The Crusader Broadsword

You can buy one outright, or use Crusader's installment plan to pay for it as you can.

This rifle is going out to some of the gun magazines for review.  .308, Elcan optic, Diamond Head sights, Apex handguard, Battlecomp brake, Magpul grip and stock… fully Slipstreamed and slick as hell.
Precision accuracy and battle ready reliability in one gun.

Don’t fight fair. Order your own Broadsword today!

10 thoughts on “The Crusader Broadsword”

  1. That is a very business like piece of work. Likey. No affordy right now but the layaway option is sorely tempting. Maybe the little brother in .300 Whisper . . . ( sigh ) . .

    1. We can do .300 Whisper. Pay what you can, when you can. Little now.. little later… it all adds up and eventually you have your gun!

  2. I am very happy with mine. 24″ heavy barrel, shot 3/4″ at 200 yards, 3″ at 500 yards with Federal Gold Medal Match 168 gr HPBT. That was its second outing it is a sweet sweet rifle.

  3. Any possibility of Crusader coming out with a version of the Broadsword that can utilize interchangeble uppers like the new Colt LE901-16s?

    1. That requires a lower like Colt’s, and right now only Colt has anything like it. However look for a similar concept to come out in Crusader’s modular SMG later this year if everything works out.

  4. Very nice…..and with that said, a $300 basic Bulgarian AK with a little spit and mud lubricating the receiver will outlast and outperform any such high-end AR platform. Not trying to be difficult here, but the truth must be told.

    1. AK’s… I love them. But they are not magic. I’ve had several AKs show failures at our Carbine courses, and an M1A to boot. No, see, you are saying that a rifle made with inferior materials, to estimate specs, will outperform one of our rifles… That’s not ever going to happen. It’s not. And an AK won’t shoot accurately to 1000 yards either. Ours can.
      An AK is good. OUR AK will be outstanding. But it still won’t be as good as a Broadsword. That’s just fact.

  5. I’m torn. I want a real battle rifle so bad. I’ve never owned anything like this and hardly know where to start. Currently I am lusting for an M1A and a bunch of mags. I am good with basic iron sights and I like the history of this rugged weapon.

    But man, that Broadsword has been in second place since I started down this path. So sexy.

    Don’t think I can do both, I have an old house that needs a bunch of work, an old truck, and I’m about to marry She Who Must Be Obeyed.

    Tough choices. The marriage is gonna happen, and a rifle is in there somewhere. Before we combine our finances, fo sho 😉

    1. Remember, we do an installment plan. We will help you get that rifle you… just like you want it.
      Also, Gundoc is freaking Mr Wizard with an M1A. He can do you up an M1A like Springfield only wishes they could build. So the correct answer is “Both”.

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