It’s about the Economy

The National Debt is now equal to the National Economy.
This news is more disappointing than it is surprising.  We’ve seen this coming from a mile away.  We’ve seen the spending like the proverbial “Drunken Sailor”.   But this is an insult to Drunken Sailors.  Congress is much worse, because I know several drunken sailors and when they get really hammered, they wake up the next morning with a new tattoo and an empty wallet, but their partying never put me and my family in debt.  Sure, I did have to post bail once for one particular guy, but I got that money back… and I didn’t have to cover his bar tab.

Every elected official in Washington needs to know that the American People are tired of covering their bar tab.   We have these Politicians running around on our dime.  Military flights for Congressmen?  Look, I have no problem with one of these guys hitching a ride on a MAC flight that was already scheduled with a military airlift mission.   But to charter a private flight, I don’t care about the size of the aircraft.  That’s no right.  Elected officials other than the President and the Vice President should fly on normal Commercial flights.  And none of that booking all the seats in first class.  They need to fly commercial, Business Class.  Maybe the person sitting next to them can talk some business sense into them.  I can see the need for the President to have his own plane.  The Vice can charter an Air Force flight for his needs.  But the Speaker of the House?  No way, I dont care who they are or what party they are.  They need to fly commercial.  Stand in the security lines like everyone else.   This needs to be policy to show them that they are no better, no more important than the rest of us.
The biggest problem that they have is the sense of elitism that congress fosters in everyone that spends too much time in D.C.  This American Royalty treatment has to end.  I know celebrities that don’t expect to be treated like they are special.  They expect to be treated like anyone else.  Now, not all of Congress are not acting like Princes and Princesses.
I remember not too long ago in a Salt Lake City fast food establishment, a Carl’s Jr, a certain member of Congress enjoying a big juicy burger.  He paid cash for it and sat down and ate it at the table near mine.  Just like anyone else in the place.  Because out of everyone there in the hole joint, I was the only one to recognize him as a Congressman.  Some Congressmen would only make an appearance in such a place if there was a specific reason, if there was news cameras there… to make a show of eating like a commoner.   I remember one particular Congressman who tried to make a show of this sort… and ended up showing that he didn’t know how to eat a Steak and Cheese, because he had in fact never had one before.  So much for being a man of the people.
Now here we are, looking forward to 2012.  We need elected officials who understand the economy from the ground up.  Because our current and past officials have had no clue about the national economy and now it’s become a disaster.  This economy makes our nation weak.  Our national security suffers because of this.  Our enemies our emboldened.  And when we ask another nation to do something, our request has no weight.  It’s a simple matter of The Golden Rule.  He who has the Gold makes the Rules.  We have to have a strong economy.
We need a guy that knows Business.  We need a guy that understands the Dollar.  We don’t need a guy with a pretty smile and a popular punchline.
We need Mitt Romney.

5 thoughts on “It’s about the Economy”

  1. Amen to everything you said, Ogre. I swear, if I had my way, every single public offical who p!$$ed taxpayer dollars away like that would be tarred, feathered, thrown out of office, and then thrown in Leavenworth for Grand Theft.

    I remember that “Steak and Cheese” incident. For everyone who doesn’t, ’twas John Kerry. He came to Philadelphia back in 2003 on his Presidential Campaign Trail and, to show he really was a “man of the people,” decided to order a “Steak and cheese sandwich” with Swiss Cheese, I believe in Reading Terminal Market. Only problem: it’s called a cheesesteak, and the only three cheeses you put on one are American, Provelone, or Cheese Whiz. He basically got laughed out of the market, and the incident was all over the news.

  2. cheesesteak. yuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.Didn’t he also try to eat it with a fork? When I fell into a financial hole I cut spending. The .gov reminds me of a ex-sister-in-law that when she lost her job spent all that she could with a 2nd mortgage and credit cards. Unfortunately the .gov doesn’t have rich parents to bail them out as the ex s.i.l did,after she divorced my bro and left him $45,000 in the hole. But back to cheesesteaks. I don’t think there is anything, food wise, better than a great cheesesteak.

  3. I will have to be convinced about Mr. Romney, and it will be a hard sell.

    I regard him as squishy on the 2nd Amendment and too friendly to government mandated health care.

  4. If you have ever been to D.C., it’s a city of monuments and palaces, and armed guards at the entrance of every building. If you have ever been to the Utah State capitol, all the buildings are like that, except about three times as big. And every building in the business part of town are like that.

    On my brief trip to the Capitol, seeing these enormous buildings made of solid rocks, I can understand why some of these people think that they are so awesome. Look where they work. People are paid to guard the entrance with guns, essentially putting their lives in danger to protect the people inside. That tends to make someone feel important, to know that someone is a human shield to keep harm from coming to you.

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