What you’ll see in the rebellion

Bob Owens wrote a chilling article about a very possible future in this nation.   It’s something everyone should read.  
Note, Bob is not calling for violence.  He is explaining a dark vision of what could happen within even just one year.    It’s clear to me that Bob is a Patriot that loves his nation and he’s a solid blogger.  He’s added to the Blog Roll and worth bookmarking.  This piece is a tip of the iceberg of good stuff you need to read.

Here’s the meat of the article I want to point out.

Here, the President will doubtlessly order the activation of National Guard units and the regular military to impose martial law, setting the largest and most powerful military in the world against its own people. Unfortunately, the tighter the President clinches his tyrannical fist, the more rebels he makes.

Military commands and federal agencies will be whittled down as servicemen and agents will desert or defect. Some may leave as individuals, others may join the Rebellion in squad and larger-sized units with all their weapons, tactics, skills, and insider intelligence. The regime will be unable to trust its own people, and because they cannot trust them, they will lose more in a vicious cycle of collapse.

I’ve had quiet discussions with NCO’s and Officers at all levels in every branch.  What has been said can not be shared, but what I can say is that Bob’s vision of what could be is chillingly accurate.  Because these men swore an Oath.  To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies.  Foreign and Domestic.

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  1. I would have dismissed this sort of thing as “conspiricy theory crap” even a few months ago, but now I’m not so sure. It’s interesting that you post this as I just received a link from a buddy of mine that eludes to the same sort of machinations: Canada Free Press

  2. I’ve been thinking about Romania, there internal security turned on the dictator. Here in the US I can see cars exploding, people falling down stairs, and “suicides” before the leftists in charge can get a move started.

  3. There was no expiration date on my oath of enlistment, I am sure most vets feel the same way. No wonder Big Sister wants them watched as potential enemies…

  4. I was talking to a gunsmith buddy of mine the other day. He does a lot of work for the FBI guys up here in Anchorage. Most of the FBI agents are up here because they want to live in Alaska, with a few rotated in from the East coast. He thinks most of them won’t be kicking in their neighbor’s doors, but will call in sick.

  5. My Bride and I have been discussing this possibility for quite some time.
    I don’t want it to happen, I don’t want the pieces to line up that it is even an option… But if it does, most people will be shocked and horrified at the outcome.
    If, and this is a BIG if, those pieces DO line up… It will be hard fast and bloody.
    It won’t be what they are used to seeing on TV… With the other countries having revolutions lately.
    The public side won’t commit random acts of violence against their countrymen, it will be against those in power and with the means to enforce unconstitutional laws.
    I know many in the enforcement field that would refuse to enforce those laws… And would walk away from their jobs if the higher ups tried to force then into it.
    We are not a country of savages, most of those who would stand against this are people who think ahead and think tactically.
    It I’d not a situation I ever want to see, but then again I don’t want a government to try and force me, my family, my friends… To live on our knees.


  6. I lack the ability to anticipate what most of “my fellow Americans” would do anymore as evident by the election results.

  7. What Mike says after the election has some validity. But Mike, I don’t think we’re talking about the average ‘tourist’ who pulled a lever hoping for govt. giveaways. Men and women who have families, and a grasp of what the coming tyrinny will mean, those who took the oath, and those who understand history’s lessons will not go quietly. It will then be a matter of tactics to negate the govt.’s tech advantage in warfare. If the Taliban or the V.C. can do it, so can Americans.

  8. “Military commands and federal agencies … may join the Rebellion in squad and larger-sized units with all their weapons, tactics, skills, and insider intelligence.” These people are under oath to support and defend The Constitution of The United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Let it begin with preparations in anticipation of Senator Dianne Feinstein introducing her new “assault weapon ban”, which has already been publicly announced, so that she and any co-sponsors may be immediately taken into custody and transported to confinement to await trial on charges of treason and violation of oath of office for deliberate, premeditated violation of The Second Amendment.

  9. The pecentage of the population that actually fought the revoluntary war was about 3%. The rest like sat on the side lines, this is about average for civil wars in most countrys.

  10. Does anyone have a link to the full article or what magazine it is in. I would much like to read the whole thing.

    Thanks all.

  11. But do they have our back over a mag ban?
    Are we willing to bleed over mag restrictions?
    I can’t answer that second one even for myself.

    They aren’t going to get that big hunk o’ gun ban through.
    The mag ban though? Yeah I can see that getting through both houses as a feel-good move.
    It is a death by 1000 cuts.

  12. In light of the bs we are facing, I want to share with you a thought that I have been kicking around. In November Oregon and Colorado both flipped-off our overlords in Washington by legalizing marijuana. I suggest we start the same type of state level effort to protect our arms. Febs pass an “assault weapon ban”, Utah passes a state wide referendum legalizing the sale, possession and manufactor of modern sporting rifles and tells the the Febs to FOAD.
    It would never work for those of you in idiot states, but then you should be voting with your feet.

    1. Utah actually already did that. They passed a law that says if the guns are made in Utah and stay in Utah, then they do not fall under Interstate Commerce and thus are not federally regulated.

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