The Jerry Doyle Show.

Holy Crap. The Jerry Doyle Show! On the Radio. WINNING!
Do you guys listen to Jerry? He freaking rocks. And he’s on a local radio station. Awesome.

For uninitiated, Jerry Doyle is the cat that played Garibaldi on Babylon 5.  He’s a Conservative, ran for office, stands behind his beliefs, and is a solid American.  He makes so much sense he makes you want to throat-punch a Political Science Professor.

Made my night hearing Jerry on the radio again.  Jerry, You The Man.

5 thoughts on “The Jerry Doyle Show.”

  1. No stations on my side of the state (WA) carry the show, only AM stations on the other side of the mountains have it. Too far away and no cable carry either. Out of luck in Seattle.

  2. Yeah, I used to love listening to that guy, but they took him off the radio here in Dallas and put some schmucky little priss named Chris Krok. He whines about stuff in his life and always takes the contrarian response to any issue, just to be different.

    Look into Curtis Sliwa sometime, too. He is the guy who started the Guardian Angels up in New Yuck. He rocks pretty good.

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