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What’s new at Crusader Weaponry

This weekend I went to Crusader Weaponry HQ.

We have a lot going on right now, but not too much.  Joe has a little bit of Free Time on his hands.  Let’s take that away from him!  We need him busy!  And I have a plan for that… more on that in a moment.

One of the things we are doing is a Limited Edition Armed American Radio Signature Rifle we’re calling the AAR-15.

If you want one of these badboys, contact Mark at Armed American Radio, I have a link over there on the right hand side bar.

The Longbow… Stan of The Gun Dudes has one of these rifles, here’s the latest one wearing a custom camo Cerakote finish.

We still have a custom Glock, in a package we call the Reaper.  This is a tweaked Glock 22.  I’ve checked out this pistol and it’s fantastic.  The trigger pull is right where I like it, you feel some take up on the spring and then the trigger stages for a super crisp break.  It breaks clean and you don’t see any twitch on that front sight post.  This is what you want.  Night sights, Grip Force Adapter, giving it some Beaver Tail… this is a Mod made popular by Todd G at Pistol-Training.com.  I like it.  The Slide is Cerakoted in a light grey color that really stands out.  Looks fantastic, like a brushed/satin stainless kinda.

The price on this Glock is 699.99, and I’m going to throw in a Crusader Jacket for you. I only have a couple sizes, so I hope you are not picky or XXL or bigger.
Okay, now here is my favorite – if I can have only one – gun. The 870. Crusader’s Wrath Shotgun is one I’d put up against every other pump action on the market – and most Semi’s as well. I’m proud of these guns and believe them to be the ultimate expression of what a Pump Action is capable of.

Normally these shotguns are 799… We have one, in a dark OD Green, on sale for 749.99. This one gets a free Crusader Jacket as well as a Training Voucher to go with it for the guy that buys it!

And then is our Flagship Rifle, the Broadsword. This one is our Media Relations Demo gun. We can build you one too. Just contact us at CrusaderWeaponry.com.

Ordered a .40 Magnum today.

I wanted a gun with more power and longer reach.  So I ordered a Glock 20SF today.  That’s a 10mm, Sports Fans.
Should be here Friday or Monday.  Some have said all pistols suck.  10mm… sucks a lot less.

The Glock 20SF was my pick because I just don’t dig the Gen 4’s and the SF is a lot like the Gen 4 with no backstrap attached.  The only one I could find with any of the distributors were only coming with the 10 round mags, so I ordered some 15 rounders.

I’ll need a holster for it.  I need to pick out some good sights.  And I need to get it to Joe at Crusader HQ for the Full Tilt Crusader Conversion.

This is all because of Nightcrawler.

The Crusader Broadsword

You can buy one outright, or use Crusader's installment plan to pay for it as you can.

This rifle is going out to some of the gun magazines for review.  .308, Elcan optic, Diamond Head sights, Apex handguard, Battlecomp brake, Magpul grip and stock… fully Slipstreamed and slick as hell.
Precision accuracy and battle ready reliability in one gun.  CrusaderWeaponry.com.

Don’t fight fair. Order your own Broadsword today!

Upgrade Your AK.

The AK is gaining popularity and I’m getting more messages via email and facebook about the AK all the time.

What can an AK owner do to make the AK a better platform?  First thing I’d suggest is to do something that makes it more reliable.  This is a multi-part step that requires a bit of work.  You have to obtain a number of magazines and go through all of them and find the ones that are the least reliable.  Mark those as such, destroy or discard them.  I find that faulty mags can help when you are training for stoppage clearing.  But that’s just me.  Next, the gun needs to be Lubricated Well.  All Machines run better when they are properly lubricated.  An ST-2 treatment of Slipstream from Crusader Weaponry would be ideal, barring that, the generous application of Slipstream to the inner workings of your AK will be a blessing.
Next, something that can help your AK be more controllable. We at Crusader Weaponry have become hugely impressed with the products from BattleComp, and we use them on our Rifle Builds. Here is Why:

One of the reasons we like BattleComp and this video doesn’t show – is that the blast from the brake is better dissipated than the other brakes. That means less blast to disturb dust, and less blast into the faces of your fellow shooters and team mates.
Now that you have an AK that Runs, Stays Fed, and Stays in Control – you are well ahead of the game. Regardless of what you do with the sights or optics – these things are in my mind the top priorities for running an AK.
The best way to get this, is to send your AK to Crusader Weaponry and ask for the ST-2 Treatment and an AK BattleComp. While it’s there, ask for a Finish Upgrade and make your old War Horse look as good as it’s going to shoot.