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Crusader Weaponry is Awesome

These are some of our Broadswords.  SR-25 Type .308 rifles and carbines that give Precision Accuracy with Reliability, these will go toe to toe against rifle systems that cost twice as much… and then spank them.  These guns shoot like you are shooting a 556 weapon… and our 556 weapons shoot so soft you think your shooting a rifle with a .22LR kit in it except they don’t jam.

Our Slipstream is also being used on Robots in the War Zone… it makes every mechanical system it’s applied to run better.

Save the Boron for your Laundry.

You know, I hate it when this happens… Got an email from a fellow who’s not alone out there in his quest for a Reliable Weapon:

Surfing through youtube and I came across MadOgre’s video which led me to your video about the permanent slipstream treatment. Very interested in your product.  But first let me give you a brief history of me trying to smooth out my BCG.  I bought a Daniel Defense bcg, great product, but I wanted to make it even better by plating it with nickel boron.  So I sent in my bcg to a company in Michigan in which they plated the bolt carrier, pivot pin and bolt.  They did a great job…but after a couple of hundred rounds through the rifle the bcg started changing colors, almost as if the burnt powder just cooked itself onto the hot bolt and stayed like that permenantly.  Shot a few more hundred round afterwards cleaned my bolt and it seem to have somewhat of a pink-ish or copper spots on the bolt in some areas now.  I contacted the company and they said the color change is normal but not the pink spots and they advised me to send it back.  The companies customer service is great, but i’m done with the company’s cheap work and want my bolt to be completely slippery and clean up to be a breeze.  I need to soak and scrub the heck out of my bcg with a bronze brush. I was hoping to just wipe it off with a towel seeing how its nickel boron plated, but that’s a no go. Well my questions, or wants are, can slipstream permanent coating make my bcg slippery like the POF bcg (which uses NP3 coating and is super slippery) and will cleaning my bcg be a breeze?  Basically can slipstream deliver.  Thank you for your time.

It’s really too bad that people out there are treating their guns with Boron.  To me, this makes about as much sense as rubbing a bar of soap on your gun parts.  Yeah, that’s fine, and that can work for awhile.  But it’s less than ideal.

Crusader Weaponry’s permanent Slipstream treatment, the ST-1 and ST-2, has been independently tested by a third part to last twice as long as other permanent lubrication treatments… detergent based or otherwise.

Note about my Jibe: Borax is the commercial name for a detergent that uses a Boron Compound in their soap.  Boron also has a lot of other industrial uses… none of which are really Lubrication.  Anti-Fungal agent for fiberglass… sure.  Coating your Bolt Carrier Group in your battle rifle… not so much.  Whatever.  Use whatever you like.  It’s your life… and maybe others.

Upgrade Your AK.

The AK is gaining popularity and I’m getting more messages via email and facebook about the AK all the time.

What can an AK owner do to make the AK a better platform?  First thing I’d suggest is to do something that makes it more reliable.  This is a multi-part step that requires a bit of work.  You have to obtain a number of magazines and go through all of them and find the ones that are the least reliable.  Mark those as such, destroy or discard them.  I find that faulty mags can help when you are training for stoppage clearing.  But that’s just me.  Next, the gun needs to be Lubricated Well.  All Machines run better when they are properly lubricated.  An ST-2 treatment of Slipstream from Crusader Weaponry would be ideal, barring that, the generous application of Slipstream to the inner workings of your AK will be a blessing.
Next, something that can help your AK be more controllable. We at Crusader Weaponry have become hugely impressed with the products from BattleComp, and we use them on our Rifle Builds. Here is Why:

One of the reasons we like BattleComp and this video doesn’t show – is that the blast from the brake is better dissipated than the other brakes. That means less blast to disturb dust, and less blast into the faces of your fellow shooters and team mates.
Now that you have an AK that Runs, Stays Fed, and Stays in Control – you are well ahead of the game. Regardless of what you do with the sights or optics – these things are in my mind the top priorities for running an AK.
The best way to get this, is to send your AK to Crusader Weaponry and ask for the ST-2 Treatment and an AK BattleComp. While it’s there, ask for a Finish Upgrade and make your old War Horse look as good as it’s going to shoot.

Slipstream works on Robots.

Hey guys, I have a few words to say about Slipstream.
I am an EOD technician currently working in Helmand, Afghanistan. I work with Nightcrawler actually.
Gundoc sent me a few bottles of Slipstream oil and a bottle of the Slipstream grease. After Slipstreaming every weapon and knife I could get my hands on, I decided to see what other field applications Slipstream has.
So one day as I was cleaning the gunk buildup from one of our bomb disposal robots’ arm, I decided that a new lubrication was in order. I promptly cleaned then greased every moving mechanism of the robot arm. I have to say it was a wise choice. Not only does the arm become less gunkified,(technical term) it moves smoother and overheats less. A properly working and smooth running arm is, obviously very important when you are disabling IEDs. My favorite part is that it somehow doesn’t get covered in dirt like everything else out here.
Here is a picture of it in action.

Actual Airforce Robot working an actual IED in an actual War Zone.

Once again thanks to Gundoc for sending me a wonderful product. This is another reason why I am purchasing a custom build Crusader Weaponry rifle with the full Slipstream treatment.

I keep a running tally of things I have Slipstreamed in Afghanistan;
5 different M4’s, 3 different M9’s, 1 M240B machinegun, 1 M203 Grenade launcher opening grip, 1 “Ma Deuce” 50cal machine gun, Multiple folding knives and 2 different bomb disposal robots. Currently working with one of the Marines into letting me grease his constantly jamming MK19

This is why – Right Here.

We put a lot of effort into Slipstream, for not a lot of reward.  But this right here… this is why:

Hi, I was one of the recon marines who was lucky enough to get a couple bottles of your slipstream weapon lube in Afghanistan this spring. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for sending it out there for us. We really appreciated the support, and the fact that it worked a couple thousand times better than CLP was awesome too! I know for a fact that I put 200 rounds through a dirty M4 in about a minute on full auto and didn’t foul once. Thank you.
-Cpl. Heagy

No, Thank You…. For your Service and your Sacrifices for our Nation… thank you very much.  God be with you, and not those heathen bastards you much smite.

What is so great about Slipstream?

I get this question a lot.  If you have read Crusader Weaponry’s page, you know it’s a double edged sword against Friction.   The base carrier oil is a fully synthetic oil that is in and of its self, outstanding and can go toe to toe against any other synthetic gun oil.  That’s just straight up good stuff.  But we want something better… So we went outside of the Gun Industry.  We found a type of nano-particle that does everything we want, and more.  No one else is using it, because it’s prohibitively expensive.  They look for cheaper materials so they can make profit.  We don’t make Slipstream to make Profit… we only make about a buck off each bottle.  I’m not even kidding.  We make it because we want the best lubricant possible.  Dealers don’t like Slipstream… because of the low profit margins on it.  They can make more money selling lesser lubricants because they don’t care about Coefficients of Friction and Reliability – they are there to make money.

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Slipstream is just pretty good?

Sorry guys, I gotta vent my spleen here.

I talked to this guy the other day, and it’s been bothering me. I take Slipstream pretty seriously… and this guy said, “Oh yeah, I tried Slipstream. It’s pretty good. It’s made by a little father and son company in South Jordan.”
“No. It’s not. It’s made by Crusader Weaponry in Murray.”

“Well, I tried it and it’s not as slick NAME WITHHELD.”

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Crusader’s ST-2 Treatment

We’ve talked about the ST-1 Treatment a lot. That’s a permanent application of out Slipstream to the Bolt Carrier Group, Buffer, Spring, and Charging Handle.
The ST-2 treatment makes a huge difference. Because now you also get the trigger group, all the insides of the lower receiver, and inside the upper receiver. This is important because it slicks up the bearing surfaces where the bolt rides and he charging handle. Don’t get me wrong, ST-1 is worth it… but the ST-2 is on a whole other level. It blows other treatments, such as FailZero out of the water so hard, it isn’t even funny.

The Slipstream Contest has a Winner!

Huey’s Gunsite had a simple contest. The Winner of this contest gets a Free treatment… Slipstream ST-1.

The winner was “KEV”.  Congratulations, Kev.

The ST-1 Treatment is basically a permanent application of the Nano Lube that makes Slipstream Oil and Grease so good.  We treat your Bolt Carrier Group, Buffer and Spring, and Charging Handle.   The result is that your AR feels dramatically different.  Much much smoother.  It will even sound different.  Quieter.  A lot quieter.   Get the ST-1 treatment for your Production AR and it’s going to feel like a Custom AR.  Actually, it’s going to feel better than any other Customer AR I’ve felt.

Thanks to Huey for putting this up.  Seriously, thank you very much.  This is out of your pocket, all on your own time and you didn’t have to do this.  Thank you.