Cars I want:

If I had the means to build an automotive collection that rivals my gun collection… I’d have a few cars that I don’t think most fellows would expect.
A Jeep Rubicon, and a classic full sized Wagoneer.
Mazda Miata.
BMW M3, and a 2002.
Porsche 944S2, and a Cayman.
Toyota Tacoma 4 door, and an FJ.
A Ford Police Interceptor.

There would be some others as well, such as an Alfa Brera, and a tweaked 84 VW Rabbit GTI (again) … but the above list would be the first vehicles I’d go for.  The one car on the list that has surprised those that have first heard it, is the little Miata.  My wife’s extended family has a fellow that actually races them.  The suspension with some tweaking and the engine, with some tweaking produces a machine that is just incredible.  The balance and quick handling is astonishing… it is one of the last of the true sports cars.   To many people confuse a Sports Car for a GT car.  Two very different things.


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  1. Used to run against miatas on track days, they looked like fun, but the go carts running in another session were doing faster lap times.

    1. Yeah… but that’s not exactly the point. It’s not about shear speed. The GT cars have made that clear. The Miata handles great, and feels great while doing it. When pushed to the edge in hard driving, the Miata is just… how do I say it? Gracefully poised there at that ragged edge of tire adhesion. And when it does break loose, it just comes back so cleanly. It’s almost polite about breaking grip. “Oh, I’m sorry, I broke traction… excuse me.” And it can go over a bump and not shatter a vertibre. It’s a very good car. And they can be fast as stink if they are tweaked.

  2. I have eyed a ’69 Triumph Spitfire since HS. I would put a Mazda rotary or Suzuki 1300cc motor in it. I had a “ride-a-long” on an autocross in a ’70s fiat convertable. The owner had a stock engine, but EVERYTHING else was replaced with a light weight alternative. The owner said that it weighed about 1k lbs. It was AMAZING how fast and flat it could corner. It beat a new (at the time) Corvette that had 5 times the power. Again, GT car compared to a sports car.

  3. I always wanted one of the “bathtub” Impalas that Chevy made to rival Ford’s Police Interceptor.

    With some tweaking to the suspension, that ZR1 engine and transmission made one heck of a car.

  4. I have wanted a PI Vic for a long time. There is just something so kick A$$ about them. I would also take a BMW 740il..nothing but comfort and an Ol school Wagoneer. I need a bigger vehicle budget.

  5. #1 A Jeep Rubicon
    Give me a stock 4 door wrangler and I’ll lift/lock/build it myself. Preferably with a swapped in diesel.,
    #2 a classic full sized Wagoneer.
    Better yet a full size Cherokee Chief. Load it up with all the Waggys luxurious appointments.
    #3 Mazda Miata.
    I’ll take two. One(second gen) with a mildly tweaked engine and a heavily tweaked suspension. The second of course would get a full “monster Miata” treatment.
    #4BMW M3
    Only an E30. The E36s are more powerful but the original just looks better.
    #5 a 2002.
    #6 Porsche 944S2, and a Cayman.
    Can’t disagree there. A buddy has the Cayman, man that car’s fun.
    #7Toyota Tacoma 4 door, and an FJ.
    Not a fan of the Taco front suspension(namely the rack and pinion), same with the FJ Cruiser. Now an original FJ40, hell yeah.
    #8 A Ford Police Interceptor
    Just give me a Marauder, all the interceptor beef with a nicer interior.

    Of course this is all contingent on getting a ’66 fastback Mustang first.

  6. Miata is pointless for me. Please note my nickname. Mazda should make one in 46 extra long.
    And I’ll take a Fury III Interceptor over the Ford.
    For a diesel Jeep see this site:
    Last time I was in a 911 was in college. Driven by a crazy co-ed. I still don’t know how we got through those trees. That experience has colored my view of the 911. Maybe when I win the lottery.

  7. I traded my 330i for a Rubicon (Black Ops Edition). We have so much in common, we should hang out.


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