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I’m a Mormon

Message on FB: “Why you bragging about being Mormon?”
My response: First off, I wasn’t bragging. I’m proud to be a Mormon. I’ve taken it for granted in the past. Forgot who I was. I remember now. I was born LDS. I served an LDS Mission. But I’ve not always been Mormon. There is a difference.
Even if you are born into a Mormon family, there is still that moment when you are “Converted”. I remember that moment when that happened to me.
While looking through the scope of a rifle on an overwatch and feeling so empty inside. I prayed that there had to be more to life. The feeling that I got after that – I can’t explain it. Here, let me tell you what Chocolate tastes like. But I do know what that feeling was and where it came from. I can’t just put that away anymore.
I decide that I was going to be Mormon or I wasn’t. No more in between.
I’m Mormon.

If you don’t like that and can’t accept that, then you are not, nor have you ever been, my friend.

I’m proud to be a Mormon. We have an awesome history in this country and around the world. We had a State give an official Extermination Order against us, yet we remain Patriotic Americans. We’ve be been reviled in society yet we remain helpful to the community. It’s a tough example to live up to. But I’m trying.