Oleg and a Broadsword

Oleg Volk has been sent one of our Broadsword rifles, the same one that Rob Pincus as just tested.  Yes, the Broadsword really does look that cool.    In fact, it can be cooler yet, because we can do your Broadsword in whatever colors you want.  Coyote Tan.  Flat Dark Earth.  Murder Black.  Our Signature Gray.  Ogre Green.  Whatever you want.

The Broadsword rifle from Crusader Weaponry.  A 762 that shoots like a 556.  Rugged, reliable, and deadly accurate.  This is the best 762 AR type weapon on the planet, bar none.  If you buy anything else, you have made a mistake.

In the picture is the Broadsword wearing Diamondhead sights and an Elcan optic which are not included, but one could consider them “Serving Suggestions”.  I would suggest these highly, as I would also suggest perhaps a 6x ACOG.

7 thoughts on “Oleg and a Broadsword”

  1. I love the 6x Acog on a Longbow with minor issue of finger clearance on the charging handle. Brite & purdy!

  2. Maybe these should also be marketed in colors suggested by Douglas Adams: Infra Dead, Ultra Violent, and Burnt Hombre.

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