Revolution or Civil War?

There is a difference between a Revolution and a Civil War in America. And I’ve heard a lot of Civil War talk being thrown out. Civil War is something that we absolutely do not want. It’s the ugliest of conflicts on ever level. However a Revolution is something that can actually have a positive outcome if done correctly.

Let’s look at a couple Revolutions that were deemed a success… The American Revolution and the French Revolution.

The French Revolution, was successful in it’s goal, was an absolute disaster for the country. The public beheadings was a horror show that should never be repeated in a civilized nation. They decapitated those that knew how to take care of institutions and infrastructure that basically set France back when they should have been stepping forward.

The American Revolution, is a good example of how to conduct as clean and efficient of a revolution as possible. When the political ties were broken, the replacements were already in place or planned. And time was taken to properly establish the new Government. This was not without resistance, and conflict quickly arose. In fact, the conflict had already started before a Revolution was declared. The famous “Shot heard round the World” was the unofficial start of it, and after that, it was debated weather or not it was a revolution or “An Isolated Incident”.

Right now, millions of people are waiting for another Shot heard round the World. The tension is in the air. The lines are drawn. However some people have not picked which side of those lines they are on.

3 thoughts on “Revolution or Civil War?”

  1. Great! Just when I thought ammo prices were going to start coming down you start popping off about a revolution!

  2. As fragmented as the populace is and the current hysterical moves by the regime to make sure that the flag level and below “leaders” in the military owe allegiance ONLY to Obambie and not the country or Constitution there is little or no chance for your “revolution” to take place. Civil war is the only outcome possible if the fuse is lit and if it is it will make the French unpleasantness a joy by comparison.
    See comments in prior post.

  3. Anytime a nation aflls to the level of mutual hatred its bad news. What you call it id just PR. The amount of blood that will be split will be unholy.

    But its time, there are too many leeches, Satanists, and Marxists. Let the games begin.

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