I find it most amusing that extreme Liberals would threat us with physical violence.  They are joking about shooting conservatives all over the Democrat Underground and it’s poured out into the main stream.  On CNN they were talking about shooting Alex Jones, and the Chicago Police Chief was actually threatening his Coppers would shoot Licensed Carry Permit Holders.  On “Accident”.


These idiots don’t even know what guns are, let alone how to use them.  They do not use them frequently or train with them as we do.  We are the ones with the Military and Police Training and we Train those of us who didn’t go the LEO/MIL route, to the point they shoot better than the Police in most cases.  Because it’s what we do.   Most of us have a gun either on us, or within close proximity… If it’s on us, it’s a pistol, and if it’s close by, it’s a Semi-Auto Sporting rifle such as an AR-15 or Civilian AK-47 type, or a Shotgun.  As a whole, we are not Soft Targets that they themselves are.  They don’t think the way we do.   All this while at the same time they would take our guns away from us.

At the same time, we do not need to threaten.  It is unnecessary. Let them puff out their chest like angry sparrows.  They are without teeth.  Maybe a few of them own a gun of some sort.  Let’s seem them do an immediate action drill.  Let’s hear them tell us what that even is.   They are no threat as a whole… We are Lions and they are Lambs and thus we are not bothered by their opinions.   And as such, we have no need to make a threat.
Like what James Yeager did on YouTube.  He was very angry and not thinking right, and made a threat.  This is the internet and one can not do that without it “getting out”.  Before Yeager could take that video down and edit it, it was too late.  The cat was already out of the bag.
Now, I can understand Yeager’s frustration… I share that too.  And I give kudos to him for his patriotism and love of his country and his willingness to defend the US Constitution.  But he made a grave mistake in making that threat.  None of us need to make such a mistake.  All we have to say is Two Words.  Two little words convey the entire message we want to say.  It’s not a threat.  But it is a promise.
All we have to say is ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!  Molon Labe pronounced Molone LaVeigh… it means “Come and get them.”  Nothing else needs to be said.


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  1. I sighed and hung my head at the last few seconds of Yeagers video.
    I knew what would be coming next, THEY are out there… hoping for and looking for things like that.
    We live with our guns, work and play with them at our sides.
    I had a liberal ask me once, “What would you do if I went and got my gun and threatened you?”.
    I told them that their first mistake was voicing their intention, their second was not having their gun there when they did it.
    And that is the thing, “go and get”.
    Go home, open their safe, take off their gun lock, go get their ammo out of the closet, load it up, then get busy.
    We have cleared leather, neutralized the threat, assessed the situation, reloaded, and are ready for what comes next in the time it takes some people to make a decision.
    If you have a gun for your defense… you live it.
    It is a part of you.
    Mine goes on with my pants and lays next to my bed as I sleep.
    They own weapons, we are weapons.


  2. Logic dictates that if we were even half as dangerous, unsettled, and violence-prone as the Left would make us out to be, there would be no Left left.

    Logic and Left both start with “L”, but never shall the two any closer come.

  3. I said this during this week’s Spreecast, but I feel it bears repeating here:

    I own a gun, and I am training with it. I have probably put more rounds through it in the last month than most police officers and soldiers put through theirs in a year. And I plan to continue that regimen, as well as seek out formal training, until I master the use of my gun.

    But I don’t want violence. I loathe it. I will not seek it, ever, against anyone. Be they an individual, an organization, my government, whatever. I will never actively seek violence against them.

    That said, if someone comes to me, threatening to harm myself or my loved ones, if they insist on violence, then I – and my SIG-Sauer – will oblige them.


  4. Playing devils advocate here, not because I am a Yeager fan, I feel some parts may have been taken out context. I went and watched the videos when someone mentioned them on a forum. In his “Line in the sand” video, he clearly states that the last thing he wants to see is violence over the proposed legislation. Going so far as to explain that those involved will NOT be looked at as heroes. The “Pack your bags” video was in response to the threat of using executive orders as an end run around the legislature, which in it self is of highly questionable constitutionality. Unless the video has been edited since it’s original posting, I didn’t see him state “one more inch and I will start killing people” as one news source stated. What I believe he meant, imho, is if such legislation were passed and it involved confiscation he would defend his rights and property through what ever means necessary. That doesn’t necessarily equate to political assassinations.

    There is only so far political action can take you. Once doors start getting knocked on, or worse knocked down, we’ve already lost. While it may be less troublesome to quietly say “come take them”, it still has the exact connotation. Leonidas wasn’t threatening lawsuits if Xerxes confiscated their spears, but rather violent resistance.

      1. Thanks for the link. Yeah, that was too far. It looks like he cut the last 15 seconds of the original.

  5. I fear we are facing a very dangerous period where one miscalculation by one of our allies will give this administration an excuse to start confiscating.
    In this climate, what would happen if another Waco or Ruby Ridge went down? Does the Govt. understand the risk, do they care?
    My fighting rifle is a Kar 98, dated 1940. It’s been rebarreled in 7.62 Nato, the swastika defaced, barrel markings in Hebrew.
    Molon Labe. III

  6. As responsible gun owners we cannot “take the bait” and stoop down to the level of the liberals and play their game…because we will lose. We need to take and stick to the high road and let our actions speak instead of our words. Yeager didn’t do anything different than liberals but his EDITED statement garnered world wide press and Homeland Security actually did something about it by stripping his CCW permit…when was action taken against a liberal that made unmistakenable death threats against gun owners or broke the law by possessing a 30rd magazine on national TV to make a point? I got that number right here, a big fat zero. They can literally get away with murder.

    Yeager made the mistake of profusely apologizing for a comment he never really made which shows admittance to wrong doing…when he didn’t do anything wrong except for being a loud mouth. After all of his big talking and posturing he sure tucked tail pretty damn quick. If he just stood up for himself and questioned why the liberals can get away with clear threats of murder without any consequence.

    He should fight to reinstate his CCW permit in court and possibly put the Government on the defensive with a lawsuit against them. His rights were clearly violated and he should take that fight to the courts. If we are going to win this war then we need to take the high road and not exchange words at their level. We are better than that.

  7. I am not going to spend much time wringing my hands about Yeager. You can never stop people on your own side from doing rash things. You just need to push the responsible and level headed message to as many people as possible. I hate to say it, but “if this goes one inch further I am going to start killing people” is a threat and I dont blame the state for yanking his permit (not that it would stop a person from doing anything). One inch? Telling the ATF to actually follow up on NICS rejections, which is a line that many pro-gun people use to show the PTB are not serious about curbing violence just punishing gun owners, is one more inch. If he didnt mean it like that, tough shit, words have meaning James.

    Yeager is now damaged goods. I am sure he shoots well, but in the war of words and ideas he is utterly useless to the cause. We dont need a pissed off person that pro-gun people can say “right on” to. We need people who can talk to those who dont know much about the gun issue either way. The first time he tries to engage those people, the anti-gunners will instantly trot out that video and it wont matter if James has the presentation skills of Churchill and the intellect of Ayn Rand…he is done.

  8. Buddy of mine had a relative over the holidays who is one of these extreme libs. In order to, “save the kids,” his solution was to, “send in the National Guard to confiscate all the guns,” and any who would resist, “should all be killed.” So his solution to prevent massacre is via more massacres. *face palm*

      1. NY, an epic fail.

        New Yorkers, they limited the amount of soda you can be served and you shrugged it off. Good luck to you. Will you flee, be silent, debate, or become newly minted criminals?

        We’re watching, but I have so little faith. I mean they were just words to you, right?

        1. I forgot to add the most likely scenario of New Yorkers celebrating while gleefully holding onto their Nanny State Provided security blanket.

          New York, you have my contempt. You are a loathsome beacon.

  9. I so want to make witty comments to this thread, but I’m just a dumbass redneck from Texas. I’ll let the words of others speak for me then.

    I’ll say this, Google “Battle of Gonzales” and I think you will learn that my forefathers quite thoroughly adopted the concept of Molon Labe. I may be old and broke down, but I really enjoy shooting, and whenever the libturds think it is a good idea to come on down hyar and make me give up my hobby they will find out what Admiral Yamamoto meant when he said “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Yeah, and every front door, and every back door, and every pickup truck and every tree and telephone pole. It will be Civil War, and like Fred Thompson said in Red October “This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it.”

    I’m all about quoting people who were right about things they said. I wish I could come up with witty stuff like that, so I’ll leave you with the words of a Texas hero, Sam Houston: “Do right, and risk the consequences.”

    Come and take it!

  10. Is attending classes give by someone who is now and forever more on video advocating killing people over gun control, good for you? I mean, that along with bettering your weapons handling skills, one reason for attending training is to have the certificate to show later. “I made a good faith attempt to better myself as a shooter and be responsible.”

    I have a feeling that bringing up your training at Tactical Response in court would now be risky. The other side’s attorney could now easily turn that against you.

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