A customer’s Crusader Broadsword

You’ve seen this photo posted before here… now there is the customer’s review.

Read it here.

We have been increasingly concerned about the Duracoat finishes.  The problem is that Duracoat can take up to 8 weeks to fully cure.  After that time, the finish is very strong, very tough… but until it’s fully cured and hardened, the finish can be easily marred.  This doesn’t reflect on Duracoat to people looking at the gun, it reflects on Crusader Weaponry and we don’t like that.  No one wants a gun that is going to take 2 months before they can go out and get rough with it.  That’s just not working for us.  We are considering dropping Duracoat and going exclusively with Cerakote.  Cerakote is a bit more expensive, but it cures very quickly, days not weeks, and it gives a much stronger finish.  The down side is that it doesn’t offer the wide array of colors that Duracoat offers.  I can live with that, but some customers might want something Cerakote can’t do.

2 thoughts on “A customer’s Crusader Broadsword”

  1. I’ve never been that impressed with Duracoat and have been using a few other finishes to better results that are thinner and offer some level of lubricity as well. I read the review and while I’m not surprised with the performance I am surprised that it didn’t come with a single magazine. It’s kinda not cool to have to hunt down a mag or 2 after waiting X amount of time for the build and not being able to send rounds down range.

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