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Adjustable stocks.  It started there.  Length of pull.  Comb height.  That’s all fine and well.  But now user adjustable is going everywhere.  Is this a good thing for the average shooter?
It’s bad enough watching someone who should be more squared away, constantly playing with his stock length and his sling… I’ve watched guys play with their adjustments more than actually pulling the trigger.  More than drilling the Fundamentals.  More than their effort in making an accurate shot.

Now there is this thing:  The Effin-A.   A user adjustable muzzle brake.  Now, the more I think about this… the more I can see the appeal.  Think of all the excuses you can use for poor shots.  What I’m seeing is a whole lot of ammo used testing and tweaking – and that’s good.  That’s a lot of practice going on and I like that.  It certainly has it’s place.  Maybe.  For guns no one else is making a brake for.  (Is there such a thing now days?) Being able to tune the brake to what you want.  If you are a competitive shooter and know your gun better than you know your spouse’s erogenous zones… Maybe this is for you.  Then again, maybe not.

For me… I’ll buy a Battle Comp and have it installed properly and call it good and not have to worry about futzing with the muzzle brake and I can concentrate on my shooting.  Of course, I’m the same guy that set his adjustable stock to how he wanted it a long time ago and has never moved it since.  I don’t like playing around with my weapon like that.  In fact, it annoys me.  My Battle Comp was engineered very well to start with.  In fact, it was engineered pretty much perfectly.  Why would I want to mess with that?

What do you guys think of this?