Is DC now a Constitution Carry district?

The DC Police Chief sent out instructions to all DC police officers that they will not make arrests for carrying a gun.  Concealed or Open, no distinction was made.  If you are legal to own the gun, you are legal to carry it.  This is also called Vermont Carry by some.

Let this sink in again… if you are legal to own a gun, you can now carry it in Washington D.C.

This is historic stuff.   When was the last time you could do that?  The 60’s?  The 40’s?  I don’t know.  Not within my lifetime I’m sure.    But let’s not organize Open Carry Parties and head to Chipoltes and Starbucks… because I am sure any inch you give them will be leverage they can use to throw you to ground for “Disorderly” or “Trespass”.  The Legal Fight is not even close to being over on this one.  DC will appeal, and the legal status of Reciprocity will be created which could change this status for your State.   Legal Teams are freaking out.  And Washington DC Police are different from the Capitol Police, who patrol places like the Smithsonian and around the White House and Capitol Building and all the Monuments in conjunction with NPS.   So tread lightly people.  Tread very lightly right now.  Because this smells of bear bait.

4 thoughts on “Is DC now a Constitution Carry district?”

  1. The article saw on this stated that the gun had to be legally registered to the person carrying it. They even questioned whether that meant registered where/when it was bought or registered with the DC police since DC did have a registration program. Something else to keep in mind is the fact that it is illegal to carry in any government facility and I doubt DC would allow it in the parks. I see lawsuits and jail time being a trending theme in DC in the not too distant future….

  2. When Obama was first elected he signed a law that said in effect if you’re state allows carry in parks the NPS would allow carry in national parks. I wonder how this might apply for the monuments?

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