What is so great about Slipstream?

I get this question a lot.  If you have read Crusader Weaponry’s page, you know it’s a double edged sword against Friction.   The base carrier oil is a fully synthetic oil that is in and of its self, outstanding and can go toe to toe against any other synthetic gun oil.  That’s just straight up good stuff.  But we want something better… So we went outside of the Gun Industry.  We found a type of nano-particle that does everything we want, and more.  No one else is using it, because it’s prohibitively expensive.  They look for cheaper materials so they can make profit.  We don’t make Slipstream to make Profit… we only make about a buck off each bottle.  I’m not even kidding.  We make it because we want the best lubricant possible.  Dealers don’t like Slipstream… because of the low profit margins on it.  They can make more money selling lesser lubricants because they don’t care about Coefficients of Friction and Reliability – they are there to make money.

Fine.  But we at Crusader Weaponry, are all about that.  Okay – I don’t care about the numbers and all that… I care about what it gives us – that Reliability that other Lubricants are just not delivering.  We take our dollar and we smile, we can sleep well at night knowing another Gun Owner is going to have a very reliable weapon.  THAT is what we care about.

It’s not Graphite.  That’s for Pinewood Derbies.  It’s not PTFE.  That’s for your Sauce Pan.  It’s not Boron, that’s for your Laundry Detergent.  It’s not Moly, because that’s for Chumps.  We have Slipstream.  And it’s for your Weapons Systems.  It’s also for Military Robots.  Yes, it’s lubed Military Robots.  I’m not even kidding about that.  Optimus Prime and Megatron drink Slipstream.  It’s like Red Bull for Lethal Things.  Nothing has the Temperature Range that Slipstream runs in.  -350 degrees to 1000 degrees.  Your gun will freeze and shatter like glass before Slipstream fails.  Your gun will melt to slag before Slipstream fails.    Nothing else out there can touch what Slipstream can do and that’s scientific fact.  We’ll let the other Lube Guys fight over who’s second place.

If you want your weapon to run as smooth as possible, as reliably as possible – Get Slipstream.

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  1. I’ve had the mentality of “oil is oil” for nearly 30 years…that’s until I took the leap of faith and ordered the kit and then I learned the error of my ways. I’m a pretty jaded person and I don’t do hype, but I trust George and consider him a friend and I don’t believe that his consience would allow him to give me a line just to make a sale. I “field tested” the kit and experimented to finally get the perfect balance of grease with oil to maximize the performance & benefits of the lubricants. After nearly 3 months of running it as hard as I possibly can and can say with absolute confidence that Slipstream makes EVERY OTHER lubricant more like glue in comparison…and there is some reality to that statement with some of the products out there when the lubricant breaks down over time or when exposed to constant heat for a certain period of time. I also used the kit around the home with the best example using it on interior door hinges. Not only was all noise (squeaks) gone, but even by simply blowing on the door I am able to get 180 degree movement!!

    I am a diehard convert and have since purchased 6 more bottles because I demo it every time I shoot at a match, which is at least 3 times a month. The instant results are there, but the product actually gets BETTER with use and with some “prep” on a clean firearm the lubricity will be in the steel and will be able to withstand an incredible amount of neglect. If you own a suppressor then Slipstream should be a mandatory item in your kit. It will ensure that your host will continue to run even when completely filthy from carbon and blowback. Slipstream is THE ONLY lubricant that has ensured reliability in both my centerfire and rimfire hosts, and that right there is a very bold statement.

    If you love your firearms, or more yet view them as mere tools needed to get the job done then you owe it to them to treat them with a product that will guarantee the highest level of reliability because the job won’t get done or worse yet get you killed if your tool jams or that suppressed host chokes at the worst possible moment. If you haven’t already, pony up the $$ for the kit and then just get the oil based lubricant when needed as the grease will last at least the amount of 10-15 bottles of oil.

    I drank the Koolaid…and it tastes pretty damn good.

    1. Thanks for the endorsement, Matt.
      See, the Coolaid is good because we had to make a better coolaid. We know our Friends and Brothers are going to rolling into Harms Way and we can’t be there with them, but we can still help them.
      We can make their weapons more reliable. If they would just use Slipstream – their guns will run better. Period.

    1. I don’t do endorsements…I do the truth, and nothing speaks louder than that. Slipstream works like no other, but it is a system that needs to be maintained. Just one application isn’t enough, it’s the correct start, but for optimum performance and reliability I found that it needs to be applied at regular intervals…but that’s no different than typical maintenance anyway. Take care of your guns and they will take care of you and with that Slipstream is my best friend.

  2. I bought some slipstream a couple of months ago and must relate this story: My Walther P22 would never run that great with Wal mart bulk ammo. I always had to use the CCI hotter brand ( and more expensive) to cycle 100% properly.

    I treated my Walther with the Slipstream once it arrived and wanted to give it “the test.” I am happy to report that it functioned 100% using the bulk ammo!! I know my test is unscientific- but it’s hard to refute the results!! I am a very satisfied customer!!

  3. “It’s like Red Bull for Lethal Things.”

    Sooo……when I use it on my Taurus PT1911, which was made in Florida…..

    ….would that be a…..


    1. Just received my order…came faster than the Amazon order I made at the same time (Monster Hunter Alpha and a few other books). Very pleased with speed of delivery, product looks to be as advertised. Thanks.

  4. Slipstream seems to work well. I generally use it on my carry pistols. My one gripe with it is I also need something that is good for rust protection. With everything but Glocks I end up using Break Free on some surfaces and Slipstream on the friction points. I would love to see a marine version of Slipstream.

    1. You can order it… Just email Gundoc and ask for “Slipstream Styx”. It’s not on the page as an order item – because it’s all going to special clients, but we can get you some.

  5. Hmmm….wonder who’s consistently giving the “thumbs down” to all the pro-Slipstream posts…..?

        1. Well, if firearms give them the cold pricklies, it would seem a bit masochistic for them to even come here……

          Then again, maybe that’s the attraction…

          (and, no, Anonymous Coward, I do not do THAT kind of leatherwork…….)

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