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The Slipstream Contest has a Winner!

Huey’s Gunsite had a simple contest. The Winner of this contest gets a Free treatment… Slipstream ST-1.

The winner was “KEV”.  Congratulations, Kev.

The ST-1 Treatment is basically a permanent application of the Nano Lube that makes Slipstream Oil and Grease so good.  We treat your Bolt Carrier Group, Buffer and Spring, and Charging Handle.   The result is that your AR feels dramatically different.  Much much smoother.  It will even sound different.  Quieter.  A lot quieter.   Get the ST-1 treatment for your Production AR and it’s going to feel like a Custom AR.  Actually, it’s going to feel better than any other Customer AR I’ve felt.

Thanks to Huey for putting this up.  Seriously, thank you very much.  This is out of your pocket, all on your own time and you didn’t have to do this.  Thank you.


  1. GunDoc's Gravatar GunDoc

    We are actually donating the ST-1 as the prize and are happy to do so.

    • 06/12/2011    

      Right on! I like that. Kev’s rifle is going to feel like a fullhouse custom gun very soon. You know what? I envy him… that firt time Slipstream experience… His eyes are going go wide and he’s going to say “Whoa!” When he realizes just how awesome this stuff is. That’s fun.

    • Huey's Gravatar Huey

      Seriously? I was going to send the payment in today but you guys are willing to do that? Awesome….

      Just for that I am going to go back and draw another name tonight, and that person gets a free oil/lube kit ….and I insist on paying this one myself!

      You guys rock!

  2. Kevin Delaney's Gravatar Kevin Delaney

    You guys are awesome! Hell, perhaps Pete and I can do an Unboxing/My first impression video. Of couse my face and voice would have to be obscured to protect the guilty!!!! lol Thanks again!!

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