The most Dangerous Things in the USA


The most Dangerous things in the USA, are not guns.  They are not extreme sports or motorcycles.

The most Dangerous Things in USA are unchecked Liberal, Progressive, or Democratic Ideals.    They Kill or Destroy more people, communities, and whole cities, than anything else.

Thanks to the whole “Progressive” movement, we have Common Core Education – which is going to destroy a whole generation of students and eventually this entire country.   We have a City that was once the wealthiest and fastest growing city in the world, taken over by Democrats… and now it’s the Nation’s Ghetto where you could buy HOUSES for a Dollar and 1 in 3 Babies are aborted every year.

We have have states that had higher GDP’s than most Nations – on the verge of Bankruptcy.  We’ve got our very NATION that was once the crown jewel of the World… now is being threatened by gangs of drug dealers, with 3rd world nations killing our Ambassadors without answer,  and a Democrat Administration that is doing EVERYTHING it can to further weaken us and put us at ever greater risk every day they have power.

Fuel, Energy, Food costs are rising.  The cost of being American is rising.  Yet at the same time, our borders are being opened to more illegal aliens who are given everything, Food, Shelter,  Healthcare and Education – when Americans who are trying work for it can’t afford it.

Our NSA, CIA, and FBI are spying on American Citizens.  The Mechanisms of Government… the EPA, IRS, FDA, are used as Attack Dogs.  Agents who used to be Honorable have become Thugs, Lackies, and Jackboots… They no longer regulate – they crush Americans… Steal their land… destroy lives… All to feed a Government that has become a Monster.


Little Shop Of Horrors” has become the Metaphor of the United States of America.  Started out small and weak, but it was fed with the blood of patriots that was once freely offered.  Now demanded by force or it will devour you completely.   No, I no longer trust the Government.  I’ve seen what it can do to good people.  And I’ve seen what it allows bad people to do.   Our nation is upside down.  What used to be right is now wrong and what was once wrong is now encouraged and promoted and sponsored.

To say the least – I am worried about our Country and I do not see any easy fix to our situation.   Good People need to work together… Community needs to become important.  We are going to need each other.

Join, or die


9 thoughts on “The most Dangerous Things in the USA”

  1. IMO, what’s more important than community is involvement. Too many people seek a savior wearing an elephant jersey, when he’s going to play the exact same power-grabbing game. YOU (the people) run the government. This country wasn’t made great by people sitting aroundt waiting for a savior. It was made great by men and women of action-doers. Let’s start acting like might possibly be related to them.

  2. right on. liberals and their ideas/lack of morals are killing us in the streets. what comes to mind is that eventually people like this monster in California proliferating and are eventually going to become your police chiefs, fireman, military personel, judges, health care providers, and nurses who may be in charge of taking care of you in the nursing home you may end up in. what are going to do then. can you imagine someone like this in charge of reading woman’s x-rays to determine if they have breast cancer, or setting the x-ray machine to deliver a safe dose of radiation to the patient. of course no one in the liberal media brings that up do they.

  3. Ogre, this is one of best posts you have ever made.
    You nailed it squarely and succinctly. Bravo.

  4. I live in the UK. To some extent what you describe has already been perpetrated on us – as the ‘establishment’ is now thoroughly left wing. I see what Obama and his ilk are doing to your country and I hope somehow you can get through it and restore your country and your Constitution.

    Too late for us think…

  5. It’s sad but true. There is no hope . We are done for as a nation. The school system are just propaganda mills.
    If you really want it be depressed, look at our national debt .
    17 trillion and rising. Here’s how they are gonna fix that.
    One day the govt will announce a 20 % tax on every citizens assets. If you have a $100,000 in stocks,bonds, savings etc
    You will now have $80,000. Think I’m crazy? Just watch, it’s coming fast

    1. If you have $100,000 in gold or silver in the bottom of your gunsafe, and ignore unlawful executive orders to surrender it ( like FDR’s executive order … there were zero prosecutions for violating it since it was not approved by congress ), yuou will still have your gold.

      Screw the stock market, and screw the banks.

      Stack metal, dammit.

  6. There is another metal you need to stock up on, and that’s lead. If things go the way I fear then i’m afraid we’ll need all of it we can get our hands on.

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