Bob Costas is an idiot

I wasn’t going to talk about that Sportscaster idiot, Bob Costas.  But he said something else that just about lit me on fire.
Young men can’t own guns without something bad happening.
Bob, you are a dunderhead and you can shut your manpleaser now.  Around here, all the young men own guns.  No, I don’t mean some… I mean damn near all the young men around here own guns.  Plural… more than one gun.  Lots of guns.  They buy guns all the time.  I live in an area with what is probably the highest concentration of privately owned guns in the entire world.  There is little else to do out here in Vernalstan.  Your options are Shooting, Off Roading, Drinking, and Fooling around with girls.  Or there is usually a combination of those options to some extent, but being a good community with good kids out here, the drinking is very much minimized compared to other places. So that leaves a lot of Guns, Trucks, and Girls.   Not a bad mix, in my opinion.
The kids around here are smart, they do things, they make things happen.  They work.  And they play.  I like that a 17 year old kid can come in and talk about Exterior and Terminal Ballistics of a .270 WSM and compare it to a 7mm Remington Magnum and pontificated which is more ideal on Elk verses Mule Deer.  And he will have the photos to prove he knows what he’s talking about here.  This is their culture.  This is our culture.  This is who we are here.  We have offroad capable vehicles and we have guns.  Some are more city oriented with their flat brimmed caps that I don’t understand, but they grew up hunting.  Others are cowboys right off the ranch.  Even the Video Game Playing Nerds around here have a nice AR-15 and a 9mm Semi Automatic of some sort and love to pop Tannerite when their new game mod is downloading.

Bad things, according to that slackbrained Sportscaster, should be happening all the time.  But they don’t.  Not around here.  The big difference here verses, oh, say, any city with a Democratic Governance, is EDUCATION.  Our kids around here know guns.  So they are not dangerous with guns.  In other places, guns remain a fascination and mystery because they are not taught.  Rifle Marksmanship used to be taught in Schools.  This is no longer the case.  Since Firearms are no longer taught in schools, bad things have happened.  The solution is more education, more access to firearms, more training, and more range time for all the kids.

Bob… Go back to talking about guys playing with their balls.  Leave our Guns and our Freedom alone.


6 thoughts on “Bob Costas is an idiot”

  1. Until we can have that real frank conversation on race that Holder wants, I’ll just say that it’s a mystery why those areas have higher crime than Utah.

    1. Until we can have that real frank conversation, I would say it is a mystery about which “young men” group Bob Costas is targeting. His ignorance is only proceeded by his arrogance.

  2. “Infantile, immature professional athletes who’ve spent their entire life being told how special they are and coddled and protected from the consequences of their actions because they’re good at playing with their balls can’t own guns without something bad happening.”

    There you go Bob, I fixed it for you.

  3. Another Bo Diddly Tech fiasco from Bob Costas. When I was 12 or 13, several of us scouts took a hunter’s safety course. Successfully demonstrating safe use of a fire arm would finish out this course. When the time came, most of the scouts walked with rifles in hand, in the city, to the designated meeting place at a LEO’s house. My dad trusted me to make the walk without supervision, carrying a rifle and ammo at that young age. All or most of the scouts passed the course. I’d been allowed to shoot the “evil gun”, but I’d no desire to hurt anyone or to join a gang. If I had had any terror about guns, I’ve lost it, but I have never lost my healthy respect for them. Knowledge is power. So Bob, I challenge you to take an NRA course. You might just like the challenge, but I’ll understand if you keep it a secret love.

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