Ruger’s new American Pistol

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There’s a lot to be said about the new Ruger American Pistol.   But let me start out by saying that it’s a great shooter.  It’s a great looking gun too.  Out of the box, it’s been 100% reliable.  First shots with it – were exactly where I wanted the bullets to go.  The trigger is great, and easily one of the best in the business.  It’s up there with Walther PPQ and HK VP9.

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The internal machining of the new Ruger shows that’s up there with SIG and FNH in terms of quality.  That says a lot.    Every part is done exceptionally well.

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The feel of just the polymer frame is excellent.  It doesn’t feel chinsy and hollow like say, a SIG 320 does.  It feels like it’s quality.  Because it really is.    20151228_122108 (2)

The American Pistol departs from the normal “Like a Glock” pattern. This is a whole new mechanical system here, and the proof is in the feel of the trigger… Which is excellent.  20151228_122144

I like how they beveled the leading edges of the frame rails.  Which makes assembly easier than most autos.   The rails are also much longer than normal Poly-Strikers, and they are polished.  Thus giving the Ruger American Pistol a very smooth action.20151228_122206 (1)

Another nice thing about the Ruger American Pistol is that the steel sub-frame is machined out of one solid piece of steel.   Giving the whole pistol a much more solid feel than other gun of this type.20151228_122215 (1)

And dare I say it?  It’s one hell of a good looking pistol too.    The lines, the proportions… it looks “right” and it feels just as good too.  20151228_122223 (1)

The sights are standard Novaks, so finding and installing aftermarket sights should not be a problem.  It you like Novak 3 Dot sights – you are in luck.  If you like something different – the options are vast.  20151228_122230 (1)

Take down and such is just like a S&W M&P or a SIG P320… Lock it back, push the lever down, pull the slide off the front.
Ruger has said that these pistols will not replace the SR series of pistols.  But let’s be real – it will.  Because to buy an SR pistol, you will have to look at this gun and say “No, I don’t want that”.  Which is a statement you will not hear very often or ever.

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Interchangeable backstraps are included with the gun.  It comes with the Medium size installed, and you can opt for the Small or Large as you wish.  The Medium size though, feels small as it is.  20151228_122244 (1)

Ambi Slide lock lever and Mag Release.  Works perfectly from either side.  I love the angles on the gun.  It looks fantastic.  This is the best looking new gun to come out since the HK VP9 and M&P…. Both of those are sexy looking pistols too.  But I really like the looks of this new Ruger.20151228_122250 (2)

Ruger has said that they have no interest in a Military Contract. And have in the past refused to even participate. Ruger looks to have changed their minds on that.  In fact, they have mentioned the military requirements in the development of this pistol.    And having shot this gun and the other possible contenders – Ruger actually has a dang good shot at a Military Contract for this gun.  As well as contracts for LE Agencies across the globe.

Well done, Ruger.  Well done indeed.  I’ll be buying one soon enough.  Speaking of buying them.  They should be available for ordering as of Jan 1st from your local dealers.  Initial supply is very limited, so patience will be required for some time.  MSRP is 575, which means this should hit the streets at about 500.  It’s easily on par with everything else on the market at that price – and better than most.
Ruger, you’ve come a long way, Baby.  You have arrived.
Now make a Compact version for me.

32 thoughts on “Ruger’s new American Pistol”

    1. Yeah… it happens. I’m getting used to it. Most of the images of the pistol out there are mine at the moment.

  1. Well I’m glad they haven’t flubbed it. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder though 😉

  2. Nice review of a good looking new pistol. Much appreciated, George. I’m with you on the idea of a compact version.

    Also, I think its interesting that the first releases are 9mm and .45 ACP but no .40 S&W. Perhaps a harbinger of things to come?

    1. I think so. .40 is no longer the LEO Darling , and that was it’s biggest following. It’s fading fast.

  3. It seems like a very well made pistol in all regards, but it looks like the trigger pull is about a millimeter long. I just can’t help but imagine a bunch of cops giving themselves a racing stripe down the leg with one.

  4. The gun is beautiful (and I don’t often say that about semi autos).

    I feel a little conflicted, is the old adage of “avoid Ruger autos” no longer true or relevant?

    Have they really cone that far?

    I never really gave Ruger much attention, but between this and the match champion, they are starting to become pretty innovative it seems.

    1. I think they have. I really do. I have no dog in the Ruger fight… I don’t even sell guns anymore. I sell Gun Stores. So if Ruger sinks or swims – it’s no skin off my nose. That being said – I really do think Ruger is a totally different company these days. It all started when Ruger put out their AR-15 and it was pretty damn decent. Since that time – Ruger has been doing things right. And the American Pistol is – it really is – the best semi-auto pistol they have ever made.
      I like it better than most auto pistols. Certainly better than the SIG 320, S&W M&P, XD pistols, and Glocks.

        1. The P07 is a fantastic handgun by all means. But it’s hammer fired system put it in a different class in my opinion. Hammer fired gun just have to be compared to other hammers. Strikers to strikers.
          But if I was going to judge the two together – I’ll always go hammered because I’m biased that way.

  5. That looks like a nice gun. Too bad I live in California. No microstamping means the Ruger American pistol won’t be allowed out here. Maybe if they called it the Ruger Mexican and brought them in illegally. Wonder if the state would buy ammo for me if I did.

    1. Have any brands caved in to the CA microengraving law? I wat to know who to boycott.

      Ruger and S&W refuse to sell in CA over this stupidity.

      1. Not that I am aware of.

        Note though, that Ruger and S&W still sell to CA. We have a roster of which guns can be sold, once you’re on the list I believe you’re on for 5 years (assuming you pay the state the annual fee). I don’t know of any semi-autos that have been added since that passed (which would need the microstamping crap), but I don’t think either Ruger or S&W have had anything drop off yet. Other’n S&W who voluntarily pulled the M&P line (with the exception of the Shield pistols) without giving anyone in CA a heads-up. I was saving up for a M&P 45, had the money and went into the store – the guy told me that just a few days earlier they found out they couldn’t sell it anymore. He had one in the back (on it’s way back), but he couldn’t sell it to me. No one had any clue until the CA DOJ started telling them it wasn’t on the list. I’m still a little ticked about that. And I’m still looking for a decent polymer .45.

        1. Car gun, truck gun…. basically for everything other than concealed carry.
          Not everything needs to be CCW oriented.

    1. I carry a full sized M&P during colder months. A larger pistol just needs a bit more clothes.

      For years I carried an LAR Grizzly IWB with a sweater over it.

  6. Looked it over, fired it, and nothing about it impresses me. IMO another Ruger flop; it’ll never see a police holster.

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      a particular tendency, trend, inclination, feeling, or opinion, especially one that is preconceived or unreasoned.
      Or see comment above…

      1. Not really its called an “opinion”. Once freely given in the US without fear. Not any more apparently.

        1. I had to chuckle at “Flop”. Let’s see, S&W is the #1 Gun Maker in the US… #2 is Ruger, but Ruger has at times, taken the lead from S&W.

          What Ruger has never really had though was a Service Grade Duty Auto. Well, they have that now. Calling it a flop before the dealers even get it though – That would normally be something I myself my say. But I’m saying the opposite this time.

          1. This chunky unergonomic pistol is on the shelves. I’d expect a gun store employee to know that. I agree, it is a flop. Ruger copied the P3AT as well.

            1. Well, Willy… and by the way, thanks for throwing in that personal attack… This gun store employee is the Director of Marketing for 2 gun stores and ranges… I worked my way up to this position by knowing what I am talking about. I find that the Ruger American Pistol is not chunky and it’s very ergonomic. You see, unlike yourself, I get my information from first hand – in my hands – and I don’t let the internet form my opinions for me.
              As far as the P3AT goes – Maybe Ruger did copy it. But they also improved it a whole hell of a lot. I don’t think I’d pack a P3AT. But I’d have no problem packing a Ruger. Oh, and you forgot about the LC9. I just wish Ruger would copy and improved the PMR-30!

  7. Be interesting to watch though with the Turkish Canik Hi cap 9’s around, that this gun look VERY like. Ruger never copies anybody else’s design though…. The world is awash in hi cap 9mm…seems to me like market saturation unless they can pull down some big LE contracts.

  8. I bought the Ruger American Pistol in 9mm and love it. Shoots very well and carries well in the outstanding Blade Tech holster. Does not feel heavy and I use it for my CCW piece, carry it all day every day. Like it better than my Glock 19. Shoot one before you judge it too harshly. Great pistol

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