8 thoughts on “Character. Romney has it.”

      1. No, I expect he’s saving it for later in the race. He’ll probably have some puppet group bring it up, so he can claim he was not bragging.

        It’s political maneuvering, not character.

        1. I disagree.. Who’s bringing it up are Bloggers. This has been out for a few days only just recently did it pop up on KSL. Romney had nothing to do with it. Don’t be a Hater.

          1. “Don’t be a Hater.”

            You mean like people who hate on Gingrich and still believe and spread the lies told about his ‘character’?
            Like that?

          2. Romney’s campain created the ad. In 2007. The fact that someone picked up on it and is re-playing it, does not change the fact that it’s an ad he created, to brag about his exploits.

            He doesn’t “not brag about it,” because that’s precisely what he did, back in 2007.

  1. The thing is while I don’t like Romney’s politics particularly, his character is by comparison 100% better than Obama’s and for that matter a whole lot better than McCain’s. I don’t feel that I’ll have to hold my nose as much as I did when I voted for McCain.
    Sen. Rubio said in a speech that whoever runs against Obama is going to be publicly eviscerated by negative adds. I might also add there will be a number of false flag strikes also. A Romney, a Santorum, or a Gingrich with a majority of conservatives in both chambers is going to a whole lot better than a conservative majority and the Obama administration with its corrupt bureuracy. The war against parasitism is never won. It will be fought by generations to come.

  2. Character? Sure. He’s got plenty of it.
    Charisma? I heard his speech he made at CPAC. *Yawn*
    Political history? Nope.

    I think he’s make a fantastic Amber Alert coordinator.

    President? Disaster. He will spend as much or more than Pres. Obama.

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