As the situation in Syria is heating up, I grow more and more disappointed in this administration.
Their bungling of this crysis is an epic failure.  Obama is rattling sabers at people who have nothing to lose, no respect of human life, and are filled with seething hatred.   They are not people who are going to be intimidated by John Kerry shaking a finger at them.
Especially with Russia standing behind them.
Russia needs Syria.  Russia will defend Syria.  Because Russia wants their Port there.  Russia has a Naval Base there.
So why do we not let Russia handle this situation?  There is no need for us to meddle in these affairs.
What about the other Arab nations who are our allies?  We shouldnt have to get our hands dirty in this.  This is Syria’s civil war.  It’s horrible.  It’s disgusting.  And it’s none of our business.
Pushing War at this time in this area threatens us economically and Israel quite physically. 
So what should we do?
Nothing directly.   Have Lebanon and Turkey, or Russia handle this for us.  Incentives for them to take care of this.
Offer Russia Favored Nation Trade Status.   Offer Russia some business deals.  Build some factories in Russia… whatever they want that benefits both of us.  Everyone wants something.  And its usually money. 
Someone give Obama a copy of Game of Thrones.  Sheesh.

4 thoughts on “Syria”

  1. Candidate (now POTUS) peace prize lightbringer said repeatedly that the President does not have the authority to take military action without the OK of Congress if there is not an immediate threat to the USA directly. VP Biden has repeatedly said taking such action without Congressional approval is grounds for impeachment! But then that was Republican presidents after all…..

  2. Come to think on it, this will be the Nobel Peace Prize winners third war in four years. Even Bush didn’t make that rate. Lets see our sworn enemies who vow to kill us all are killing each other and Dear Leader wants us to become Al Kada’s (the “rebels”) air force. Bout right for this turd.

  3. yea I agree its about time some of these other nations start pulling their fair share of the u. n. burden. it seems like every time something bad happens we send our troops into harms way while the people who sit on their butts do nothing but criticize how we handle the situation instead of being part of the solution.
    by the way I just love how because of the sequester our military has to take all kinds of cuts and the administration cant get funding for new equiptment, bit some how finds money to send our dwindling resources to Syria.

  4. But, but the President has a Nobel Peace Prize! He’s the Lightbringer! Seas receded when he was elected!

    As tragic as this, I’m still laughing at the repeating of the same arguments made to invade Iraq, with far less reason, being mouthed by the Democrats. If that isn’t a sign that there is only one party with two wings in Washington, I’m not sure what is.

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