Shooting just for some fun.

It’s good to get out and just pop a few rounds for fun. Nothing serious. Brought a couple of my boys out, joined by Louis Quarleno and we just had some fun shooting just for the fun of shooting.

The guns were my Daniel Defense DDM47vLW, and a Bushmaster ACR. Both great rifles. No malfs. No problems.
I have to say that my Daniel Defense keeps creeping up the later in “Favorite Rifle Ever” category. It’s the Light Weight version, but with the Battle Comp 1.5 on it – there’s just no recoil to speak of and the accuracy is right up there were my Rock River Elite A4 was, but the Daniel Defense is 1/2 the weight of that beast. The other thing I really like on the Daniel Defense is the Lucid HD7 optic. Simple, Solid, and it just works. I love the reticle options, but pretty much just always keep it on the T shaped option, because it’s fast and accurate… or I should say that I’m the fastest and most accurate with it.

Oh, and as you can see, I was playing around with my Drift HD Camera. The Glocks came out too, but no video of that. Even though we did try to mount the Drift HD under Q’s Glock 17. It worked, but the video result was just boring.

3 thoughts on “Shooting just for some fun.”

  1. Why do you choose to do the video selfie instead of towards the target? I’m still loving my ACR and even more so since I replaced the stock trigger (8.4#) with a Rock River NM 2-stage (4.0#) which is such a night and day difference that also helped shrink groups considerably. I’m thinking of asking Marvin Pitts to do an 18″ barrel conversion for me with his gas system.

  2. Because visually it’s more interesting. And the clips showing the targets didn’t turn out so well.
    Q is pretty much set on switching to a Battlecomp on his ACR after trying mine.

    I like the ACR but it needs 3 things:
    1. Battlecomp.
    2. The Caliber Change Kits that Bushmaster used to promise but never did and now they just act like they never said shit about it.
    3. A trigger kit of some sort. Any trigger work will go a long way unless you’ve already dropped a few cases of ammo through it and it’s smoothed out or you just got used to it.

    As good as the ACR is – and it is good – Bushmaster’s inability to bring out the caliber change kits pissed off a lot of people, made a joke of the system, and allowed FN to take away most of Bushmaster’s thunder.
    Some custom barrel options could revive the platform. Short barrels to allow an easy SBR, longer barrels for DMR work, and heavier barrels for Fire Support roles. Pretty much just like how the SA-80 rifle is set up. That would be very cool.

    1. Pretty much anything is better than the A2 FH…I haven’t tried a Battlecomp yet (mainly due to price) but the AAC single chamber brake works pretty damn good. Bushmaster all but abandoned the ACR not long after it released but Remington still supports the platform but only for military testing. People in the ACR community has long given up on Bushmaster and have pretty much accepted that they won’t support any more than the few replacement parts that are requested…mostly from people who are getting caliber conversions done by Marvin Pitts. He does 5.45×39, 300 BLK, 6.8 SPC & 7.62×39 along with SBR modifications. He even developed a lightweight gas block with a valve that features more adjustability than the factory 2 settings. I’m looking to get an 18″ 1:7 SPR barrel for mine with a mid length or rifle length gas system. As for triggers, any AR trigger set will work but you will either have to use the factory hammer spring of you will have to make a small bend in one of the legs on the new hammer spring.

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