Dear Newt

You’ve done well early on, came out of know where to take a front runner seat, and then you have turned into a biter, hateful, slobbering troll.  Your new campaign against Romney is not doing him much damage right now… but it’s crushed you.  Newt, you are a horrible person and have become ultimately unelectable.  There is no way in hell that you are going to win the Presidency.  And it’s extremely unlikely that you are going to win the nomination.  In fact, I dare say that you are about neck in neck with your chances as are Rick Perry and Herman Cain.

But here’s the problem Newt.  You have said that if you lose, you will throw your support to Mitt.  Yet this attack campaign you’ve created, helped fund and support… isn’t going to effect your adversary, Mitt Romney, in the primaries. But it’s going to haunt him in the General Election.  What you are doing, Newt, is aiding and abetting Obama.  This makes me suspicious as your attacks on Mitt are coming from a direction of Socialism and Anti-Capitalism.  What you are doing is placing a Wedge between who is likely to become the GOP Candidate who is going to be going head to head against Obama… and Centrist, undecided, and swing voters who are key to winning the General Election.

Newt… Knock it off.  Pull the campaign and drop out gracefully.  Your continued efforts now only serve strengthen Obama.

Thank you.

PS.  You are an asshole.

15 thoughts on “Dear Newt”

  1. Calm down.

    Nominee candidate ALWAYS do this up to the nomination. Without exception.

    What is important is what he does after the nomination if he loses.

    If you are a Republican, you buck up, buttercup, and support the nominee.

    1. Yes, but Newt has taken up a notch to have helped create a Documentary Film to tear down Mitt.
      This makes it different… and this is going to last far past the Nomination Day. And this is why I find it very distasteful and consider it so damaging to the GOP’s efforts.

      1. I’ve seen some nastier stuff in the past on our side.

        I am way more concerned about behavior after the nominations are over.

        The possibility of Ron Paul starting a third party candidacy concerns me way more than this … that would be an epic fail that could actually give Obama a second term.

        I will support the Republican nominee, whether or not it is Newt, Mittens, or the Ronulans.

  2. I hate it when our choices are either strengthening Obama — or electing Obama-lite.

    Because — and let’s face it — Mitt Romney is just another Obama.

    Candidate Romney was enthusiastically for both the Brady Law and the Assault Weapons Ban in 1994.

    After that, Massachusetts didn’t have a permanent ban on “assault weapons” until Governor Romney signed one into law in 2004,

    “These guns are not made for recreation or self-defense,” said Governor Romney, “They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.”

    And let us not forget that ObamaCare is just RomneyCare on a national level.

    He may be the candidate for POTUS on the Republican side of the house, but I’m not thinking we’re going to see much difference between an Obama Presidency and a Romney presidency.

      1. Of course, Mittens can shoot his own foot without help.

        Getting an “endorsement” from McCain was just a beaut. The man who beat him at the 2008 nomination, but still lost to Obama?

  3. I’ve heard some democrats fretting about Newt raising these issues now…they think it’s their primary line of attack against him in the general election and hashing it out now will hurt Obama.
    All in how in ends up playing out I suppose.

    1. But, yeah, Newt is acting like a thwarted child.
      +1 on the Paul thing (my pick of all the candidates)…if he runs 3rd party I’m not even sure I’d vote for Romney. I’m SO flippin’ sick of compromise voting.

  4. Even Giuliani is telling Newt to back off.
    It’s been tough, but given the choice between Romney or Obama, I’ll hold my nose and vote for Mittens.
    On various Tea Party friendly/affiliated sites I’m seeing get out the votes for conservatives for the House an Senate actions being planned. This way who ever is President will face problems if they stray off like Obama has been doing. Example:
    Ogre for write in anything.

  5. Right the F**K on George!

    I was just thinking about a week ago how all these negative campaigns against Mitt will end up as sound bites in Obama campain commercials.

    Good call!

  6. wasn’t Newts Father bipolar affective disorder ? 50% inheritance rate, disinhibited behaviors are part of this disorder along with frequently poor judgement often brilliance and speaking without filters, seem like anyone we know? life would be a roller coaster ride with him on board of the presidency.

  7. I’ll stick to this one simple thought process, no matter how it may turn my stomach:

    Romney may indeed be as big a flip flopper as Kerry ever was. He’ll have to own that. Fine.

    I may(in fact I do) believe Ron Paul is the best candidate. Fine.

    What I do know is this: Obama CANNOT be allowed another SCOTUS justice appointment. Period.

    As far s politics go, that is the realist end game as of now. That 5-4 vote thing switches sides, we are FUCKED. Sorry ’bout the language..

  8. Here’s some nuggets for you to ponder.

    States can do nuts all what they want. Thats why its called the great experiement. And why states getting the chance to try something prior to a national level institution is a good thing for us. RomneyCare was a wild gamble, in a state that literally demanded it. I can’t hate on Romney for that as it was one of the bluest states in the US. Rolling it out nationally – bad juju.

    Ron Paul will not run 3rd Party. Why? Because currently he’s winning in Delegates. “But HARM how can that be!?!” Guess what – the Iowa Caucus is non-binding. Which means its up to the delegates to decide. Do you know how the delegates are chosen? After a caucus votes for President those who remain behind an hour or so later vote for who the delegates for that district will be. Ron Paul motivated his supporters to stay and get themselves elected as delegates. Which means he brilliantly came in 3rd in the Presidency Vote but won the delegate vote by as much as 80%. Genius political move that no one is watching. Now I don’t speak this to say he’s going to win the nominee, rather Ron Paul is a politician and will parlay his support to the nominee in exchange for some level of power. I.e. RNC Chair or some other political gatekeeper role to push his agenda. Ballsy Move Mr Paul. Ballsy.

    Finally there is some credence to NewtNasty running that agenda up the flagpole, especially as Obama doesn’t have any campaigning going on right now to speak of. This puts the info out there and makes it old news by the time general election rolls out. Its not a great thing, but its one way of looking at it that it might not be as big an issue as it otherwise could be. Of course the MSM could always try and make it a bigger issue. IDK.

    Finally I’m with Norseman – SCOTUS must stay 5-4, hell 6-3 would be better.

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