Fun with Advertising

I had a Saiga 223 that I had to get sold.  Consignment gun for a friend.  I was also in a goofy mood.  So I had some fun with the ad.

Read with a Russian accent.

In case the ad disappears, here is the text:

Siaga 223 Russian Kalashnikov sporter
Vernal, UT   84078   –   Jul 4, 2011

Is good gun. What do you need to know about it? Is Russian. Was carried with pride across Red Square in Moscow. Was designed by the Peoples Hero, Michael Kalashnikov. Is very good gun. Is chambered for .223 like the American AR-15 rifle which is not as good as the People’s cartridge for the AK-47, but is what you like in Americas. Is just what you want. You buy. You like it. Has not shot any Chechnyans. That we know of. Trust us.
Is comes with scope mount… Which is usually costing you more rubles extra, but we’ve had lots of vodka and are in pleasant feeling. Or maybe was brake fluid from T-72… we don’t care much.
Great for hunting Varmints, Imperialists, Fascists, Home Defense, or just for some fun going out and blasting stuff like a Cossack.

Call us at *********** and tell them you saw this on and ask for Comrade Ben. He is good guy. Is his personal gun. Why he is selling it… we don’t know. We suspect he is being Capitalist. Do not call if KGB.

After posting and the last editorial change… the gun sold in 10 minutes.

9 thoughts on “Fun with Advertising”

  1. I swear the next time I have to sell a gun, I’m going to have fun with the ad, like this.

    Very amusing ad, Ogre.

  2. Bravo!
    Is it just me and this area or has the price of the Saiga rifle in 7.62 X 39 mm been really climbing lately? It seems like everybody and there dog around here buys one and does the conversion to forward trigger, pistol grip and bullet guide for standard magazines. I used to see them all over for $300 to $350 now the cheapest retail I saw was $427 before the local 8% tax.

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