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Vernal Needs Food Badly

I’ve complained many times that Vernal Utah doesn’t have any good places to eat. It doesn’t. It really doesn’t. There are a few places that try, and other places that have just given up and make the same slop they’ve been making for ages and that’s all the people of Vernal know, so they stay in business.
It has it’s brighter spots. Pelican Lake Cafe is one, but it’s not even in Vernal, but down in Ouray by the Pelican Lake. Bar B’Qued is in Vernal, right across the street from the Holiday Inn Express, and it’s improved a lot… It’s not bad. It can’t touch a real BBQ joint, but it’s trying and it’s getting better. We have some of our standard chain fast food, but not the better chains.
We need a good old fashioned dirty-water hot dog joint. We need real old classic burger joint that makes things their own way. We need an Italian place. We need a destination diner… Where they love their food and are proud of it.
This is me BEGGING for a good food establishment to come to Vernal. For the love of all that is holy – come to Vernal.

The Bohemian Brewery

You want this.

That’s the Buffalo Burger.  You get them HERE.  When Crusader gets together on a special occasion, we make it a point to get some Buffalo Burgers at the Bohemian.  If you are anywhere near SLC – You must get one.  When you order it, order it “Rare”.  If you order it Medium – it’s over cooked.

My Tasty Scottish Balls

Using modern sausage skins and not the traditional Scottish sheep stomach, small bite sized Haggis about the size of Chicken Nuggets.  Boiled then pan fried or grilled like a Bratwurst to put a crispy golden brown crust on it, or deep fry them.  Serve them on a bed of mash.  Pop the whole little haggis in your mouth… it would be delicious.  You’d love my tasty Scottish balls in your mouth.

Pelican Lake Cafe

The Pelican Lake Cafe is located overlooking the Pelican Lake, it’s a bit out of the way but well worth the detour.  If you are traveling along Highway 40, between Roosevelt and Vernal, Utah, take a turn to the south onto highway 88 heading to Ouray and Pelican Lake.  Stay on that road for about 10 mile and you can’t miss it.

If you see this sign, pull in.

The food is Good and Plenty at a very reasonable price.  The breakfast burritos are shockingly good and the Burgers are absolutely the best in the state save for the Buffalo Burger at the Bohemian Brewery in Murray. What gives Pelican the edge though… the bun.  Its fantastic.

The mighty Pelican Burger

I sold a cool tactical shotgun to the owner and we talked about his cafe and the food there… He’s proud of his place and justly so.  Very cool guy.  Stop in, eat a burger (or his favorite, the Chicken Taco) and tell him that the Ogre sent you.

I bring this up again, because I took two of my boys there to grab a bite.  It was well worth the drive.


Pelican Lake Cafe

Best food in the North East corner of Utah.  They have burgers there that rival anything else out there… I mean they are seriously good… I want one right now.  Breakfast Burritos to kill for.  I had a good conversation with the owner… as I sold him a tactical shotgun.  A Rem 870, of course.  Cool guy.  Proud of his establishment.  His favorite is the Chicken Taco.  Open from 5:30 AM to 8:00 PM, Monday to Saturday… Closes at 2:00 PM on Sunday.  If you are in the area, stop bye and tell the Owner that the Ogre sent you.  And then get the Pelican Burger.

The Utah Gathering and Training with Mas

On July 30th, at the Provo City Range (The one up the road to Squah Peak in Provo Canyon) Members of and Friends will be gathering for a day of Shooting and Socializing. We will be shooting in the morning, then a break for lunch at a yet to be determined location, then back to the range for some more shooting. Every Member of WTA is Welcome to come on out.
Then in September, Crusader Weaponry was officially invited to attend the Ayoob Group’s MAG-40 Class in Salt Lake Sept 14-17. This course is hosted by The Gun Dudes, and in attendance will be Daniel Shaw of Gunfighter Caste. This is going to be an EPIC week of training. Crusader will be there to show off some of Crusader’s Wares, Slipstream, and to have an awesome time with awesome people.