Glock’s 1911

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A dream for some, a nightmare for others.

This is of course a Photoshop.  You can tell because it doesn’t have a funny grip angle.  But it does make one think.  A lightweight polymer framed 1911 with a super tough finish and awesome reliability…. that would be fantastic.  If only… Oh… Never mind.

I think it would be great if Glock did a 1911.  I really like SIG’s 1911’s… A company that shocked everyone by coming out with one… and now they are well proven and are arguably the best production 1911’s on the market.   I’d still like to see HK build one as well.   While I would love for Glock to play in the 1911 market, I’d first like to see them build the long rumored Glock Carbine.  Going back to the early days of rumors from different corners of the internets spoke of Glock developing a Carbine.   This has never happened.   I wish it would.  Other companies are doing well making kits to turn Glocks into Carbines… I’d like to see Glock themselves do a dedicated model.   Pistol caliber carbines sell pretty well.  HK did some for law enforcement and grudgingly let civilians buy neutered versions.  Kel Tec and Beretta offer them and many shooters have turned their AR’s into pistol caliber carbines.   Crusader even did some.   So the market is there.

8 thoughts on “Glock’s 1911”

  1. What about the magic Bul the contract that put Charles Daly out of business and was supposed to have moved to Magnum Research?

    Who is beginning to think an Israeli company is pulling a Bernie Madoff with some US importers.

    1. I think Bul was the source for the frames that Wilson used for the KZ… I don’t remember.
      I don’t think Bul had anything to do with CD going belly up. But then again I don’t know why they closed their doors.
      Magnum Research isn’t doing anything with Bul either.

      1. Remember my pink pistol? That was one of the CD pistols. I’ve still got my KZ45. Haven’t shot it much though but it does feel the same as the CD’s.

  2. You do realize that Olympic Arms makes Glock carbines taking the Glock mags. So does Just Right Carbines, I carry these in my store.

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