Obama needs a new job.

President Obama must be voted out of office.  Our nation is very much on a knife’s edge.  The only person that is going to get him out of office is Mitt Romney.

Please cast your vote for who can get rid of this fool of a President.

43 thoughts on “Obama needs a new job.”

  1. Don’t forget to pitch out some worthless senators and representatives, too.
    The Apologizer-in-Chief is an embarrassment, true, but the biggest problem lies in the good ‘ol boy capital building.

  2. Sorry, I cannot in good conscience throw my vote away on Mitt Obamney. That’s the equivalent of just re-electing Obama, since he’s utterly identical to Obama in every single measurable way.

    1. This is where you are so wrong my friend. Romney does not Equal Obama… yet people keep telling themselves that. It’s foolish to think so. They are drastically different on a great many important issues.
      Obama has been a disaster for this nation. We have to get him OUT. So many people believe themselves to be Patriots, but would cast their vote into the wind “To Send A Message” and allow this Jackhole to remain in office?

      I’ve spoken of Third Parties before… Vote them into the other offices where they have a chance of building the foundation needed for the Executive Office. In the mean time – We have two options for President. Mitt or Barack. You are picking one, one way or another.

      1. Folks keep saying that they are different. I haven’t seen any evidence presented to support that. Both have been in executive positions, and both have done the same things. I mean, we have Romneycare/Obamacare as the most-obvious similarity. Romney claims that not only was the auto bailout a good idea, but that it was actually his idea, and Obama just copied it. Both support the same types and levels of taxation. Both support the same anti-gun agenda. Both support the same “stimulus” nonsense. I cannot find any practical difference between the two.

        I see no benefit to replacing Barack Obamney with Mitt Obamney. That’s a waste of my vote, and won’t change the course this country is on. They each represent exactly the same sort of disaster. The question of whether this country would stay on this course or change was decided in the primary process. No choice at all is actually being presented during the election.

        There were two men in the race who were actual Americans – who actually earned a chance to sit in the big chair. One of them is still in the race, and he’ll be getting my vote. Enough votes for Johnson to let the other parties do the math and realize that whomever wins the liberty vote, wins enough additional voters to with the election… that sends a real message. It sends a far better message than, “we’ll elect Judas himself, as long as it’s hinted that the other party’s Judas is somehow worse, even though both have the same thirty pieces of silver.”

        1. No difference Flint? How about the disdain for what this country used to stand for? How about our winner of a First Lady. Even if run by the same puppetmaster the level of hatred for things American in the White House would collapse. By the way, Flint, I do agree that we are rarely “allowed” to vote for a truly different candidate.

          1. I love how Michelle Obama always looks like she’s “Bout to Cut a Bitch” in her photos. She’s the Angriest Blackwoman I’ve ever seen… Yet the media paints her as elegant and beautiful. In truth, she is mean and nasty. This isn’t color… this projected by her facial expressions. She looks constantly pissed off about something. This is our Nation’s First Lady? Sheesh!

          2. Sorry, but I’m far more worried about what he does than what he says. What he does, is show disdain for America. His talk is just talk, like some drunk wife-beater who tells her that he’s only beating her because he loves her so much. He’s anti-American to the core, just like Obama.

        2. One thing people seem to forget about Mitt’s “Romneycare” is that it was a STATE level program. NOTHING is wrong with that. THAT is the reason to have states and federal government.

          I have NEVER once heard or seen Mitt say that it would have been a good FEDERAL program. It was designed for HIS state and (according to him) it worked there.

          Mitt says that he is for state’s rights. He has said that repeatedly. Of course it is all talk until he is afforded the time to prove it.

          1. No, that’s not acceptable, even at a State level. And it’s a dismal failure. We have lots of folks moving across the border because of it (even if only on paper).

          2. And no, he didn’t just sign what the legislature presented him. It’s called “Romneycare” because it was his baby. He designed it, and fought tooth-and-nail to get it passed.

  3. Whether or not Romney is equal to Obama I won’t give my vote to him. By giving my vote for a candidate I am giving my endorsement and in no way do I wish to give that to Mr. Romney. You can argue sides and parties all you like, but for me it comes down to a matter of principle. My vote is sacred and cannot be bought just because an odious candidate is not quite as bad as the alternative. That is my choice.

  4. Then in his second term he will take it from you bmg215. Your choice is to do nothing and allow evil to win. So be it no complaints will be allowed next year.

    1. Evil wins, if either Mitt Obamney or Barack Obamney is elected.

      At very least, evil won’t have my vote.

      1. You say that is if there is even a slight possibility that someone else could.
        It’s not.
        And I really don’t think Romney is “Evil”. I think he’s a good guy. I might not agree with everything he does, but I think he’s a solid choice for the job. In fact, the more I learn about him, the more I like him.

        1. If we’re guaranteed evil, then there’s no reason to waste a vote on the subject.

          If someone comes up to me and says, “I’m going to stab you in the gut, but you get to choose if I hold the knife in my right hand or my left hand,” I’m not going to respond to his question. I’m going to shoot, cut, kick, punch, spit on him, or whatever else I can manage to fight back. I’m not going to say, “by all means, stab me right-handed.”

          If he’s going to let me choose between the gut and the arm, maybe there’s a reason to answer him, but there’s not that level of difference between these two.

          And, being just north of Mass, we dealt with and watched Romney’s nonsense for years. He’s a dedicated anti-gun, anti-freedom, big-government Masshole.

    2. Well, as I understand it the polls are looking pretty even right now. Better to keep my conscience clean and let God sort it out than to vote in someone who might be just as bad. And as much as people try to claim that not voting for Mitt is voting for Obama that’s simply not true. Math doesn’t work that way. Just adds a little more power to those who do vote two party.

      But Coelacanth is right, arguing with libertarians is pointless :P. That being said, there will be no complaints next year regardless of the outcome. I’m much more about moving forward than decrying the past.

  5. Arguing with libertarians is a pointless exercise. They occupy the moral high ground in their own minds and will happily stand and argue with anyone who will listen while the ship of state slips beneath the waves. The will not sully themselves by voting for “the lesser of two evils” as they are so fond of putting it. No, its far better to stand aloof and cast your sacred vote in “good conscience” all the while entertaining peurile fantasies that ignore the basic realities of electoral politics.

    I know this because I was a libertarian for ten years. I was active in local and state organizations ( such as they were ), went to and participated in conventions and walked door to door for candidates I believed in. Being a libertarian is a lot like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer – the only reason to do it is because it feels so good when you stop.

    The national libertarian party is a joke and most of the state party organizations are an even worse joke. There are maybe three or four state parties that are even worthy of the name and in most states you can count on one hand the number of libertarians that have ever been elected to a state office.

    I like Gary Johnson. He’s likeable and possessed of an uncommon amount of good sense but his chances of being elected president are mathematically indistinguishable from zero. The chance of the libertarians or any other third party forcing a change in the current political landscape is similarly unlikely.

    I wouldn’t vote for John McCain for dog catcher. I’ve met the man and just plain don’t like him. Nonehteless, I would have crawled over broken glass to cast my vote for him four years ago because any fool could see what was coming if BHO was elected. I don’t know Gov. Romney – never met the man. I would likewise crawl over broken glass to cast my vote for him because any fool can see what four more years of this present madness will bring. If you doubt it, imagine what the Supreme Court will look like at the end of BHO’s second term. Game over.

    1. It will look no different than at the end of Romney’s term. Because he and Obama are identical, and have identical beliefs and agendas.

      Personally, I cannot stand the LP, but they actually put up someone decent, this time, and they deserve the credit.

        1. I’m waiting for anyone to demonstrate an actual difference between the two. The challenge has stood for months, and no one’s taken it up. If you do a web search for the similarities, you’ll find scores of articles with abundant citations. If you try to find differences, you get opinion pieces that lack any actual evidence.

  6. The only evil I see in this election is allowing the current administration to stay in power, that my friends would be evil. I’m voting for the man who will help improve our great country party affiliation not withstanding.

    1. The current administration will stay in power, regardless. All that will potentially change is the name on the door.

      1. Not hardly. We have the chance to tilt the balance of power in Congress back to the Conservative side. This means a great deal in the outcomes of future Legislation. Also, Supreme Court Justice Appointments. There could be 2 or term. Even 1 is a big deal at this point if it goes the other way.
        So this Election is more than just Mitt or Barack. There is a lot on the line here and too many people are TOO FUCKING SHALLOW to understand this. They only read headlines and Talking Points and are not grasping the reality. We’re in a country that has a huge population of idiots that get their information for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. A DAMN COMEDY SHOW!
        You guys that wont vote for Romney – Open Your Eyes, or GTFO. You might as well be voting for Obama. Sacred? Damn Right It Is! And you are going to throw it away on a 3rd Party?
        I’m sorry – but your a fucking idiot. Just don’t even come back to MadOgre.com. Just don’t. Or maybe… just maybe… Try to Look At The Big Picture and what’s at stake. You not voting for Romney – Obama LOVES THAT SHIT. You just MADE HIS DAY.

        1. There are certainly worthwhile races at the Congressional level. For example, the idiot (Kuster) who the Democrats nominated here in NH needs to not just lose, but lose badly, to send a message. Plenty to do at that level. But there’s no reason to waste a vote on with Obamney will get in – an Obamney wins, regardless.

          I mean, what difference will Romney’s Justices offer? Who appointed Roberts, who just gutted the Constitution in favor of Socialism? A “Conservative,” right? The most important thing that can be done on the Presidential election, is to send the messages that CINO’s won’t be tolerated. Romney’s a Liberal, and only even pretends to be a Republican because he’s from Massachusetts, where they think that Teddy Kennedy wasn’t quite Liberal enough.

          Obama nailed the election the minute Romney was nominated. He has no chance of actually beating Obama, and never did. Everyone who voted for someone other than Paul in the primaries… they gave the election to Obama. Why do you think the Liberal media did their best to kill Paul’s chances, but gave Romney all the air time he wanted? Because they wanted a match-up that ends with a socialist win.

          1. Paul couldnt get voted to carry the water bucket to put out a camp fire.
            Great home policy ideas… tainted with bat shit crazt that make people not want to touch him with a 10 foot pole.


  7. Don’t understand how people won’t vote for the lesser of 2 evils (not that I think Romney is) but have no problem carrying a gun.
    Isn’t shooting a VCA the lesser of 2 evils? I don’t want to shoot anyone, it’s a terrible thing to do. By doing so is I’m committing the lesser of 2 evils because not doing so and letting them harm innocents is worse.

    1. I don’t get it either, Steve. Freaking gives me a headache. Those guys wont listen to reason because it doesnt jive with their ignorant world view. They are playing into the hands of the Socialists.

      1. A) Romney is a Socialist. Only a Socialist would have come up with “Romneycare.”

        B) I’m happy to listen to reason. Reason involves evidence. I’ve yet to see any evidence to support the assertion that Romney is any better than Obama. All I see is emotional arguments.

        1. Yet, there is PLENTY of evidence showing that Obama is terrible for this country and deserves the boot. Voting “your conscience” will not give him his pink slip.

          You don’t want reason. You don’t want evidence. You want to justify fail.

    2. No, shooting someone who wants to do me serious harm is not the lesser of two evils. It’s not evil at all. It’s morally-neutral.

      Some nutcase tried to carjack me, and the minute he tried to draw a gun, he found out the hard way that he was not fast enough. I didn’t say, “wow! what fun! I got to defend myself.” But I also didn’t lose a minute’s sleep (other than the minimal amount of time I spent answering some questions from the cops, before they said they’d put my gun in the trunk of my car, handed me my keys, and walked me out the door. I feel no more nor less than I do about shooting a racoon that’s trying to get at my ducks, or setting out a mousetrap under the kitchen counter. It’s simply an event that happened, and not worthy of any moral label.

      “The lesser of two evils” is more like whether you’d perform a fatal medical experiment on a child if the results would let you save the lives of two or more other children. Will you stop those other children from dying, by killing one? Something evil happens, either way, but are you willing to be responsible for it?

  8. No matter wich way this election goes there is going to be tumoil the only solace I have is that all the stupid adds will be off my TV 🙂 very soon. Hug your kids Kiss your spouse and pray that better minds prevail soon .The precipice is here the tipping point reached all we are waiting for is the fallout so we can begin to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and begin again .

  9. I’m in KY, and Romney is a lock here…we always are one of the first states to go red, so I think Johnson is the best fit for me. Coelacanth’s comment about the Supreme Court absolutely sent a chill down my spine though…if I were in a state where it was remotely close I might sweat it a bit more.

  10. For those of you who still don’t get it: WE HAVE A TWO-PARTY SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT!!!

    In Europe and Canada, there are many parties at the table, and they form alliances among themselves, in order to create a majority. In the US, we have no such parties, and the smaller parties only serve to draw votes away from the larger ones. In effect, a vote for a side party is a vote against the main party that most closely shares the side party’s ideals.

    Why? Simple: In the US, we have two main ideologies – ‘Liberal,’ and ‘Conservative.’ They are mainly represented by the Democrat and Republican parties, respectively. Our nation is split down the middle, in regards to support for these two, competing, ideologies. When you vote Republican, you are voting for the conservative ideology – your vote counts. Voting for the Libertarian or Constitutionalist parties does nothing but rob the ‘conservatives’ of a vote in their favor – it might make you feel good inside, but it didn’t help anything to get accomplished.

    Let’s try a little math: 50% Romney and 50% Obama = 100% total. It’s a tie. But wait – 1% of the conservatives voted for Johnson! It is now 50% Obama 49% Romney 1% Johnson… Obama wins.

    I can understand that some guys don’t like Romney – I do, but fair enough. At the very least, we need a Republican to put in some decent SCOTUS justices – Scalia isn’t getting any younger… ‘Vote’ for the Supreme Court, if you won’t vote for the president.

    For all of you guys who really, really, really don’t get it, I hope this post helps clear up the confusion of why a side party vote is a vote for Obama.

  11. If O wins there is a very good chance there will not be another free election, think Chavez and presidents for life…

  12. Libertarian ideology will replace Conservative ideology as what controls the Republican party in the next 30 years or the party will be eclipsed by another. Our culture is moving away from approval of nosy busy bodies telling people how to live their personal life. Voting Libertarian does NOT necessarily mean Romney loses a vote, in fact polls NOW are showing that Johnson is drawing more Democrat votes from Obama in Nevada.

    1. As to your first and second points, you may well be correct. Time will tell. As to your third point, it makes no practical difference. In a two horse race ( and make no mistake – this IS a two horse race ) how you vote will help determine the winner. Not voting will help determine the winner. That is how our current system works. Whether you believe it or not, whether you like it or not, is simply not relevant to the discussion. Semantics is not logic and emotion is not reason. There is simply no room for error this time around.

  13. The culture is not moving away from anything, it is moving towards Big Brother and you can’t stop him with pure thoughts.

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