Lucid HD7 Gen 3 FDE

I’ve tested the original Lucid HD7 and found it to be most excellent.  One thing that continues to impress me is the unit’s ability to handle recoil.  Even after much pounding on an AR, the POA/POI was not changed from when it was zeroed to where the last accurate shots were placed.  Granted this was a short test, only 300 rounds, but I’ve seen slight shifts on some other red dots in this price range.  The first Gen HD7, I beat the hell out of it on many different hard recoiling guns.  I have the impression that the Gen 3 is every bit as tough, if not tougher.   The optic I used to run on my personal AR has been an EOTECH, and has been for years.  This Lucid HD7 has replaced that Eotech.  Because of a couple advantages.  A, more precise aiming reticle and B, much longer battery life.  The Battery life really pushed it over the top for me.  Long lasting, common battery type is a WIN for me.  I only have a couple flashlights that run those Surefire 3 Volt Batteries, so I don’t buy them very often.  And when I do I usually order them or pick them up when I am in certain stores.  AA Batteries can be had anywhere, cheap, and I have them around the house.  This commonality is an advantage.  With the Lucid, I’ve never had to wait until the sporting goods store opens to get my Red Dot to power on again.  I’ve had that problem with the EoTech.

The Gen 3 version has some worthy improvements.
1. Turret Caps.
2. Better Reticle Patterns.
3. Better Clarity and Brightness.
While the price may have come up a bit on the Retail side – it didn’t come up much and it remains the best optic for an AR under $400. I’ve seen these got for as low as 219.99 and as high as 249.99.
Overall – These sights are a Win. Buy one!

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19 thoughts on “Lucid HD7 Gen 3 FDE”

  1. I saw that they had a prototype 2.5-5x magnifier on a flip mount that is supposed to retail for 229.00 to compliment the HD7.

    1. And as far as Magnifiers go – it’s awesome. Super clear.
      I just don’t like Magnifiers. I like magnification built into the optic.

  2. I picked up an HD7 gen 3 this past June and it would drain a new battery in a week, turned off and sitting the safe!
    Of course something was wrong with the sight so I contacted Lucid. I was told that this was the second one they had seen with this issue and was asked to send it in for warrenty work. I’m down the shipping and insurance costs to send them my faulty one, but they sent me a new replacement and it has worked great so far.
    As George says, the reticule selection is great and they hold zero when changed. The HD7 appears to be well built and will stand up to hard use. I love the auto intensity setting. Overall I’m pleased with it and yes, this one has been going strong on just one battery for about a month and a half.
    I see that Lucid has a kill flash for the HD7 so I’ll likely pick up one of those in the near future…

  3. Been wanting one of these, its on the top of my wishlist. Amazon has them for $190 and the screw on 2x for $40

  4. Personally I looked at the HD but the reviews I read did not look all that great, first gen?. In the end for my AK with the AKARS dust cover mounting rail replacement I chose the Primary Arms 30mm red dot and a high 30mm cantilever mount. A little less cost ($79.00) and so far so good. A lot of newer optics out there that are coming on line to fill the sales slot for folks that want an ACOG but can’t even begin to afford one…

  5. I purchased a Gen 3 HD7 late last year after reading George’s review of the Gen 1. I am very happy. It has seen duty on my AR as well as some heavy recoil “experimenting” on a tactical 12 gauge shotgun. It’s back on the AR. I can’t find any reason to criticize it. Sure, it won’t have 50,000 hours of “always on” life like an AimPoint, but I don’t need that. I can push a button, even under stress. So far, I’m still on the original battery. I keep two spare AA lithium batteries in the Magpul ACS stock on my carbine, so that ought to last me a long, long time.

    Something I can add to the discussion:

    1. I do have the kill flash. It is very light anodized honey comb aluminum. Very stoutly made. I like it. I did have an issue in inserting it into the threads on the HD7, it would not screw in more than two complete rotations. I contacted Jason Wilson, the owner, He said that it might have gotten too much anodization of the threads. He suggested that I put a drop or two of thread cutting oil on and work it back and forth. Worked like a charm. Fits well now. I doubt others will have the issue, but it is an easy fix.

    2. I also ponied up for the ADM sourced QD mount for the HD7. It replaces the two cross bolts in the mount base with a clamp and two locking QD levers, so it adds no height and does not alter co-witness. Very nice. Very solid. Sort of pricy at $150, but no more so than just about any other QD mount. I also use a scope on this rifle mounted in a LaRue QD mount. I like being able to swap between the scope for mid-long range work and then back to the HD7 in seconds.

    3. It’s going to sound like I’m a Lucid junky, but I just ordered the little M7 to put on a tactical shotgun. I’m just so impressed with what this startup company is doing, that I wanted to give it a shot. I don’t know if it will be any good. I’m hoping it will be sort of a poor man’s T1. Probably dreaming on that count, but if it will take abuse and hold zero and has decent battery life, it will be a winner for me.

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