Audio Book Available: UPRISING USA

It’s on right now:  Uprising: USA.

I’m so stoked about this… I love Audio Book.  Any time I can I get one to listen to in the car.  Love them!   Having my own book in Audio – Coolest thing ever.

I want to thank my Publisher, White Feather Press, and Skip Coryell personally for this.  I’d also like to thank the Narrator, Jason Clearfield. Lots of different voices in Uprising USA… takes a guy with some serious talent.

And thank you to all my friends for the encouragement.  Ahem… buy my audio book?  Please?

It’s so cheesy… Just cracks me up.


17 thoughts on “Audio Book Available: UPRISING USA”

  1. Ogre I’ll buy it have the books and kindle but please give us book three got to know what happened to uncle Mulder

  2. Downloading as I type! I love Audible. Listened to Game of Thrones on my way out to Utah for Gun Dudes Mag40.

        1. I can just imagine a chorus line of dancing zombies being mowed down by a large bronze gatling.

  3. I downloaded Uprising USA from Amazon when it was free for the weekend. I’m not really a big reader but I’m still making my way through it.

  4. George

    Thank you for your service.

    We need more real Americans standing up during these troubled times.


  5. Yes! About time. I have been watching and searching on audible for these books for a year now.

  6. just have to ask, is there going to be a uprising uk audio book? already have them on my kindle

  7. I know this is an old one, but I am dying for Uprising UK audiobook. I’m listening to USA for the 5th time and will be listening to Zack’s Italia for the third. We need UK audiobook

    1. Audible has a request page. Search for the book, then send a note backing up the request.

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