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Dear Newt

You’ve done well early on, came out of know where to take a front runner seat, and then you have turned into a biter, hateful, slobbering troll.  Your new campaign against Romney is not doing him much damage right now… but it’s crushed you.  Newt, you are a horrible person and have become ultimately unelectable.  There is no way in hell that you are going to win the Presidency.  And it’s extremely unlikely that you are going to win the nomination.  In fact, I dare say that you are about neck in neck with your chances as are Rick Perry and Herman Cain.

But here’s the problem Newt.  You have said that if you lose, you will throw your support to Mitt.  Yet this attack campaign you’ve created, helped fund and support… isn’t going to effect your adversary, Mitt Romney, in the primaries. But it’s going to haunt him in the General Election.  What you are doing, Newt, is aiding and abetting Obama.  This makes me suspicious as your attacks on Mitt are coming from a direction of Socialism and Anti-Capitalism.  What you are doing is placing a Wedge between who is likely to become the GOP Candidate who is going to be going head to head against Obama… and Centrist, undecided, and swing voters who are key to winning the General Election.

Newt… Knock it off.  Pull the campaign and drop out gracefully.  Your continued efforts now only serve strengthen Obama.

Thank you.

PS.  You are an asshole.

The GOP Front Runners

I have been asked which of the top three GOP frontrunners I favor.  Hmmm… This is kinda like asking “Which gun would you rather shoot yourself in the leg with?”

Herman Cain:  Looks pretty good, sounds pretty good, and I was even fond of his Pizza chain.  I like a good deal of what he’s talking about and agree with a lot. However, his 999 Tax Plan leaves me feeling rather uneasy. The more I learn about Cain, the more I like him.  He is not the slick, seasoned politician like the others… and to me, that’s a plus.  He says what he thinks, not what he thinks you want to hear.  He is the most genuine of the bunch and he is freaking out the Leftistas.  Janeane Garofalo says that if you support Cain, then you are a Racist.  Unlike supporting Obama, which isn’t, but opposing Obama is.  Thank heavens Madama Garafalo keeps this straight for us… Sheesh.  I get the feeling that the Liberal Democrats are the only ones who are actually Racist.  They are the ones that keep bringing it up.  Race has nothing to do for it.  I vote for ideas, for vision, for leadership.  Color has nothing to do with it.

Rick Perry:  At first, I really liked Rick.  Pro Gun… packed a gun and killed a Coyote with it while he was jogging.  Nicely done! But then like that hot girl with the long black hair you dated in College, the more you learned about her, the less you liked her.  It got to the point with Rick that I flat out don’t like him anymore at all and I don’t trust him.  If Rick gets the Nomination… it would be a very sad day.  The more he talks, the more he turns me and others off.  I don’t think he’s electable.  His statements come off as being ill-suited for a President.  He has a lot of bad history behind him and I think a Rick Perry nomination will mean a second term for Obama.  Perry is at best a “Blue Dog Democrat” with an “R” by his name.

Mitt Romney:  Talk about a guy with Baggage.  His Romney Care is one.  Being Mormon is another.  Both are huge issues.  One is justified.  Romney Care is going to continue to be a problem for him no matter what happens.  But “The Black Spot” for Mitt is his membership in the LDS Church… He’s offended many Mormons by trying to distance himself from the faith.  Then there are those that simply hate Mormons out of sheer bigotry – which shouldn’t be given any airtime, but the media loves it because it prevents the GOP from solidifying Romney as a Candidate.  Then Rick Perry’s man goes and bashes Mormons and Rick supports him?  Far from Presidential stuff, Rick.  Freedom of Religion?  His faith shouldn’t be anyone’s business. Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee, The Maverick McCain’s Mom… all Rabid Anti-Mormons… and never mind all the minions of hate that will do nothing but continue to attack Mitt and the Mormons from all sides.  It would be great if Mitt wasn’t Mormon!  I’d rather not have to talk about it!  I don’t need the negative attention on my Faith.  Because, yes, it is Negative.  Maybe I’m a little sensitive, but Mine is the only Religion in the USA that was under a Death Order from a State’s Governor.  Id rather us keep a lower profile.  Then there is the fact that Mitt is just a straight up Dillweed.  I don’t like him.  Not as a person, not as a candidate.  But there is a good point. The upshot to Mitt is that his Financial Experiences is there and it would be truly helpful to the nation at this time.  Romney’s skills in debate have become very sharp and he’s doing very well… he looks, sounds, and acts like Presidential Material.

When it comes to picking the Right Man for the Job – and not just a Candidate – it is down to Cain or Romney now. Other possibles have backed out and losing steam.  Cain or Romney would be a good choice.  It’s a coin toss at this time, but if I had to pick one right now, at this very moment… I’m going to have to hold my nose and give the nod to Romney. Haters are going to hate and it’s about hiring the man that can do the job, not picking someone that the Wacko Liberal Left is going to hate the least.

It’s about the Economy

The National Debt is now equal to the National Economy.
This news is more disappointing than it is surprising.  We’ve seen this coming from a mile away.  We’ve seen the spending like the proverbial “Drunken Sailor”.   But this is an insult to Drunken Sailors.  Congress is much worse, because I know several drunken sailors and when they get really hammered, they wake up the next morning with a new tattoo and an empty wallet, but their partying never put me and my family in debt.  Sure, I did have to post bail once for one particular guy, but I got that money back… and I didn’t have to cover his bar tab.

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