Cars I want:

If I had the means to build an automotive collection that rivals my gun collection… I’d have a few cars that I don’t think most fellows would expect.
A Jeep Rubicon, and a classic full sized Wagoneer.
Mazda Miata.
BMW M3, and a 2002.
Porsche 944S2, and a Cayman.
Toyota Tacoma 4 door, and an FJ.
A Ford Police Interceptor.

There would be some others as well, such as an Alfa Brera, and a tweaked 84 VW Rabbit GTI (again) … but the above list would be the first vehicles I’d go for.  The one car on the list that has surprised those that have first heard it, is the little Miata.  My wife’s extended family has a fellow that actually races them.  The suspension with some tweaking and the engine, with some tweaking produces a machine that is just incredible.  The balance and quick handling is astonishing… it is one of the last of the true sports cars.   To many people confuse a Sports Car for a GT car.  Two very different things.


Novice Shooters and Big Guns

We see many videos like this on YouTube.  Here’s another one.

The people on this range are very lucky. Someone could have killed right there. Having this happen with a revolver is unusual. Granted. But there was a case years ago in Virginia where the novice shooter was trying a Desert Eagle and the gun gun recoiled up, pointed at the instructor behind her, and fired again… killing the instructor.
Let me be clear… this isn’t funny. Giving a novice shooter an overpowered gun for whatever reason isn’t funny. It’s serious, because bad things can happen and you can take someone interested in shooting and make them all the sudden not interested in shooting. So forget the Macho “This is my gun and you can’t handle it” bravado and stuff it. If you have a novice shooter that wants to try it, prepare them, make sure they use a good stance and they have a good grip. And only load 1 round. Just one. If they want to try it again, load another one. Once they get the handle on it, then you can let them roll off a whole mag or cylinder full.

Glock’s 1911

This photo was posted on

A dream for some, a nightmare for others.

This is of course a Photoshop.  You can tell because it doesn’t have a funny grip angle.  But it does make one think.  A lightweight polymer framed 1911 with a super tough finish and awesome reliability…. that would be fantastic.  If only… Oh… Never mind.

I think it would be great if Glock did a 1911.  I really like SIG’s 1911’s… A company that shocked everyone by coming out with one… and now they are well proven and are arguably the best production 1911’s on the market.   I’d still like to see HK build one as well.   While I would love for Glock to play in the 1911 market, I’d first like to see them build the long rumored Glock Carbine.  Going back to the early days of rumors from different corners of the internets spoke of Glock developing a Carbine.   This has never happened.   I wish it would.  Other companies are doing well making kits to turn Glocks into Carbines… I’d like to see Glock themselves do a dedicated model.   Pistol caliber carbines sell pretty well.  HK did some for law enforcement and grudgingly let civilians buy neutered versions.  Kel Tec and Beretta offer them and many shooters have turned their AR’s into pistol caliber carbines.   Crusader even did some.   So the market is there.

Mexico wants the ATF

For those following the SNAFU called Operation Fast and Furious, aka Project Gunwalker by the guys that busted this case wide open… The situation has taken an interesting twist.

Mexico wants to put the officials on trial in Mexico.   Considering the violence and damage this has done to Mexico, I am willing to let them have them.    The ATF willingly armed violent criminals in Mexico.  While normally I don’t like the idea of another country extriditing Americans to be tried in a foreign country… this was clearly an offense against Mexico and I think they have every right to do this.

Operation Fast and Furious is a clear violation of the laws they themselves were tasked to enforce.   The ATF has invalidated their charter… the reason for their existence was to prevent this very thing, and here they are the ones doing it.   Do we need a new agency to keep guns out of the hands of the ATF?

So here is the real question.  Who is more irrelevant, useless, dangerous, and needs to be done away with ASAP:  The ATF or the UN?

Fun with Advertising

I had a Saiga 223 that I had to get sold.  Consignment gun for a friend.  I was also in a goofy mood.  So I had some fun with the ad.

Read with a Russian accent.

In case the ad disappears, here is the text:

Siaga 223 Russian Kalashnikov sporter
Vernal, UT   84078   –   Jul 4, 2011

Is good gun. What do you need to know about it? Is Russian. Was carried with pride across Red Square in Moscow. Was designed by the Peoples Hero, Michael Kalashnikov. Is very good gun. Is chambered for .223 like the American AR-15 rifle which is not as good as the People’s cartridge for the AK-47, but is what you like in Americas. Is just what you want. You buy. You like it. Has not shot any Chechnyans. That we know of. Trust us.
Is comes with scope mount… Which is usually costing you more rubles extra, but we’ve had lots of vodka and are in pleasant feeling. Or maybe was brake fluid from T-72… we don’t care much.
Great for hunting Varmints, Imperialists, Fascists, Home Defense, or just for some fun going out and blasting stuff like a Cossack.

Call us at *********** and tell them you saw this on and ask for Comrade Ben. He is good guy. Is his personal gun. Why he is selling it… we don’t know. We suspect he is being Capitalist. Do not call if KGB.

After posting and the last editorial change… the gun sold in 10 minutes.

Beware the Serpa

I used to be a fan of the Serpa holster. However, the more and more I used them the more problems I had. I don’t recommend them to anyone and suggest just about anything else over the Serpa. A brown paper sack is preferable in my opinion.

Problems I’ve personally seen:
1. Failure to depress lock mechanism completely, which results in the pistol not releasing during a quick draw.
2. The gun being jerked out of the hand somehow, resulting in a draw stroke that ends with the gun being tossed away from the shooter.
3. The lock failing and ending up with the gun being stuck in the holster.

Bane’s made some good points

Our friend Michael Bane (and if you are a Shooter, he’s your friend too) made a great post that everyone should read.   I’ll not quote from in, instead link to it so you can read it whole, there.

I have some observations to add.  Out here in the Deserts of Utah, I’ve seen people dump illegally in public lands… even where the Municiple Dump was only a few hundred yards away.    Shooters get blamed for dumping a lot.  I’ve never seen a Shooter back up a truck and push a Washing Machine and a broken Lazy Boy out of the back.  I’ve watched guys kick out bags of garbage in areas where people shoot, and then drive off in a cloud of dust. There are shooters who leave can and stuff, yes.  But far more are those that just dump trash for whatever their reasons.  I’ve also seen far more often Shooters back up their trucks and pick up the trash to clean the area up.  I’d hazard a guess that Shooters pick up more trash than they drop off.

The USFS wants to stop shooting, and they are using some’s bad habbits against us.  Don’t give the enemy ammo.  Pick up your trash.  If you shoot it, pick it up.