14 thoughts on “Testing the Broadsword rifle”

      1. What would be the rough cost of that particular Broadsword out the door, optics and all included?

        1. The gun, as shown, 1900… for the gun. The Diamondhead Iron Sights, are about 250 bucks. The Elcan is $1,198.95. So $3348.95. Which is really not bad considering what other top end lesser rifles are costing for just the rifle alone.

          1. Wow….really going to have to consider this on the layaway plan! Is there a minimum down to get the build started? Also, is it possible to pick the rifle up in the shop when its ready and take it out to your range for a shakedown? I live in an adjoining state, and could use a good excuse to head out of town for a few days 🙂

  1. I dig that Elcan, pretty nifty optic. Looks like y’all have built one helluva quality rifle, sir.

    Slightly off topic, but……any news on the Warhammer? That is the AR 12 gauge you guys were designing, wasn’t it?

    I’ve been saving my pennies for quite some time for that.

        1. The problem is that to make a receiver, it has to be at Crusader’s Address on the FFL. So unless he is going to give it to us – it does us no good. But thanks. Oh, and you also have to have Phase III Power to run them. Something Crusader HQ doesn’t have set up yet… But we’re working on it.
          Actually, we are working on moving Crusader HQ. But I can’t talk about that yet.

      1. I personally can’t wait. I mean, I can wait, because I have to……you know what I mean, lol.

        Also, my employer will be getting one as well, whenever they are on the market.

  2. Well I just got to watch the Magpul Dynamics “The Art of the Tactical Carbine” and that Broadsword would be a really cool weapon for that course. Of course I don’t think the four to the body and four to the head would be necessary with .308.
    I noticed that the recoil appears to be really straight back.
    Other than that I’m so damn green with envy and desire I’m going to have to break out my emergency bottle of Rio Blanco Pale Ale to calm down. My next center fire is probably going to be a use Saiga Rifle that I can convert by monthly parts buys….Whine, Whine, bitch, whine.

    1. It is straight back, and yes, it would be a great rifle for ANY tactical carbine course. Mine, or MagPul’s, or I.C.E, or Haley… whatever. Because it’s a great rifle. Straight up – it’s the best there is.
      And you can use Crusader’s Installment Plan and make small payments along the way to get your own Crusader Rife instead of getting a Saiga and parting it out… do the same for your Crusader. We will help you get the gun you really want.

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