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New School Uniform?

Last year I taught a lot of Teachers, School Administrators and other School Faculty Members defensive shooting skills. I taught them for Free. This was in Utah, where it is Legal for Teachers and Faculty to carry concealed if they have a Carry Permit. For a teacher standing in front of a class room, I can’t think of a better holster than an INCOG carried in the Appendix Position, with a Glock 19 or an M&P 9C in there.

Watch this video below and tell me your thoughts.

What I’m taking away from this is that no one else in the family is wearing a target… just the little school boy going to school. Schools being “GUN FREE ZONES” which makes them Fish in a Barrel situations. Everyone else is safe, because evidently they are not going to Gun Free Zones.
My take – Get rid of Gun Free Zones. Let Teachers who stand up and are willing to bear the responsibility protect the students they teach. If they are not willing to protect my kids, why would I be willing to let them teach my kids?

Crusader Training: Free for Teachers

Crusader Weaponry is heart broken over the tragic event in CT. Since the news broke, I’ve felt sick to my stomach over this, and have no been able to keep very much food down. Such a tragedy makes one evaluate a great many things. We wish there was something that we could do to help… but there is nothing that we could ever do that would bring back the lives of those slain by this insane inhuman monster.
The best we can do is to help minimize such events in the future.
Joe and I talked about this and made a commitment.
Any Teacher or School Administration with a CCW Permit can come to any of our Defensive Handgun courses free of charge. This is a $200 donation per head to the safety of our Children. If a School District so desires, Crusader will hold a special course for them, and if Travel is required, we only ask for enough to cover the cost of the travel.
We wish we could do more.
But we are committed to our believe that we need an Active Defense Measure in our Schools. We need our schools and other institutions to have people on staff at all times that are Trained and Armed and always vigilant. We can not Educate our Children if we can not Protect our Children.