand by it, rather than trying to sit on both sides of the fence.

    There are political arguments on either side of the “pro-choice, anti-choice” axis, although I obviously think one side has stronger arguments.

    But I can’t see any moral argument for being pro-abortion. Not one that isn’t utterly reprehensible, anyway. There are moral arguments for it being a necessary evil in some situations (the mother’s health, cases of rape, etc.), but there’s a big difference between phrasing something as “acceptable” and “evil, but necessary.” If some mentally-ill individual attacks me, I may have to kill him to defend myself. It’s not his fault that he attacked me – his brain is chemically imbalanced. So I will mourn for him in a way that I would not if he were just a scumbag who chose to live as a predator, but I will do what’s necessary. Just before my wife was diagnosed with cancer, we’d been considering having another child, and if we’d gone ahead, she might have had to choose between killing that growing life in order to have a chance to survive to raise the other three, or condemning herself for the very small chance she would live long enough to bring that life to the point where it could survive on its own (which, if it did not happen, would mean that she died for nothing). I’m deeply glad that we did not have to make such a decision.

    Even in the case where abortion may be the better choice, that choice still needs to be made considering that a life will be ended, and that life belongs to a /person/ who did nothing to deserve that fate. This idea of looking at abortion as a means of birth control – a way of making one’s life more convenient – is disgusting. It’s an evil. It may be an evil that can be justified in some cases, but should never be considered as anything other than killing a person, and no one should ever make such a decision lightly.

  6. I find both parties unChristian. The Republican members of the govt are no more moral than their democratic counterparts and equally at fault for the sins of this nation; they eat together, breed together. play golf together. The political process is a mockery to keep america divided. And how can we have a real govt when the “for profit” media itself is controlled by the most powerful capitalists in the world? There is no free press, bc if the media stands to lose money by telling the story, it doesnt go to press. The media is just there to feed people into a frenzy, keep them disgruntled and disorganized. A free press would serve as another check and balance against the government but the media is more interested in what the Kardashians are naming their children rather how to protect the people from the state.

    As for abortion? Which is worse? For a young girl to carry the seed of her incestuous father to term and in doing so bring a child into this world that only serves to remind her every day of that vile act? Or to bring an unwanted, unloved child into this world that will end up being a ward of the state, and then a permanent resident of a federal facility? There are fates worse than death, friend.
    Say what you want man, but when you ban abortion, the wealthiest will still find a way around the law. Antiabortion laws only hurt the poorest of the poor who would then resort to illicit abortions or suicide.

    I hold both parties at fault for eschewing the values that were put on paper when this country was founded. Who allowed nazi scientists into NASA to jumpstart our endeavors into space? Who allowed gestapo agents into the CIA to train effective interrogation techniques? Who allowed medical experiments on Black US citizens to go on for decades in 20th century america? Who provided Saddam with chemical weapons? Who turned a blind eye when the US overthrew Chile’s popularly elected president and then had Gen Pinochet, a fascist, recognized as pres? This goverment is a sham and a disgrace. It exists solely for the advancement of the agendas of rich old men.

  7. You said it true. The problem is that the Bible also says in the last days men will go from bad to worse doing all kinds of horrific things in God’s sight. I doubt any manner of religious persuasion is going to be exempt from those who profess Jesus but worship the Devil. IMHO anyway.

  8. If you want to talk about money “wagging the dog”, the non-profit status places leverage on religious organizations and I believe it will be used more by the PC crowd who want to force their will upon others.

  9. You are correct. I’m blessed to have a church with strong conservative,pro freedom, pro gun pastors.
    Still there are some Obama supporters that attend? They are conservatives and don’t take the time to know what they are voting for.

  10. Ogre, I love you to death. Be sure that you’re avoiding the mixture of the philosophies of men with scripture. It’s easy to pass judgment on people who sin differently than you do. I’d hardly say Republicans are in any position to be casting the first stone.

    1. No one has yet to show me the answer to the question I asked. I asked for the answer within the scriptures, and the only argument is that Republicans can be bad too sometimes.

  11. Old saying, “if you want to find a demon look inside a church.”
    I remember being at a charismatic church and they had an advisory out to pastors on what to look out for when it came for new male members who were basically sadists who were looking for Biblical justification to abuse their wives and/or girl friends.
    It is a rough road, on one hand or faith says we should worship with others, on the other hand in any organization 50% are going to be below average in intelligence. All it takes is some manipulator to get control of that 5o% and things got to hell.

  12. Our gospel doctrine teacher just told us this afternoon what a great guy Harry Reid was and how much of a good ole’ boy he was when he was in Reid was in his ward. Wish you were there.

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