Disney Whore Factory

lindsay_lohan_parent_trapI don’t know why this popped up on my Feed from YouTube… maybe because social media friends I don’t actually know liked these videos and that’s why it became a suggested video or whatever.  But a video of Miley Montana or whoever she is… “Twerking”.  Evidently she has a couple of these videos.
This was the Disney Child Star of the Country Star with the heart condition.  I think her dad’s song was about just this thing.
Good hell I am so glad I don’t have enough Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice in my system to have gene-seeded a Girl Baby.
Because she would end up at some point probably watching something from Disney.   Other than your average American High School, Disney seems to be in the Lead for inventing Whore Idols.

Lindsey Lohan – Epic Train Wreck.   At least Miley Cyrus cirus citrus circus surplus (sp?) has someone to look up to.  Is that a career path?  Go from Adorable Girl to something attractive (Lohan was hot as an older teen – yeah admit it – you thought so too) and then straight to graduating with a Master’s Degree in Crack Whore thanks to a full ride (too soon?) scholarship from Disney.  lohan26n-1-web

Let’s look at the path.  Disney teaches through these young children that Parents are stupid and clueless clowns and kids always have it figured out and are right in the end.   They give these kids Money and Fame.  And instill in them a sense of entitlement and that they can do whatever they want and their Fans will support and adore them.   And then at some point they end up dancing on a stripper pole.

If I had a daughter I’d have nothing Disney is my house.  Is this how our Culture wants us to raise our daughters?  I have friends and family with daughters and just don’t know how they can do this… The cultural influences to utterly destroy girls is in full force.  Sexualize them, objectify them, and let them self abuse themselves into state sponsored baby factories.  Democratic Voter Vending Machines.

Thank you Disney for turning out people girls can look up to as role models for success and standing up for the Good and Right things in life.  I don’t know… Maybe this is a Preacher’s Daughter sort of situation.   But when my Boys are looking at Girls, who are they seeing these days?  Tramp Steamers on a collision course with a train or are they seeing young women with strength and dignity and value as human beings and daughters of God who should be treated with respect and put on a pedestal?   How can I raise my boys right, when the cultural influence is to ask a girl if she spits or swallows?  We can’t turn to Social Media – good hell…  We can’t turn to the mass media and entertainment.   So where can my boys find lessons outside of Dad’s Lecturing?  Reading Books.   Good Books.   Literature.  Classic Literature.

But those books are no longer found or encouraged in Schools.  Thanks to “Common Core” Education.

When children are raised in such a culture, what is the future going to look like?


Edit Update:
This was posted before MTV’s VMA Show. Before Cyrus’s “Performance”. All I can say about that is that I found it to be utterly revolting. Twerking as it’s called is not dancing. Its vulgar. I’m no prude, but its disgusting. Cyrus has proven she has no talent, so pulling this sort of stunt was all she had. Because thats what it was. A stunt.
She needs to get over the novelty that she has girl parts. Flat and sad girl parts.

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  1. The terrible minefield is child stardom. Part of the problem is the ego trap and temptations of stardom itself; another part is parents who feed on, and depend on, the kid’s continued stardom.( Think about child beauty pageants. As a little girl’s party game, sure, but to take it seriously and travel to other cities to enter?!) You look at Disney because they use so many kids in their productions that they’re bound to have more bad examples. Stardom of any kind tends to be a trap (just as “power tends to corrupt”), and children are pretty easily trapped. They have to be supported and educated. Think about the support and education of your examples.

  2. “Disney teaches through these young children that Parents are stupid and clueless clowns and kids always have it figured out and are right in the end.”

    To be fair, it is just about all television teaches this today, One of many reasons I cut the cable and have a Roku box attached to my TV.

  3. +1. Well said. Yes we can blame all of TV and the parents or kids themselves, but Disney is out there promoting themselves as a family value-based company. So it is justified in calling them out on the carpet when in reality, they don’t care about us or this well worn path that they’ve created. Christina, Britney, Selena Gomez are more names you could have mentioned.

  4. “. . .what is the future going to look like?”. Unfortunately, I think we’re already there. Excellent rant, BTW.

  5. As a father of 2 girls I don’t know how I should take this post, rant or whatever it is. First off I adore my girls and have zero regrets about having them. Secondly to me it seems like you are generalizing all girls and saying that no matter what at one point in their lives they will be utterly corrupted by Disney or their little porn stars in training and that’s that. I hope I’m reading you wrong George because in my household that isn’t the case. We both are very active parents and we monitor what our girls watch. Yes they do watch some Disney cartoons, but not the “live action” shows (whatever they are called) because we believe they aren’t age appropriate. We are constantly teaching them right from wrong and the television has never been their babysitter. We both know who their friends are and know their parents as well. Our girls are very well behaved and have good manners. They are learning how to be little ladies from mom but also learning to have fun with dad. I believe that parenting (or lack thereof) is the main determination of how well girls transition into decent, moral women. Mainstream society want to blame everything but themselves about the poor outcome of their children. How about they take a step back, look in the mirror and then finally see what the real problem is.

  6. All you need to know about the current media that is produced for children: the first season of Sesame Street is available for sale, but is labeled “inappropriate for children.” I have happily handed that to my kids, and flat-out forbid watching the current show.

  7. This crap is realy post-Disney(ie.Walt) stuff. When Walt ran the show none of this was happening. As a quick example I give you every boy’s fantasy in the ’50’s and ’60’s – Mouseketeer(sp) Annette.

  8. The real danger isn’t the Lohans that self-destruct, it’s the influence they have on the naïve masses who worship them.

  9. An excellent point. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who is disgusted with the Disney corporation and the trash they put out. I am female and had the good fortune to grow up without television and with many, many wonderful books. I’ve always been a tomboy, but I can clean up when I have to thanks to my grandmother. Obviously family is a huge factor in how a kid of either gender turns out, but parents and grandparents don’t need folks like Disney adding more claymores to the minefield they already have to navigate.

  10. I couldn’t agree more. Child stars are always turning into glam who*es it seems like. It’s pretty sick if you ask me. People need to get a clue. – Scott Craighead

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