War in America

The talk of potential civil unrest in America has been becoming more and more common even in quiet parts of town. I know it’s not a happy conversation that I have listened to more than once.

This article brings it to the forefront.  Go, read it, think about it, then come back.  I’ll wait.

I’m talking to the Members of the Military here… Now, here’s the problem.  The Tea Party is a non-partisan lose group of people who believe in the US Constitution.  The same Constitution the US Military has sworn oaths to uphold and defend.    If you disagree with them – if you take issue with them – then you hold your Oaths with treasonous hands.

This asshole’s scenario, of a Tea Party Insurrection – if these people are pissed enough to take some sort of action – there is probably a damn good reason and it’s probably one that you should be in support of.  Because this has indeed happened before in the United State.  Here’s a little piece of American History for you.  After WWII, the Veterans came home to find some problems that peaceful means of resolution failed to correct.


Now, this is the very scenario that this Ahole is saying that the US Military needs to stop. Look at who these people are you are going to be fighting here… Your Brothers. Your fathers. Guys just like you after you “Get out”. Guys just like you, who have sworn the same Oaths. And these Oaths do not have an expiration date. The Oaths are never voided.
You guys in Uniform – You need to pick your sides. Do you hold your Oaths or are you an Oath Breaker and a Traitor to your Nation?

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  1. Yikes this is not a good set up this is very very scary to me that they can portray the tea party as being the same as racist home grown terrorist ??? My parents are in the tea party and they are so far from all of that it would be like calling captain kangaroo a serial killer .The part that is scary though is that our education system has been hijacked by the media and most kids learn and listen to the one who has the most air time or that all their friends say is true . Thanks for bringing this to my attention till now I thought all the BS was just that but if this is how people are trying to show it we are all in a lot of trouble add that to all the tax breaks comming to an end and weve got a perfect storm comming. Who needs zombies with all this crap going on ( I do I do : ) wheres the next book) thanks again for bringing the attention even if it is more fodder for my already rampant insomnia.

  2. They are preparing for the day when they can swing this nation away from freedom and into socialism. The first thing they need to do is disarm the populace.

  3. George,

    The “officers” at the Pentagon are politicians…not soldiers. I have served my Country for 30 years…23 in uniform and 7 as a DA Civilian. I have YET to meet a SOLDIER who would piss on Obama if he was on fire. Every single person I have met, DA Civilian or soldier (note the lower case “s”) who supported Obama was either a minority, a woman, or a minority woman. The ONLY Obama/Biden bumper stickers I see on post are on the cars of retirees (usually minorities) at the hospital or PX, or the above category. If it came down to the .gov ordering the military to fire on the citizens of the US, I think the .gov would be in for a rude awakening….


    1. I know you are right…. But there are some out there that would happily light up his fellow countrymen. I remember one particular individual in uniform that said such. It’s guys like that that I am primarily talking to.

  4. Even in our own revolutionary war, there where loyalist who chose to side with the king. Today, greed and tolerance (tolerance being a code word for forced exceptance of bad behavior ) has taken root so deeply in our “the government owes me something” adults and our “if it feels good do it” youth that I fear we are saturated with loyalists agian.

  5. That’s an, ah, “interesting” story. As is this: http://www.cpflorida.com/2012/07/30/possible-false-flag-obama-assasination-attempt-upcoming/

    Spread the word among your contacts – the more people that know of a possible false flag operation, the less effective it will be and the less likely it will be to occur. I don’t trust Obama & his minions to do anything but what is bad for this country and our liberties, and given that he was/is good friends with Bill Ayres (of Weather Underground fame, they of the “we’ll probably have to eliminate 25 million people to be secure” statement), I dont’ know what he and they are NOT capable of attempting.

    Defcon 2, folks.

  6. At the risk of sounding like I’m off my meds, this is planned and orchestrated. One of the biggest obstacles to enslaving America has been the military, so there has been a concentrated effort to do to the military what has been done to the schools, dumb it down, inject as much P.C. bullcrap as possible, sever the roots of the military from the nation, and move the entire structure under the Left’s control.

    It’s happening real time, folks. I offer as an example, unisex bathrooms on Aircraft Carriers, without urinals : http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/navy-to-unveil-unisex-aircraft-carriers/ and http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2012/07/11/navys-new-gender-neutral-carriers-wont-have-urinals/

    This has nothing to do with efficiency, but everything to do with emasculating fighting men, and undermining their own self image as a man. Weak men with guns can be trained to point those guns anywhere their masters want.

  7. We have to understand the lengths to which the Obama people will go to alter who and what this nation is about. We keep talking about “Obama”, but he really is just a figurehead. The man spends most of his time on the golf course and the front row seats of basketball games. The real movers and shakers are the over 60 crowd that has been put in place. And if anyone here thinks that they aren’t attempting to fill the higher ranks of our military with their loyalists, then think again. Remember how Obama called for a 40,000 armed, civilian defense force? They’ll appoint synchophants who would order our troops to fire on us if things get dicey.

    Listen, we may be in for some rough times. The Republicans simply don’t have the balls, or are too disjointed and self-concerned, to put up an effective front against these evil democrats (and that’s what those thieving liars have really become). For God’s sake, they’re running adds calling Romney a murderer! He hasn’t responded with the necessary force. We’re in for it boys! Just pray for peace, but be ready.

  8. As a service member I can tell you that piece of crap article is not reflective of the vast majority of service members or even the vast majority of military officers. Retired Colonels are a dime a dozen and this retard and his academic cohort wrote an offensive and stupid article that harms civil-military relations. I have yet to meet a military service member that doesnt find the article offensive and disgusting. Even the democrats I know in the military (which are admittedly few and far between) think that using a tea party based scenario is offensive and wrong.

  9. I imagine that there have been some telephone calls from various House members to various generals asking about how Col. dipstick and friends came to be hired and do they really need to fund that school.

    1. Welp … if colonel dipstick had made the bad guy;s Occutards, Obama’s cronies would have shut him down.

      This moron should have used something everyone agrees is bad, like Nazis. No one is going to get in trouble for making the bad guys a bunch of goosestepping Nazis.

      This idiot needs to be fired/defunded for his poor judgement. A bad quality for a “teacher” to have.

  10. Ogre —

    Two key problems arise when discussing whether American Soldiers would fire on Americans. First, it’s happened before (Bonus Army, Kent State). Second, most line Soldiers don’t have the luxury or inclination to sit around thinking deep thoughts about the Constitution. If the President orders it, and the Congress ratifies it, then it’s kosher as far as the trigger-pullers are concerned. In other words, whatever the President and the Congress order is “Constitutional”, on its face.

    I believe (and I am very sorry to say this) that in a scenario where the military is ordered to arrest/intern/kill American civilians, the ones surprised will be precisely those civilians. The Founding Fathers were correct — we should have never tolerated the raising of massive standing armies. Yet, here we are. The solution, unfortunately, is anathema to most Americans: eviscerate the military, especially the Army and Marines, reduce their numbers by at least two-thirds. I bet anything that even you bristle at that suggestion, because “patriotic” and “big military” are now almost synonymous in the popular mind.

    Americans relish a “strong defense”, to retain the ability to deploy offensive forces to all corners of the globe to stomp the crap out of foreign peoples. It never occurs to Americans that the Rubicon can be crossed both ways, and armies used abroad can also be employed at home by the power-hungry, morally-decrepit leaders we have chosen. I believe that in the next decade or so, we are going to find out, in our own skin, just what “our troops” have been up to in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, South America, and myriad other places.

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