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What to do with these two lovelies?


I still can’t decide on what configurations to build with these two lovelies.   I think one should be a pistol at least.  They were both transfered as “pistols”, so maybe both into pistols.  Light weight builds, but they don’t have to be airweights.  Maybe one pistol and one light carbine?  I want them to be unique.
Post links to images of suggested builds and the Parts I should buy for the builds.  Help me out here.

Since I was 17 years old…

Since I was 17 years old, I’ve consistently said that “They need to build an M1 Carbine that fires 9mm and feeds from a regular pistol magazine.”  I think I’ve said this on just about any gun forum I’ve talked about the M1 Carbine on.

And now, finally, many many years later… Someone has done just that.  Using common and easy to find… and cheap to acquire, Beretta 92 Magazines.  I’d have rather Glock, but barring Glock, Beretta 92 is the next best choice.

I love this idea.  I’m completely jazzed about it.  I’m looking forward to seeing many modifications to these… all manner of custom work.  The thought of one of these in a Paratrooper configuration just makes me weak in the knees.

Some will ask about the Company.  Citadel.  These guys are in the Philippines… state of the art facility.  And have put out some very decent 1911 pistols for very reasonable prices.

I’m unsure of the state of that facility now, giving the disaster that has befallen the Philippines with that Super Hurricane that almost wiped the whole country off the map.  But here’s to hope.

Crusader’s Demo Broadsword .308 Carbine

Crusader Weaponry is almost done with our new Broadsword Carbine Demo Gun.  This gun is for Gun Writer Reviews.  From this point previous, every photo you’ve seen of a Broadsword has been a Customer’s Gun.  We’ve just not had the time and the parts to do a gun for just Demo Purposes.

This gun is going to be going out to the Writers sporting a new optic.  I’ve talked to a few optic companies and they were willing to send us some normal run of the mill optics… which is precisely what we didn’t want.  We wanted something unique.

Kruger Optics stepped up and is sending us a Prototype of their DTS Gen II optic.  Check it out here.  The concept is brilliant and I think it has huge potential.  Now, this unit is a Prototype and not a Production unit, but it should work just fine.  We’re looking forward to checking this thing out.  Just looking at this thing – I want to love it.

The Army’s New Carbine Competition

The US Army is going to hold a new Carbine Competition.   This weapon will be replacing the M-4 Carbine.  I suspect adoption will occur in 2013 or ’14… but the question is which gun is going to take it.  All the major players are gearing up for this.   Colt, HK, FNH, Remington, Beretta even has one, and Robinson will throw their XCR up again…. there will undoubtedly be others as well.

The most interesting one, in my opinion is the Remington ACR.  I’d love to see that one adopted in 6.8SPC.   The new Beretta looks awesome, but I think it looks a bit too delicate, and I but there is an accuracy issue with it.  The XCR doesn’t interest me much… the SCAR didn’t make a whole lot of friends who were actually using it in combat and got its self de-funded.  The Colt is just another AR type… and the future M4A1 is essentially just an M4 with a heavier barrel and ambi controls.   If SHOT Show was any indication as to where the DOD Brass was… it was all around Remington.  I think they are going to take it.  I don’t see anyone else really stepping up and taking this one home.