Why I prefer Glock

It’s all about simplicity, really.  Nothing needs to be tuned or tweaked.  Nothing needs adjusted.  Out of the box, you could take it, unprepared to a 500 round pistol course and run it without problems.  Then when you get home you can throw it in your gun vault and neglect it for as long as you like.  When you take it out again, it will still run.
Any “upgrades” are optional.  Such as sights.  You can shoot it just fine with the factory sights, but may find improvement with some aftermarket options.  But that doesn’t effect the reliability.  It’s out of box performance is exceptional.  Easily the best I’ve experienced.  Even better than S&W M&P’s and XDM’s, both of which are outstanding systems.  And while many complain that Glock is uncomfortable – that’s something that is easily changed like the Sights.  You can do it yourself.  At home.  With some sandpaper and a soldering iron that you can buy for 10 bucks from Harbor Freight. I did.

11 thoughts on “Why I prefer Glock”

  1. Well you can make a Glock malfunction. I was there when a guy taking CHL course had his Glock malf. It seems he had taken it out of the box and had cleaned it completely. Cleaned it till it was dry as a bone, none of the copper/grease that the factory puts on the rails even. Of course after the instructor checked it over and put some multi-purpose gun oil on it, it ran like a champ.

    1. I left the copper grease in for a bunch of dryfire/cycles, then replaced it with Slipstream and kept Slipstream in it for about a year I guess before it pretty much became a permanent lubrication… with the Slipstream worked in real good. Now it remains bone dry and still slick as hell.

    1. Oh, was their a pistol there somewhere? Nice wardrobe. I wonder if that lady does any private instruction. I’m ready to sign up. I hope this is not out of line for this board, but somehow I’m reminded of the famous Mae West quotation: “Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?”

  2. Nice video…. Only critique I have is that is other than the three drops of oil on the slide points, the rest is unnecessary. But I suppose one could never have too much lubrication in that girls eyes.

    1. So many jokes. Actually Glock says 3 drops, I think. One on each side rails and then one in front of the ejection port.

      1. Yep…. that’s what I have always known it to be. Of course, after careful review, in about 15 years glock will recommend a 1 time slipstream treatment. That said, I would let that sweet little thing rub oil all over me too.

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