Novice Shooters and Big Guns

We see many videos like this on YouTube.  Here’s another one.

The people on this range are very lucky. Someone could have killed right there. Having this happen with a revolver is unusual. Granted. But there was a case years ago in Virginia where the novice shooter was trying a Desert Eagle and the gun gun recoiled up, pointed at the instructor behind her, and fired again… killing the instructor.
Let me be clear… this isn’t funny. Giving a novice shooter an overpowered gun for whatever reason isn’t funny. It’s serious, because bad things can happen and you can take someone interested in shooting and make them all the sudden not interested in shooting. So forget the Macho “This is my gun and you can’t handle it” bravado and stuff it. If you have a novice shooter that wants to try it, prepare them, make sure they use a good stance and they have a good grip. And only load 1 round. Just one. If they want to try it again, load another one. Once they get the handle on it, then you can let them roll off a whole mag or cylinder full.

7 thoughts on “Novice Shooters and Big Guns”

  1. -1 on the video. Giving someone who never shot before but is willing to give it a try a monster gun is one of the biggest fails for our culture. The point is to make it fun…not scare the begeesus out of the person and thus reinforce the “guns are scary dangerous” mentality.

  2. I used to know a doofus who would offer to teach people how to fire a shotgun. He’d have them hold the stock out long, a couple inches away from the shoulder!
    It’s amazing no one broke anything and didn’t sue him.
    This is tantamount to giving car keys to a six-year-old and laughing as they drive off.
    Stupid people!

  3. Are they ever going to learn! I already know the answer, I’m afraid! Frustrating. Talk about developing a permanent flinch, the least of concerns of course.

  4. OK, I have to admit to being amazed that hogleg didn’t come out of her hands, especially when she accidentally lit the second round off.

    Those fools are so lucky. You see those videos all over YouBoob, some nitwit handing a 12 ga. to some skinny chick just to watch what happens. When I was about 6 or so my dad let me shoot his 12 ga. I had been begging for it. He knew what was about to happen, the beast nearly took my shoulder off. He did it to teach me a lesson about when my mouth overloads my butt. And the point was taken. But he didn’t do it as a joke.

  5. Nice one Ogre. This can’t be said often enough. Guys like that do more damage than a room full of angry anti gunners. Don’t be that guy.

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