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Four interesting guns, as discussed on AAR.

Fast gun segment on Armed American Radio.   I picked 4 of the more interesting Concealed Carry Gun Options.
Ruger LC9S, a Striker fired version of the LC9 we are all familiar with.  Much better trigger pull – to the point it means this slim ccw gun becomes a very serious option.   Even for me.
Ruger has another really good CCW option, the LCRx.  This is like the now familiar LCR revolver, but this one has a standard style exposed hammer, which means you can thumb-cock the action for a more accurate shot. I like that.  At only 13.5 ounces, you might think they are snappy – but with that nice rubber grip, it’s a pussycat to shoot.
Springfield XDS 4.0   This is the same gun as the XDS we all know and love, but with a longer 4 inch barrel.  A little better velocity because of that longer barrel, but the big advantage is the longer sight radius which makes it easier to shoot more accurately with.
Browning 1911 .380.  This gun was just recently announced.  It’s the 1911 .22 that’s been out for awhile, but rechambered for .380 auto.  What they did was they took a 1911 and scaled it down to only 85% size.  So it looks and functions just like the classic JMB design, but small.  Taking a gun that’s just too cool, and making it a viable defensive options.  Especially if you have tiny hands. Or you just want something different.  Probably wont be available until March of 2015, but that’s just a guess.  I’ll be looking for this at SHOT SHOW right off the bat.

Ruger’s new LC9s.

Ruger is rolling out a new version of the LC9, the “LC9s”.


The “S” of course, means “Striker”.  It is said that this has a very good trigger pull.   If that’s the case, and it really does have a good trigger pull… well then.  That changes things in regards to my opinion of the LC9.  The S model would then be a pistol well worth considering.    Let me tell you why.

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My Top 3 Interesting Handguns

I’ve a rather short list of handguns that are of interest to me, at the moment.  Perhaps the fascination will pass on these, but the Want Factor has been quite high all year so far.

1.  The Walther PPQ M2 5″.
The P99 I reviewed for Concealed Carry Magazine really impressed me, overall. But a couple things that irritated me to one degree or another on the P99 was removed or fixed in the PPQ.  Namely the mag release and the decocker button on the top of the slide.  The PPQ retains everything good about the P99, just cleaned up.  Like a Subaru WRX without the Spoiler and Hood Nostril.  Talking to some other guys about the PPQ, such as Jon Hodoway from Nighthawk Custom Training… it’s quietly becoming a favorite in the class of Polyframed Striker Fired pistols.

2.  The SIG M11-A1.
This is basically a reintroduction of the  very excellent SIG P228… Which is what SIG is now calling the 229… but the 229 has rails.  Don’t try to figure it out – it’s SIG and they just do things like that.  But it takes nothing away from the M11A1… Which is an excellent pistol and one that’s been on my mind more and more lately.  Slightly shorter than the full sized 226, the M11A1 comes home to that “Just Right” size for me.  For EDC work both Open or Concealed, this gun can get it done.  And has been getting it done under the 228 tag for a long time.  I had a 228 that I used as a backup gun for some time and it was quiet excellent.  I did have some problems with the trigger return spring, but that was an easy fix and it never troubled me again.  I miss that gun.  This is it’s resurrection.

3.  The Ruger Super Blackhawk, 4 5/8″, .44 Magnum.
Nothing quite says “You’re Doomed” like thumbcocking back the hammer on an accurate and powerful single action revolver.  I’m more fond of the western style revolvers than I am the more “modern” double action types.  There’s something about the classic heritage of the breed that is both fascinating and just… I don’t know how to say it… “The way it should be”.  Especially when dealing with full potency magnum loads.  The only thing I’d do to this gun would be to get a Gold Bead front sight put in.  That’s it.  The reason I picked this over the Vaquero… the sights… the magnum frame… and a grip that fits my hand better.  The Vaquero felt too small to me.  Nice, but too small.  That and with the Blackhawks I can really place my shots.  For me, that’s a requirement with a gun with only a few rounds in it.  The shorter barrel looks properly handsome as well.    If I was in a rural area again where Open Carry didn’t even cause folks to look twice – That’s what I’d be packing most of the time I think.  (Along with a Truck Gun in the same caliber… Such as a Rossi 92 20″)

Dear Ruger

Hi, its me again.
Look, I know we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things… But I’m trying to like your Gunsight Scout rifle.  Can you do me a little favor? 
Can you make it take FAL or M-14 mags?  Either one.  Thanks.  Yeah, because your proprietary 10 round mag kinda sucks. A lot. 
And while you are at that… Make a semi auto .22 Mag pistol with a crazy high capacity.  Based on your SR9 should be great.


New Gun Opinions

We got in the Ruger SR22 and the new TC Dimension.

First the Ruger.  Of the small .22LR tactical pistols… SIG Mosquito and Walther P22 are the most common of these… I think the Ruger is the best one made so far.  Very good machining and good polymer. It doesn’t feel cheap.  Fixed barrel, so it has great accuracy potential.  I like it, if I am honest.  But it does have a really crappy trigger… hopefully the trigger smooths out with use.  If it did, the gun would really shine.  Ruger needs to clean up the toggle-like triggers and make a version that has an extended threaded barrel with target sights.  So, yeah, I think it’s worth buying.  If you look at one in the store – ask the Clerk to put on the Large Grip.  Feels great in the hand with the bigger grip on it.  (and my hands are not huge… really kinda average. My glove size is just “Large”)

TC’s new Bolt Action Switch Barrel.  Clever idea… futuristic styling… interesting way they do the barrel swap with an included torque wrench system that makes the barrel swapping consistent… adjustable length of pull with the stock spacers… overall, someone did their homework coming up with this one.
But I hate it.  I don’t actually like anything about this gun and I would be money this gun is going to be a huge commercial flop and TC should stick with making Encores with new names.  I think this new gun looks like a SciFi Channel prop and feels like something made by NERF.  I hate that rifle.  Fortunately TC is making a solid rifle in the VENTURE series if you want a TC Bolt Action… great price for the performance value and you can’t go wrong with it.   For 450 bucks you can get a whole new rifle… verses 300 for just a new barrel.  Come on.  Metal Tube, or a whole new rifle in that new caliber you want.  I understand every penny counts, but really?  Unless you are a wildcatter and are coming up with new stuff to test – and you don’t want an Encore for some reason… Well, then maybe this new Dimension is for you.

Suggestion for Ruger

Your new .22 Pistol will sell very well.

But what would do better… would be to make it in .22 Magnum.  People keep asking for the KT PMR-30… and KT can’t deliver the volume.

Make your SR-22 pistol an SRM-22, in .22 Magnum with night sights and a real high capacity magazine… and you would have a ferocious Home Run Hit on your hands.

Ruger’s New Guns.

Ruger has announced a couple new guns.  Let’s take a look at them.

The new “All American Rifle”.  Link Here.  I don’t have anything good to say about this one.  Congratulations Ruger, you just made a Savage Axis.  Bravo.  But 10 bucks says the Savage has the better barrel.  Hopefully the stock is more rigid… more like TC Venture.  Hopefully it wont get a Recall like the TC Venture either.

The new SR-22 .22LR Pistol.  Link Here.   If it’s one thing Ruger has always done well, it’s making .22 Rimfires.  Rifles and Pistols.  Now, while this pistol looks a lot like a Walther P22 and Ruger has made an industry out of other people’s designs… (Just like the Soviets!) this SR-22 is a apparently, shockingly, a new design.  Given Ruger’s Rimfire history, I’d expect this pistol to be a good one.  Iffy trigger, but otherwise it should be solid, it will also probably have a reasonable retail price so it is one I’m looking forward to seeing.  Considering all the other Tactical .22 Pistols out there… The Walther P22, SIG’s Mosquito, and others… This will be a welcome new seat at the table.  Because right now, the Ruger Mk III pistols, Browning Buckmarks, Beretta NEOS pistols and the new ATI-GSG and SIG 1911 .22’s are the only Semi-Auto .22lr pistols worth buying.  That’s a thin selection.  I wish Ruger all the best with this one.

Oh come on, Ruger!

Got a shipment of Rugers in today.  Opened the box for a little SP-101.  I took it out of the bag and picked a target and took aim.  And then I noticed something.  The front sight was orange.

What?  Covered completely in nasty rust.  Come on Ruger!  What the hell?  I’ve seen more and more problems coming from Ruger.