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To Unseat a sitting President, you have to put forth a Candidate that is more popular than the President.  A less popular person has never beat a sitting President.  And unfortunately, Newt is far less popular.  He has a 60% Dislike rating… Who really thinks that Newt could win the General Election?
I’m not saying Newt wouldn’t do a good job if he became the POTUS… I’m just saying it’s unlikely to ever happen.  Newt isn’t nearly as Conservative as he pretends to be on Fox News.  He has a lot of baggage.  He was ousted on Ethics violations, took 1.5 million from Freddie Mac, and sat down with Nancy Pelosi and supported Global Warming.  (Man Made Global Warming is BS, and the Liberals are using it to strangle Industry – this isn’t a Conservative platform, but it’s Newts) This guy is as popular as a case of Mono.  As useless as Obama has been, he remains more popular than Newt.
Obama would thrash Newt in the election.

Dear Newt

You’ve done well early on, came out of know where to take a front runner seat, and then you have turned into a biter, hateful, slobbering troll.  Your new campaign against Romney is not doing him much damage right now… but it’s crushed you.  Newt, you are a horrible person and have become ultimately unelectable.  There is no way in hell that you are going to win the Presidency.  And it’s extremely unlikely that you are going to win the nomination.  In fact, I dare say that you are about neck in neck with your chances as are Rick Perry and Herman Cain.

But here’s the problem Newt.  You have said that if you lose, you will throw your support to Mitt.  Yet this attack campaign you’ve created, helped fund and support… isn’t going to effect your adversary, Mitt Romney, in the primaries. But it’s going to haunt him in the General Election.  What you are doing, Newt, is aiding and abetting Obama.  This makes me suspicious as your attacks on Mitt are coming from a direction of Socialism and Anti-Capitalism.  What you are doing is placing a Wedge between who is likely to become the GOP Candidate who is going to be going head to head against Obama… and Centrist, undecided, and swing voters who are key to winning the General Election.

Newt… Knock it off.  Pull the campaign and drop out gracefully.  Your continued efforts now only serve strengthen Obama.

Thank you.

PS.  You are an asshole.