New School Uniform?

Last year I taught a lot of Teachers, School Administrators and other School Faculty Members defensive shooting skills. I taught them for Free. This was in Utah, where it is Legal for Teachers and Faculty to carry concealed if they have a Carry Permit. For a teacher standing in front of a class room, I can’t think of a better holster than an INCOG carried in the Appendix Position, with a Glock 19 or an M&P 9C in there.

Watch this video below and tell me your thoughts.

What I’m taking away from this is that no one else in the family is wearing a target… just the little school boy going to school. Schools being “GUN FREE ZONES” which makes them Fish in a Barrel situations. Everyone else is safe, because evidently they are not going to Gun Free Zones.
My take – Get rid of Gun Free Zones. Let Teachers who stand up and are willing to bear the responsibility protect the students they teach. If they are not willing to protect my kids, why would I be willing to let them teach my kids?

5 thoughts on “New School Uniform?”

  1. I have audio shut off, but I agree with the text of the message. Students are being made into targets, and we need to reform the gun laws in this country.

    All gun laws which restrict the government stay on the books. All gun laws which restrict the people get scrapped.

    That sounds like some good reform, to me…

  2. Or, don’t send your kids to public school.

    I don’t see the downside of loosing congresscritters that are voted in by idjits that made the video.

    Hoplophobes, please stop voting! Think of the children!

  3. Anyone who doesn’t understand that “gun free zones” are shooting galleries for sociopaths shouldn’t be allowed to leave their home without adult supervision.

  4. They’re really getting less creative with their messaging- some of the previous campaigns at least tried to look factual (i.e. handgun control, inc./Brady bunch). As counter-intuitive as it may seem, ads like this might be a good sign overall, because they’re ceding the facts-based debate and moving toward a purely emotional appeal. Nobody likes the sight of little Johnny in a plate carrier- but where’s all the data they claim is backing them? No ‘90% of Americans..’ or ‘Thousands of gun crimes a year’ in this one.

    Nasty to look at, but a good sign, is my take on it.

    1. Yeah, they’ve pretty much given up on trying to be factual. Hard to go on about the evils of “assault weapons” when more Americans are /punched/ and /kicked/ to death each year, than are shot to death with rifles, and “assault weapons” are only used in a small fraction of the rifle-involved killings.

      If unarmed assailants are killing more folks than are being killed by folks using “the most evil type of gun,” there’s really little room for factual debate.

      Maybe we should have a new law requiring everyone to wear boxing gloves when in public. And oversized clown shoes full of foam rubber. It’s for the children…

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