This is why – Right Here.

We put a lot of effort into Slipstream, for not a lot of reward.  But this right here… this is why:

Hi, I was one of the recon marines who was lucky enough to get a couple bottles of your slipstream weapon lube in Afghanistan this spring. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for sending it out there for us. We really appreciated the support, and the fact that it worked a couple thousand times better than CLP was awesome too! I know for a fact that I put 200 rounds through a dirty M4 in about a minute on full auto and didn’t foul once. Thank you.
-Cpl. Heagy

No, Thank You…. For your Service and your Sacrifices for our Nation… thank you very much.  God be with you, and not those heathen bastards you much smite.

9 thoughts on “This is why – Right Here.”

  1. …now if only a gun rag would do a serious write-up on the stuff the lemmings that read that stuff would clean Crusader out of every bottle they have, and once they found out that the stuff actually works better than anything that they ever used before then that would be all she wrote. One day Crusader will get their due and I for one am paitently waiting for the big news of their success.

  2. Lets talk Slip Stream; I’m a very simple guy. I wipe down my dirty gun (clean bbl also) and put on a very light coating of tw25b and all is good. I also gave my son, who is over there (Army) the tw25b quick wipes, just in case.
    I would like to try your product (always looking for a better mouse trap, ya-know) but do not want to buy two or three different bottles of stuff thereby increasing the cleaning process. Also, I like the (stay put) qualities of a light grease.
    Got anything that I would be interested in?

    1. Just a wipe down… that can be done with any oil or cloth. I like MPRO-7 for that. Slipstream is designed for the internals.

  3. That one from the batch I was involved in?
    By location and time period I’m guessing yes…
    Warms my heart.

  4. 200 rds. in a minute?
    That’s just shy of 6 mag changes while under fire.
    Cpl. Heagy, you have my deepest thanks and undying admiration.

  5. My bad; When I said wipe down, I meant internals, like rails, locking lugs, bushing and once and a while I break it down and clean and re-lube the hammer, sear and such. I don’t spend nearly as much time scrubbing as I use to.
    I’m strictly Rig Rag for the outside of the gun.

    I guess my questions are, does Slip Stream have the property’s of oil or a light grease? Can I buy one “do it all” bottle or do I need a per-conditioner, then an every time you clean and lube your gun bottle?

    Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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