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In this video I show you our latest Broadsword rifle… and give you a peak at our newest gun, the Longbow.  The Longbow is optimized for just what it sounds like… long range shooting with a .308 platform.

Yes, it’s just a .308.  But the owner of that rifle, took it out and got a .4 MOA group at 600 yards.  That’s staggeringly good accuracy.  If you want a bigger caliber just to be cool, please note that the cost of your ammunition will go up dramatically unless you are a reloader.   .308 might not be an ultramag by any means, but it is affordable to shoot.

3 thoughts on “Wanna see our latest?”

  1. A big problem with shooting at “long” ranges is wind deflection estimation and at the present level of available tech it requires both practice and a spotting scope. If you are just starting that practice you’ll save a lot of money with the .308. Coming down the road are rifle mounted computerized optics that use laser bounce back to give you not only the range but also the deflection point for the cross wind. If they become available for the general market you could mount it on your Longbow and get out to 800 or possibly 1000 yards with out having to work with a spotter. Meanwhile it would make a heck of a urban rifle for police work: vehicle road blocks, hostage situations involving barricade, and etc…..and Zombie prairie dogs.

  2. Opps my bad I put the wrong ranges in for the .308 it should have been 1200 to 1400 yards with a 60% chance of a one shot center of mass with the computerized optic.

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